An end to a great show. NewsReal @

Goodbye NewsReal - It was awesome!

I typed it out as best as I could. There was a lot of studdering on NewsReal and emotional involvement at the end. However, These are the last words from my favorite talk radio show. A show that sorted people out, talked about cyberpunk and did digital baptisms. It was getting me through the dark corridors of Y2K. But without further a due.

A final note from Sean Kennedy to the listeners of Rant Radio:

In the spirit of the final words of every show which I’ve said since the beginning which is “Remember everyone we will never defeat the enemy of we are at each other’s throats” and what that means is this:

The problem I’ve found with counter-culture is it really wants to be inclusive yet it wants to be exclusive at the same time. It’s a bit of cognitive dissidence that everyone wants to be elite but want to include people as well and it’s something that I’ve always struggled with and with the WOGS thing you do that and you wind up letting griefers in and your unable to build anything because as you become super accepting you do not have any standards or common ground or something that can tie people together and focus them. You allow undesirable characteristics to develop within different social structures cores and thus making that core destroy itself.

And that’s what happened with a lot of projects but it is not happening with “NewsReal” but it’s something that I always want to build something bigger/better/stronger/faster. It’s a drive for me and I have to keep doing this and I want to motivate people with a lot of my stories to drive people them towards whatever their purpose and whatever they're focused on and inspire them to keep going. And I hope that doesn’t stop. So with every ending, there is a new beginning. At least that’s how I understand it.

And that’s what server said.

End of Line - Sean Kennedy

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