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S-Config Audio Cassette tape Icon.We’re rather new to music world and that’s okay. It’s good to try out new things in life because that is ultimately what keeps life itself interesting. In here you will find random songs / sounds done out of mostly just screwing around and having fun! If you’re expecting perfect music theory with high class production on a polished platform. You are most certainly in the wrong place! Just remember that no one forced you to listen to any of this. Auto-play has been turned off and we leave you in control.

You have been warned!


Despite having a counter on how many times each sound is played/downloaded similar to other streaming services. We have no idea what you are listening to or playing. No one else will know either! In the traditional format of everything that we host here; All audio files are hosted locally with no data-mining going to any third party sites. You can refer to the blog entry about “You think this site is hacking you.” for more information on why we take such extreme steps to ensure your safety and privacy.


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Unless otherwise stated in the song blog article. The music here is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

Basically, I don’t care what you do. If you do use them for something productive show some love and give credit. That’s all!

In closing.

You can check out our FAQ for more generalized questions such as the purpose of this site and why it exists. We thank you for checking out our blog and listening to audio ear destruction. May Server Protect you.

Gallery of music and sound.

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S - First Try
S - Sakura Overdrive
S - 43241a6-laaaaghave
S - Bell Sauce!
S - Aerodymanic
S - Zero-Flip

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