Website – Changelog 12/17/2023

Changelog - December - Title.

December is always crazy for us. Not because of the site, but because of the world of RL pulling us away from the site. But we think that's common practice for the age we live in. We live in a country that keeps us barely alive financially preventing us from actually thinking about what is ... Read more

Website – Changelog 11/06/2023

Updates for November.

Update time. This is where we tell you what has changed on the site. Last month, October, was rather quiet despite it being our 11th anniversary of being online. SSL was updated on 10/21/2023 a few days ahead of expiration. And we are still with Anubian Host. They've had some turbulent times with moving their ... Read more

RSS/Atom Update

RSS Web Title.

RSS and Atom feeds are back online.

Originally we thought RSS and ATOM feeds were a bit of a dead standard only used by bots to hijack articles (very badly) and post them on their own site as original content. However, a lot of people have moved beyond this method of theft and instead just let AI do it for them. We're turning it back on. Why? Because with the whole webring resurgence, there's also a bit of demand to have some level of interconnectivity.

Thus, it comes back online.

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Website – Change Log 08/26/2023.

Change Log Title

Welcome to Change Log.

Where we make changes and log them. And pray we don't make changes again!

What's new?

Adjustments to CSS, webring updates, and the change log category itself to make it easier for people to see what changed! Would you like to know more? Read on!

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I2P Service is online.

I2P Title.

Welcome to our site I2P protocol users.

In a similar vein to Tor; I2P (Invisible Internet Project) is another style of encrypted network designed to communicate between machines in a private and anonymous way. It was originally brought to our attention via the many sites within the webring folders that as many of them are running their webpage on raspberry pi's they too are also running their site with Tor and I2P protocols enabled. It was high time we got our shit together and did it too!

If you want to know more about I2P as a client you can always go to and go from there.

If interested in my own diatribes: Read on if you want to hear me ramble about our experiences with this.

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AVIF and WEBP is now being hosted here.

AVIF image title.

First there was AV1. Now there's AVIF

A while back during my video encoding sessions, I toyed with the concept of serving AV1 videos on my site. The results were not great out of respect that we could not find a great way of detecting the client's capabilities of video decoding without writing some shitty JavaScript system to snoop around and break privacy rights all the way. However, there's a branch of the Av1 system known as "AVIF" which is designed to use for still images. It boasts about getting better compression ratio's to that of even WebP images that we discussed a while back.

Why did we implement AVIF here? Read on if you want to know more.

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Website cleanup.

Convention Review Title.

S-Config is undergoing a website cleanup!

It's time to do some website cleanup and maintenance for a few reasons.

Read on if you want to hear all of the details.

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Social Network B-Gone! Website Clean Up pt.2

website cleanup part 2 title

Social Network B-Gone. Some basic CSS to clean the angular theme.

I've made the decision to eject all social network outbound links to appear on every page of my website. This took some doing as I had to page through a lot of the Angular theme forums to ultimately find out Which CSS code controlled the very top section of my page. I had to modify my custom.css file which was found in the theme home directory underneath ./css and added the following lines.

previously, previously


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