FAQ and/or TOS.

Welcome to the FAQ or Frequently Asked Question area.

Here, you will find all questions condensed down into a FAQ. neat little package designed to de-clutter sections of the site. All of the questions that are posted here are legitimate questions that have been received via e-mail from people visiting both the new and old sites throughout the years and have been compiled and answered right here for you.

This will also be noted as the TOS or Terms of Service for S-Conifg.com

Apparently, having just a FAQ of basic questions on what we are or are not accountable for isn't good enough. A "Terms of Service" is required as well. There are state governments who feel that even running a personal blog we have to spell out for you what our 'service' is because apparently, that's legally more detrimental to society than the following:

  • Running prison states with sanctioned slave labor.
  • Permitting poison in the form of cigarettes and alcohol so long as it >s a senator's pockets with money!
  • Mobster-level taxation on marijuana while prohibiting people from growing their own.
  • Manipulating the will of the people through every media outlet by lying with zero accountability.

This is probably why we stay away from politics on this site. Especially to a particular part of the United States known as "Georgia" that deserves a jackboot to the head. Inventing these laws out of thin air because it's easy when there are no lobbyists to throw money at your election cycle 24/7.

How we handle data and what we do about reader privacy is handled on the respective privacy page and will not be repeated here.

FAQ / TOS - General Web Site Questions:

These are questions pertaining to the general function and operation of the site itself.

Why does this site exist in the first place?

Over the years if there is one lesson to be taken from the internet; It is the lesson about "control." And the notion that if you do not control your data and your website then you are simply giving control over to another entity. When control is given you are bitched. Although it is hosted on a web provider this can be moved and/or taken down at any time. This is more than what you can do on social media or art servers. Thankfully, web-code is something that does not have to be developed from the ground up anymore but CMS programs like WordPress, Joomla, etc have made life a hell of a lot easier.

This site is harsh! Why don't you have any disclaimers?

What? Do you actually care about that?

Language - This site may include content and/or language that is of the mature audience and culture. If you're twelve years old go watch Cartoon Network, Disney, or Nickelodeon. You are simply not ready for the level of seething bitterness that oozes from this website. Parents should be monitoring their children in the first place when it comes to the net and we will not be their babysitters.

Binaries - As a denizen of the net it is your responsibility that the binaries that you download contain no malicious code or data. If at all possible this site will attempt to give direct links to the manufacturer or developer websites which are the best possible places to download them from. However, if you are downloading from a cloud or a third-party source such as this very site that please make sure that your anti-virus countermeasures are up to date. Although our site runs a daily ClamAV scan on the entire server. This site will not be held liable for any or all damage that occurs from downloading anything from this site.

Knowledge - This is provided on an "as-is" basis as we have no accreditation or certification proving any or all information on this site is correct. We shall do the best we can to make sure it is accurate however accuracy cannot be guaranteed. We shall not be held responsible for any personal injury, damage to property, mental anguish, butthurt, or malicious mischief caused by knowledge on this site

Public service announcement complete. Let's move along, shall we?

You didn't approve of my comment!

If you were being offensive of link spamming then you get what you deserve. If you are being civil your comment shall be approved and you may get a response. In other words:

Don't be a tool! - S


Also, starting off an e-mail to me by saying

You're an idiot... - Rando Poster


Fuck you S! - Rando Poster

Comments like this will likely go to spam. Remember, you're trying to convince people like us to actually READ your responses.

Crazy long responses! Blog inception!

If you want to go on for paragraph after paragraph that cannot be approved either as it is another form of spam. Keep it short and sweet kids. HTTP linkage is heavily monitored because it appears on the site. We know it's a way for people to grow their backlinks. If it's your honest-to-goodness personal web page then there are no problems with that! However, we have been around the internet long enough to know the difference. You're welcome to test that.


This is one of those topics that we feel like dicks for having to enforce. Because we do know that the world is a tough place to live in. We can't publish articles about people asking for donations. It's not fair to the readers to be constantly asking for money in every article. Especially in an environment where everyone is anonymous. We cannot validate if the story you are telling is true or if you are just some net drifter trying to scalp BTCs off of people.

You didn't respond to my e-mail about the problems with a support topic that you have on your site!

Support topics are posted just as a reference point. If it helps people out then cool! If not well sorry to hear and hope that you find your answer. Everyone gets busy and sometimes responses can be heavily delayed. It's nothing personal. It's just the way it is! Also note that if we did not respond it's likely that we simply do not have a response to give. Instead, we will publish the comment and let others who are smarter attempt to answer.

Why do you have your subscription status disabled? I want to Subscribe to your site!

In a word?


Leaving the subscriber option open only invites spammers from coming into the WordPress tool and causing crap that is simply not needed. Want to complain about it in a post? That's cool. However, if it is following an out-of-country web address that links to spam it's not going to appear here. Also, speaking like a human being helps as well! We understand that the internet is a big place that expands beyond the reach of our homeland. We will know the difference between someone trying to talk to us using a translator and straight-up spam.

Subscribing to be a registered user/editor here is closed to the public.

I want to put my link on your site. Can you do that for me?

Do you want to contact us for cross-linking? Mind the rules of the internet, post it on your site first, and then it will be considered for a post here. It will be posted in "Cellar Door" as my respected list of sites. If it's a group of people in a Webring we have a page for that as well. If you do not feel that is adequate coverage then please remove my site from your listing. People like this blog because it's clean. To place banners all over the front of every page or place it into the static header/footer template is counterproductive.

I went to your download section and couldn't find a driver that was mentioned in one of your blogs. Why?

Mostly because any drivers or binaries that are not directly owned by the site admins here will not be in the downloads section. If you are looking for a driver or a .apk that is referenced in one of my blogs all of my blogs will have links going off to those attachments.

What does this website run on?

Love. -S

What? Did you want a real answer? Sheesh! You're no fun! A WordPress CMS platform with the current premium version theme of GeneratePress. Light modifications to the WP theme in the custom.css to stop certain things from happening. But mostly stock. The site is running on an AnubianHost Virtual Cloud Server. There's also some sick cron.daily action going on in the background that is used to remove all EXIF/Metadata out of images and inhumanly compress them for faster web response times.

I want you to remove these pictures from the internet immediately!

You better have intellectual copyright reasons. Otherwise, expect to be laughed at and ignored!

Little Billy learned a lot of bad words from your site and you need to wash this site out with soap!

Little Billy is a whore! -S

Er, in accordance with our privacy policies. Cleaning up the language of this site is not the direction that we will be going. You are welcome to mark this site as unsafe for children. We appreciate our freedom of speech within our homeland country. We will use whatever is necessary to convey that speech. It is understood the consequences of standing up for your freedoms and accepting the responsibility there-in for not having a perfect all-ages friendly rating for it. Go visit some soul-sucking corporation that will indoctrinate your children with lies if you want "all-ages" content.

Your game mods do not work from the downloads section!

In regards to tech support for the games. We will try to help you get your mod working. But for general support of a particular game; It would be a lot easier if you went to their forums to post the problem that you are having. Also if you like any of the mods that have been downloaded from here feel free to post about them on other sites linking to here. It's totally free and it takes generally a minute and helps the search engines find this place better.

Why are their cookies being handed out by your site? Are you trying to track me for marketing purposes?

As of 7/14/2016, this website runs on no third-party or external cookies whatsoever! No data is sent off to sites for marketing to analytics. It took a lot of time and research to accomplish this within this CMS (WordPress) environment. But we strive to maintain the privacy of everyone who visits this site and so long as this site runs it will remain that way. Read this for more information. In the event, you do receive cookies feel free to contact us about it. Outside of some localized cookies used in the contact form plugins this website strives to keep your privacy out of the hands of evil third party web-bastards.

More information is available on our privacy page about the types of localized/temporary cookies that are still being deployed.

Your "Contact Us" is collecting information on users here!

Only if you use it! As stated in the Contact Us section of this site. All data collection has a maximum retention of 30 days before the information is deleted. The contact form sends an e-mail to a local account on s-config.com to where it is reviewed and (if possible) answered. Any messages regarding illegal action will be reported to the authorities. No auto-response e-mail will be sent from s-config.com to your e-mail account as spammers use forwarders as a proxy.

This is a .COM site. So what are you selling here?!?

Nothing! Because this is a web 1.0 site we mockingly choose the .com domain prefix because of an old Netscape domain resolution bug from the late '90s that never to this day got resolved. If you type in a person's site the first this it will look up alphabetically is.COM's over every other domain category. We also prefer the.COM address because stating ".ORG" is a little bizarre and makes us feel like a hippy non-profit group. And .NET refers to the notion that this is a network that is incorrect. Also, having a . COM site opens the doors for future sales. But at this time this is a free blog site.

Why do you have a .onion site?!? It doesn't need to be on the dark web!

Tor Networks blog title.

Why not?

Reinforcement of our statements within this very FAQ and also discussed on the Tor article published a while back. We mean what we say when it comes to keeping the anonymity of our readers. We view having a .onion domain in the same respects that Facebook has which is 'accessibility'. We see what is going on in other Big Brother government countries on how they are blocking off entire sites. We do not care who reads our blogs and articles. If having a .onion address means getting one percent more readership then it is a win in our eyes.

What's your web monetization and ad revenue?

Although not really anyone's business the answer is:


The website blog is externally funded very well. We're simply that awesome! Now for those with a cynical mind wondering what the angle is there's no such a thing in this world as altruism.

For starters, cheer up Buttercup.

Secondly, understand that this helps people like "S" a lot more than it can help anyone who stumbles across this site. The benefit received is to keep things organized and flowing.

Damn it S! I want to help you!

We have set up a support page detailing all the ways you can help not just us but practically any blogger who is creating content on an independent level.

I'm an SEO zombie and I want to sell you my services.

After a while of looking at SEO. We've come to the conclusion that a lot of it is pure bullshit due to the ever-collapsing search engine businesses that are being absorbed by maybe 3 or 4 major companies out there. If your content is good then people will link for you. You don't need to have crazy SEO blitz campaigns. And anyone who says that you do is just looking for access to your wallet.

I want to place a "Guest Blog" on your site.

In order for that to happen, we would have to personally meet you in the RL. If you don't have access to us in the RL then you aren't going to be a guest blogger. Most of the time people who e-mail us about wanting to be a Guest Blogger are either spammers trying to social engineer editor rights to our site in order to spam or try to post completely out-of-topic entries.

If you are a blogger. Stand for yourself. Get your own website. Take back your own information. You are not underneath the thumb of anyone. If you built it up then let us know and we can check it out and maybe exchange links in the cellar door.

I got an e-mail demanding money to use s-config.com.

This is a dark-web scam. Where people try to fake e-mail randos demanding money for services that were never offered or provided. you will NEVER receive an e-mail from s-config.com demanding money.

I'm getting "Condescending Wonka" pages about hacking!

You shouldn't be accessing any .php files directly. Stop hacking.

I'm going to comment on your site using my real name!

Don't do it! -S

Some of the things that are talked about on this site may or may not agree with. We don't wish to drag your good real-life name into the dirt in case something goes totally sideways on this site. As such; We wish to adopt the policy of total anonymous presence. Make up a name, put in a fictional letter, or a bunch of numbers. You are approved based on the content of your comments and links. Not on the name you use. Unless you are already an internet celebrity and you make all of your money from the internet you probably shouldn't be throwing your real name onto replies! And if you are an internet celebrity. Don't use your name anyway! Being guilty by association is a very real thing!

I have seen one of your articles and was wondering if you could do all of the work for me.

Referencing and reinforcing our disclaimer dealing with knowledge everything here is on an AS-IS basis. This site is not designed to make money nor shall it ever be considered a business to perform services in exchange for goods or currency. If we are forced into such a position where the entertainment value is lost and it's only a business we shall shut down this site immediately!

Fuck that noise! - S

Technical articles are designed to inform you about a product or the operation there. Paying someone else to do things for you robs you of the knowledge of how the technology works. This is why we can not ethically operate this site as a business and thus there will be no services performed directly by us.

FAQ and TOS - Personal Questions:

This section pertains to things I have been asked personally either through this site or via other channels throughout the years.

Why are you S-Config or simply 'S'? Why don't you use your real name?

The Eye of FAQIt's simple, People who are alive need money (unless you are independently wealthy which you hide for completely different reasons). Money, after all, is the bullets of tomorrow. This site does not really make lavish amounts of money on the doodles done throughout the years. The problem with using your real-life name on the internet is it has the opportunity to hinder your abilities to do things in reality. (as an example, finding a job) So what's a person to do? Well! you pick up an alias. And you go from there. And if anyone in your RL existence questions it is really you simply respond with the following:

Plausible Deniability:

It works for governments around the world and it can work for you! This is the internet! Everyone should be using an alias of one form or another. When you work in the really real world. The place where the meat hits the metal. They want conformity. They want people who have no lives, no vision or imagination of their own. People that they can mold and shape into their vision and dream. Thus, you give them that illusion so they pay you. And when you get home, or when you come on>, that is when the real fun begins!

Can I contact you?

Sure, the contact button is at the top of every page on this site. go nuts.

FAQ  and TOS - Art Questions:

This section deals with the artistic side of what this website represents.

Why don't you just use FurAffinity or Deviant Art Account like a normal human being? What the hell is wrong with you?

That would take a lot more than a simple FAQ page to determine what is wrong with S. We know better than to not use the internet as our psychologist. It never works, ever!

Who said having an FA or DA account was a mark of normality? Just because you are on the social community you expect everyone to do the same? conform? screw that! Being in fandom(s) for a very long time. We have borne witness to art servers going up and down over the years. from the 90s with the "avatar.snc.edu" FTP servers, and then there was "Yerf", and finally, the slow and dying "VCL archives" marking the end of web1.0 art server sites. Art servers are free for users to use and get art from. Some even conduct their business from those very servers. We reject this. Because if you do not control your information then you as a person are bitched. No two ways around it.

Binaries, videos, and other things that art servers simply do not do!

Another reason why this site exists is it's difficult to display mediums in such a layout and way that would make it convenient to the users without completely breaking the constructs or layout administrators of the aforementioned websites set down. In other words, it is impossible to give out binary files such as my game mods alongside my artwork. Or, although it is possible to pack my guides into PDF form and submit them next to my art, the guides are pushed aside or minimized by an icon. Whereas under this layout there is absolute freedom to do what is necessary. Sure! It doesn't come free. But at pennies a day. It's worth it! In a Web 2.0 environment, I'm just another artist in the cloud of thousands. But having this site I've gotten more people to look at my stuff.

Your art isn't that great anyway. I don't see why you even have this site. Why don't you just go back to using a free art site?

Well, for starters:

Fuck you! - S

Secondly, this site is a mind-dump/consolidation for work that free sites could not offer. It is of personal entertainment for those running this very site. You're just along for the ride!

I want to do an art trade!

This cannot happen. Free art is given but in many years of drawing. %2 of the people return the favor. So it's inefficient.

Do you take commissions?

Rarely, it depends on a lot of factors. If we had to rely on money from art that is done here it most likely would not be us starving as artists, but dead!

FAQ and TOS: Other

The insane and the proud go here.

Am I real?

Let's go with "yes" on this one. You are real so long as you emit data. You remain real for months or even years after your physical presence ceases to exist.

This political candidate and/or member of Parliament is going to destroy the world!

Don't care! While this site touches on the human condition we do not condone false idol worship of people in political power. Go to a news media website if you want to hear about false Gods and Goddesses.

Can I touch your hair?

You've been touching more than hair when you asked that question so my answer would probably be a "no, thanks for playing."

Do you like scritches?!?!?!?

In the fandom, if someone asks this. Say "No" and watch the wave of rejection hit their face. It's really entertaining to see!


.... This is one of those meta moments where you stand perfectly still and hope that whoever talks like this gets easily distracted. Within seconds they'll typically find something shiny and you can resume your normal existence.

I wanted to take a retarded child to New Vegas for his make-a-wish foundation. He wanted to be a Rock-Star so I bought him 12 hookers and 5lbs of cocaine. The next morning he's dead and the foundation wants to talk to him. What should I do?

Fucks sake you can't call people retarded in this day and age! What are you thinking?!? Anyhow, we think we're done answering questions. You need help. Like a lawyer. Or a cleaner. We can't help you! Oh, you're been playing Fallout, aren't you? What mission mod pack are you on?!?