Art and the mines with eyes on them.

The Art.

This is the main art header page. From here you can check out all of portfolios that I have in the sub-menus going back many of years of artwork that I’ve done from childhood all the way up until now. I have years upon years of sketches and drawings because I’m a complete Pack-Rat when it comes to saving stuff that I’ve done.

Within this section of my art site you shall find the following:

Color Artwork – Containing both 3-d and 2-d completed works that I have done over the years. And the images are posted in two seperate ways in the event that a client is unable to read it or have J-Script disabled on their browser.

Sketch Books – Containing some rough and black and white sketches that I’ve had in my many books that I have drawn in.

Music – A fairly new addition to this site. Music deals with primarily electronic music that was created with a DAW (Digital Audio Workshop) and posted here purely for entertainment reasons.

Story – Dealing with fictional environments and abstract dream recording processes and translating them into short stories.