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S-Config A.K.A. "S" is a blogger. Phew! That was easy! Pack it up boys we're done here!

Oh, wait, you want more? Wow, okay.

Welcome to this little slice of the net known as S-Config. Here's hoping that you have a wonderful day wherever you are in the crazed yet delicious world we live in! "S" works with Art and Music/Sounds in the pastime. Existing online within a remote bunker somewhere within Milwaukee, Wisconsin State, United States of America, North American Continent, Terra, and Sol universal region. "S" has interests in fandoms such as sci-fi, and cyberpunk, and is essentially furry-trash er, and furry subcultures and thus the theming of some writing will have a bias on such topics. You've been warned. Have a QR-CodeĀ (right of this paragraph) if you wish to browse on your phone.

Are YOU lost?

The "Site Maps" section is available to assist with navigation. Also, check the FAQ if you crave more information about how our little world operates.

Why does S-Config as a blog even exist?

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S-Config acts as a core dump of information in visual form without any malicious nature of spying on you the reader with analytic cookies and/or software. In case you do not believe us and are concerned about your privacy. All we have to say to that is:

Good! The paranoia engine will keep you alive! Don't trust Rando's on the internet! - S

Always check your data to ensure your online privacy!

Never mindlessly accept the truth from others without first checking the data. At the very least you can slam that "F12" key in a modern browser and see what your "Network tab" is doing. No one will save you until you start saving yourself!

Onward into madness!

This website rejects the notion of server inter-dependency. Instead, S-Config takes back all data created. This methodology (considered dangerous to some) is a centralization model under the blogger's control instead of a corporation and/or a group of 3rd party individuals. Of course, we are underneath a web hosting provider as explained here. However, it can be moved at any time and at the administration's discretion.

S-Config doesn't want Web 1.0 or the "old internet" back. Because when you think about it the internet didn't change at all. The internet may have gotten more advanced with ad tracking software but at the end of the day, everyone is in a server bin with everyone else. S is not some internet warrior shouting its manifesto to destroy the big bad social networks. But instead to simply exist. Perhaps to encourage others to do the same who the hell knows really? All we can do is minimize the damage and take many big servers out of the equation. This is why addresses for more private protocols are available. We feel this is the best practice to maintain the privacy of you the reader.

You the reader are not a product! We understand this because at one point in our existence within the net we are all readers and explorers. So, Wear those dusters and hoodies boys, girls, and robots all around the multiverse; You will find no heroes wearing capes here.

Most important of all:

May server protect you.