Welcome to the S-Config domain.

A blog of the lost!

S-Config is a blogger. Phew! That was easy! Oh wait, you want more?

From there “S” works with Art and Music/Sounds in the pass-time. Existing online within a remote bunker somewhere within Milwaukee, Wisconsin State, United States of America, North American Continent, Terra, and Sol universal region.

Here, “S” welcomes you to this little slice of the net. hoping that you have a wonderful day wherever you are in the crazed yet delicious world we live in!

Please check the FAQ if you crave more information about how our little world operates.

Why does S-Config as a blog even exist?

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S-Config acts as a core dump of information in visual form without any malicious nature of spying on you the reader with analytic cookies and/or software. In case you do not believe us and are concerned about your privacy. All we have to say to that is:

Good! The paranoia engine will keep you alive!

Don’t trust rando’s on the internet. Always check your data to ensure your online privacy! Never mindlessly accept the truth from others without first checking the data. At the very least you can slam that “F12” key in a modern browser and see what your “Network tab” is doing.

This website rejects the notion of server inter-dependency with groups that seek to profit from you the reader. Instead, S-Config takes back all data created. This methodology (considered dangerous to some) is a centralization model under the blogger’s control instead of a corporation and/or a group of 3rd party individuals.

To those working on this site; This is the best practice to maintain the privacy of you the reader. If all of the data comes from one location, then it becomes difficult for third-party networks to extract data from you. S-Config shall remain unshackled is our chains and poisons of “Free-Hosting” and “Social Communities” that seek your enslavement and mental domination. Instead, we choose to stand alone staring at the vastness of the net. While uncertain of what the vastness will do when it stares back.

You the reader are not a product ! We understand this because at one point of our existence within the net we are all readers and explorers. So, Wear those dusters and hoodies boys, girls, and robots all around the multiverse; You will find no heroes wearing capes here.

The home navigation menu of S-Config :


Starting at ground zero which is the page you are viewing right now:

Cellar Door – Serving as the link sauce to other sites to which we consider respectable if not awesome.

FAQ & TOS – Answering many of the common along with some rare questions about the nature of this site.

Gifts – Ranging from financial donations to art. To which we are forever grateful.

Privacy Notice – Believe it or not we do care about your privacy! Strange but true!

Site maps – Although automatically generated are also available to those who use them.

Support – A providing information on how to help out bloggers built not only for us but for every blogger out there.

Stream – Showing the last recorded session “S” streamed and what platform.

Category Navigation construct of S-Config :

Moving past our home navigation menu; The simplification process continues along with the top categories this blog has to offer:

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QR Code is available for mobile users.

ArtContaining color artwork, and sketches that show both new and archived drawings and designs in gallery format. You can also check out some of the short stories. A new addition to this category is music which has a few tracks published and more to come.

TXT Texts Containing guides such as tutorials on how to do things. A general blog for random thought processes. A rants category for your daily diatribes of hatred. Last but not least the metaverse for all things virtual.

DownloadA section where digital binary goodness can be found containing mods for games.

Contact “S”Have a question for us? You can send it to the void and sometimes the void can respond back!

Other points of interest:

You’ll be happy to know that we are now on the TOR/Onion network:

our v3 address:

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Copy and paste this into your Tor browser to try it out. We have also added a QR code so if you want to try the onion browser on your phone you don’t have to copy that monster of a web address.

Closing statements from us here at S-Config.

We thank you for checking out this self-hosted website on the vast landscape which we call the internet. Feel free to explore the diatribes within a digital format. Most import of all:

May server protect you.