Artist, writer, and blog. Text of lost.

S-Config welcomes you to blog of the lost!:

S-Config is an artist , writer , and blog in text form existing within the lost lands of Milwaukee Wisconsin. Here, sconfig welcomes you to a little slice of the net. hoping that you have a wonderful day wherever you are in the crazed yet delicious world we live in. Please check the FAQ if you want more information about how my little world operates.

S-Config as a blog:

Acts as a core dump of information that has been acquired or has made over the years of being online. Serving as a public online storage. A refuge from the hostile web 2.0 take-over. S-Config ‘s personal blog site is used as a method of organizing some of the projects that have been worked upon. It’s easier to see things on a visual web-site like this then it is in hundreds of folders on the hard drive.

S-Config – Navigation menu:

Starting at ground zero which is the page you are viewing right now – Cellar Door which serves as my linkage to other sites that are respectable. Also, check the FAQ that answers many of the common questions about this site. RSS feed is also available to those who use it.

ArtMy color artwork, and sketches which show a lot of my older drawings and designs in gallery format. You can also check out some of the short stories.

Text Containing guides such as tutorials on how to do things. A general blog for random thought processes. A rants catagory for your daily diatribes of hatred. Finally, Metaverse for all things virtual.

Contact “S”Have a question for us? You can send it to the void and sometimes the void responds back!

DownloadA section where digital binary goodness can be found containing mods for games.

Thank you for checking out my site and may server protect you.