Art and the minds eye.

S-Config site title icon.The art of sights, sounds, and imagination.

This is the main art header page. From here you can check out all of the portfolios that we have in the sub-menus going back many years of artwork from childhood all the way up until now. We have years upon years of sketches and drawings. The journey of art is to learn from our past in order to move forward into the future. All of the major categories do use JavaScript as a method of conveying art and music. Plugins like FooBox for the Art and Sketches gallery. ZoomSounds plugin is used for our music category because SoundCloud GUI is cool. But SoundCloud is not. If for some reason you have a JavaScript-blocking utility enabled there is a legacy link in each category to revert to a simplified blogger mode.

Within this section of my art site you shall find the following:

Color Artwork – Containing both 3-d and 2-d completed works that I have done over the years. Works here are completed using digital paint programs. 3-d programs are used as well for backgrounds.

Sketch Books – Containing some rough and black and white sketches that I’ve had in my many books that I have drawn in. Many of these are analog using ink pens and pencil.

Music – A fairly new addition to this site. Music on our site deals with electronic music that was created with a DAW (Digital Audio Workshop) and posted here purely for entertainment reasons.

Story – Dealing with fictional environments and abstract dream recording processes and translating them into short stories. We are not a serious writing powerhouse. However, stories are available for those truly interested.

In closing.

We thank you for checking out our blog and hope you have a wonderful time wherever you are in the universe of life. Server protect you.