Color artwork and finished artwork.

Welcome to the Color Artwork Blog.

This is the Color Artwork of S-Config. A lot of these works are digital but everything in the Color Artwork portfolio is completed and I linked the original sketch it was based on so that you can see the work go from a basic Pencil sketch to a full completed color artwork piece. If you want to see more of my rougher artwork check out the sketch section of my site!

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This contains completed artwork pictures.

Teletext Magic:

Teletext is a very old art-form that was used on European televisions to report news in the late '70s. with 3-bit graphics and providing only 8 colors if you include black. It was super restrictive. But it's aesthetic is also the challenge of it all. Which is why we love making them! Most of these are made with the ZX-Editor .

SVG Art:

SVG is a different art style using programs such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape to make shapes that are known as 'Vectors' the unique element about vector art is that it can be viewed at almost any resolution without pixelation.


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As always, we thank you for checking out our artwork and this blog! Have a wonderful day!