Website – Changelog 12/17/2023

December is always crazy for us.

Not because of the site, but because of the world of RL pulling us away from the site. But we think that's common practice for the age we live in. We live in a country that keeps us barely alive financially preventing us from actually thinking about what is going on in the world around us. Now that those happy thoughts are aside. Let us get down to the change log.

Website activity:

Here we report some of the changes that we made throughout the site.

Menu button animations.

Animation inside a website is always a balancing game as you do it too much you're transmitting more media than you are actual content. However, at its very worst, one of the buttons is 42Kb in size. Which is rather acceptable for something that exists in the background of a site.

Inline persistent object cache - REROUTED.

Even though it pisses off WordPress for not using one of the only two plugins that satisfy their requirements in some bizarre quasi-monopoly. Like a lot of plugins we used to have. Nginx now handles all caching functionality which is far more efficient than doing it on the level of PHP. Thus, there is no need to have the plugin anymore.

Also, we had the "Redis object cache" plugin going and as the versions went by there was more self-advertisement the developers were embedded in our code. Luckily it was just comments in which my Minify tool would have removed it however we didn't put up with this shit from Yoast. Plugins need to be removed so that they know their fucking place in the food chain. If you want 'some' money for their work that's understandable. However, Redis wanted $80 USD a month for their 'pro' version with no guarantee they'll stop advertising for themselves.

Open Graph and Twitter Card Tags - DISABLED

Open Graph (made by Facebook) and Twitter/X Card Tags are standard for social network sites to allow users within those gated domains to 'take a peek' into a link without actually clicking on it. They even took the stance of security saying if a site doesn't have an Open Graph of Twitter Cards then they're suspicious. In the vein of a lot of things we do here.

GOOD!  Be suspicious of EVERY link you click on!

Trusted links within Twitter/X timeline are for the most part ads to scam you of money. These social networks tell webmasters that they must do all of the legwork and insist on conformity to their standards and their world while offering webmasters fuck all. In many cases, it's worse than that because you could use one of their standards for tagging and buried in their ToS they could simply say they reserve the rights to all of your content for scraping that data you easily handed over to them. Given the state of the internet where the top internet companies are thirsty bitches. We wouldn't put it past them.

The Cellar Door.

Changes in links are recorded here. Also note. If you wish to visit any of the sites below that we added you must go to the Cellar Door. Not feeling like doing link cleanup every time a site goes down.

BlogRoll Removals:

  • FurryStuff Title. - Furry stuff - was removed from the cellar door due to years upon years of inactivity. Little message for those in the fandom "We understand he was one of the founding members. He could've updated it. He could've talked about everything he talks about at conventions on his blog. He seems to have a lot of advice to give at panels. We even tried to reach out to them and got silence." Sadly, we're pulling the link.

Webring removals:

  • Bendersteed - - Removed due to 404. Will be happy to re-add if they return.
  • Chaox Website - Chaox - Removed due to 404. They seem to bounce up and down a lot!

Have not or will not add to Webring:

  • No-Post - Lainchan Webring - No-Post - Well, we appreciate their honesty. But If they don't post a webring. We can do the same.
  • VarChar - LainChan Webring - Varchar - We get it. Minimalism. Linking to another site with Webring is not minimal that's doing almost nothing. No webring exists on their site directly.

Added to the Webring:

  • - Vendell - We do not understand why so many people on the chan boards were giving this individual such shit about their opinions on Web3. If they dug into this site they'd find out that we pretty much agree with them. Web3 is just another word for "Crimes." So yeah, added.
  • - xiixiixii - Super stoked they're back! Their UI is great.
  • Psychcool Lainchan Webring - Psychool - They certainly got the colors going on! They put the links section in right away and thus we added right away!
  • Agora Road - Agora Road - These guys are a little different as they're a forum and not a personal site. Didn't add them at first because we thought we couldn't easily find their weblink section. We certainly can now! Added
  • Close the world - Open the next - Requiem Moe Lainchan Website. - Requiem Moe - Re-added . They fell off the list due to 404 and now they're back!





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