Website – Changelog 11/06/2023

Update time.

This is where we tell you what has changed on the site. Last month, October, was rather quiet despite it being our 11th anniversary of being online. SSL was updated on 10/21/2023 a few days ahead of expiration. And we are still with Anubian Host. They've had some turbulent times with moving their bare metal server. But we're still staying with them.

Contact us via E-mail.

There were some readers that were saddened that we didn't have a way of sending us encrypted e-mail via GPG/PGP. We don't want to see sad readers and we get it that you don't want your ISP reading your e-mail via SMTP. So we added it! Go check it out!

Cellar Door.

Haven't had much for updates on this portion because the webrings have sort of stopped growing. Perhaps we've hit the plateau of new sites?

Not added:

Goodboyjojo website apart of the lainchan webring. - goodboyjojo will not be added as it lacks any type of recommended website or webring. - 11/12/2023


- trrb has been removed as of 11/06/2023 - no response from the server after 30 days.

Lyrical Tokarev's website. - Lyrical Tokarev has been removed as of 11/06/2023 - lyricaltokarev.fu certificate is from * Assuming a possible hijack attempt.

Korosama - Removed due to 404 site timeout - 11/19/2023

Cool Website XYZ - I2p was removed. Unable to resolve. But clear-net of their site is still good. - 11/24/2023

Lus in tenebris - tenebris was removed from Tor. A little sad on that one. - 11/24/2023


Mauwq - Website - Apart of the Lainchan Webring. - - has been added 11/06/2023. Looks like it's been "Under Construction" for a while, but they got all the structure down.

- - has been added 11/18/2023 - It has website links going for it, and it's a great webcomic resource.

b4rkod - Apart of the Lain chan webring - added - 11/19/2023

3to - Lainchan website. - - added - 11/19/2023

- - is back online and re-added to the listing - 11/21/0223

PK33 - Website - PK33 was added to both Tor and I2P again. it's good to see this one come back! - 11/24/2023

hidden corner. - They are now hosting webrings and links to other sites. Approved! -11/24/2023

Angels are Mathematical - Lainchan Webring - Angels are Mathmetical is a site we should've added two months ago but fucked up. It has been corrected - 11/29/2023

Alternative sites - 10/02/2023

Inside of cellar door, we placed a subcategory for "alternative sites" These are sites that live in dimensions that are in tune with the black mirror.

Cynical. The admins of Cynical reached out to us via contact us on 10/01/2023 - Added them to the blog roll as they're making an attempt to get I2P sites together. And so far, they're site in terms of up-time has been rock solid. Still looking forward to Tor in case the admins read this.

Lets DecentralizeMayvanday - We also moved these out of Lainchan and into alternative sites, as they kinda stand on their own. 10/09/2023

Firefox discontinuing Theora/OGV.

We are aware that Chrome and Firefox are thinking of removing Theora (OGV) support, which will affect some of our legacy videos that we host here. Those are the video blogs where there is the option to switch to .OGV 720P for legacy computers such as notepads and Raspberry Pi's.

Chrome stopping JXL in its tracks because fuck antitrust.

We didn't give up on JXL. We're not giving up on OGV either! Because there are people who legit thanked me for having something that could run on their Raspberry Pi.

Sure, it would be nice to reallocate space on our server for bigger/better things.  But for now, nothing has changed.


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