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There are several ways to get a hold of the people running this site if you have questions. Be sure and check the FAQ and Support for some of the basic and general questions about this site. We shall provide a contact form on this page as well as a link to possible social media outlets that we periodically attend.

Direct contact form:

If your query is about an article. Use the comments section on that article.

Too many times we've received this in our mail:

Tried your article. It doesn't work.

No explanation of what article they are exactly referring to. I'm just going to ignore these kinds of messages.

In regard to our blog articles. Please fill out the contact form if the site is actually broken (links and downloads). You should not be using the contact form to get personalized tech support. We've been getting hit with far too many requests to help individuals with their Xbox 360 Controller as just one example. After the first few readers doing this (and finding out it's actually their OS stopping them from installing the driver. Or didn't bother reading the article at all!), This is a huge time sink to giving individualized tech support. We don't make money supporting these Chinese vendors.

Our experience with the technology we play with is just that. Our experience. We have no idea what is happening on your laptop with the security and your hardware.

You can still comment on the blog. That's fine. But the bottom line is if the article helps you then that's great. If not well, hope you find your answers elsewhere.


Contact us if you have a question that you would like us to answer. Concerned if the M-Rotor will dislodge forcing you to eject friends and family?

If this is the case; Then we'll be more than happy to answer your questions. Fill out the form below and we'll reply to you as quickly as possible.

Your E-Mail will not be shared with any third-party sources nor will it be used for the promotion of any products.


Because we kinda fucking care! You're welcome. We also like turtles, in case you were wondering.

Fill out the following fields and click submit. We will try to get back to you but make no guarantees.

No solicitors, agents, political endorsements, mail-order brides, rich prince of Bel-Air, chain letters, or booty calls, please. Again, please refer to my FAQ for common questions. Also, note due to time restrictions of the entities running this site that responses may be delayed. If you do not receive an answer within a week you are welcome to try again.

Due to spammers, e-mail confirmation auto-replies will be disabled.

You will NOT get a confirmation e-mail the moment you hit submit. Many spammers use confirmation e-mails as a proxy to spam you the user. Even though confirmation is disabled it still does e-mail me. Finally, you may wish to check your spam filters as we will respond to the contact form and never hear a response back. It may have been blocked by your e-mail program as spam as our site isn't hip and trendy.


We understand your reluctance if you do not like using automated forms like the one above.


All messages are destroyed after a maximum of three months to ensure the safety and privacy of every user that attempts to contact us. Nothing will be kept in the address book of the destination E-Mail account in the event of an attack or an account-based hi-jack.

In closing.

We thank you for taking the time to contact us via the E-mail instructions provided.

Until then, server protect you!

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