E-mail and the Physical.

E-mail via your favorite web or mail client.

You may contact this blogger at info(at-symbol)s-config(dot-or-period)com. Please replace any bracketed words with their proper symbol in your favorite e-mail client.=

We would love to put in a "mailto:" link but you can thank spammers for making that protocol useless.

We will try to get back to you but make no guarantees.

GPG/PGP public keys are available yo!

If you hexadecimal people have something so secret that you want to tell a giant Asian bearcat without the big brothers of the world listening. We got you!

  • GPG public key file is here. Tested with multiple e-mail clients and worked out for those wanting to sent encrypted data to us..
  • raw TXT file as well for those who cannot and will not download anything. (The night if full of terrors. Etc.etc.)

Physical obliteration.

Brick and Mortar

Despite our existence pertaining to the midwest United States region. A physical locale such as a P.O. Box or an Office is not possible at the time.

This is due to headaches dealing with brick-and-mortar locations and the generalized nature of the internet. A physical location for s-config.com is not available at this time. If there is a point in time when such events become financially sound to invest in as a shipping location. This section will then be modified accordingly.

Currently: Since this is just a blog and has no intention of going into the world of e-commerce. There are no plans in getting an office or United States P.O. Box for users to send physical packages and/or letters to.


All E-Mails are destroyed after a maximum of three months to ensure the safety and privacy of every user that attempts to contact us. Nothing will be kept in the address book of the destination E-Mail account in the event of an attack or an account-based hi-jack.

In closing.

We thank you for taking the time to contact us.


Until then, server protect you!

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