Showing your support.

Showing your support! Change? Got Any Change?!?

We really hate asking to support for something that is fun to us. It makes a person feel like a hobo on the information super-highway with your hand out all of the time asking for change. Or worse yet a public television spokesperson to guilt people with “Quality Programming” that only 0.0005 percent of the world wants to see. The truth is that financially this blog site is doing just fine! We have no desire to throw ads on our site for that quick cash-in. Or exploiting you the viewer to aggressive malware for that fast buck. In other words. We’re not “Wired” magazine!

Well, why does this page even exist?

This site has received e-mails asking us how to return the favor in helping them out on a technical issue or just want to say thanks. We’ve told them that just be stopping by is enough really! But they disagree and wanted to show their support for what we do. That really nice of them and as always we try to answer those questions!

Methods of support. How you can help.

I shall break down some of the easiest ways you could help our or any WordPress blogger that you like.

Subscribe to a blogger.

The first thing you could do is go over to (not .org) and sign up as just a reader.

The area that we wish to bring your attention to for supporting sites like outs is the “Followed Sites” tab. By simply typing in our web-page address you can be subscribed to our website from You can get e-mails for when we post something new. Even though the WordPress CMS has it’s own subscriber function spammers have made that tool all but useless. is at least a fair compromise towards having subscribers without putting up with spammer hell. Following us costs nothing but a few mouse clicks of your time. But it helps in a big way!

Talk about what they blogged about!

WordPress allows people to sign up to also create blogs which is a really great way to start blogging and getting used to the WordPress interface without dropping a single penny. If you agree or even disagree with anything that is said on this very site you could write an article about it. Freedom of speech is cool like that!

Even if you are not on WordPress sharing links on social networks helps any blogger or website that you like because it gets word of mouth and “Natural Links” out there for all to see. I should stress to only post links to sites that you truly love and not be one of those ass-hats that spams links like a robot. Everyone who has participated in social networks has had one of those friends.

Buy things that support the blogger.

If your in the market for getting a web-site up and going or buying a dedicated server check these out. Using my link also cuts down hosting costs on my end so it’s a win-win.

Currently, AnubianHost is one group that I support which is the very people that host my content. Hosting your own content is super important as it gets rid of any unnecessary advertisement that may distract your readers from your content. Hosting your own blog is next-level blogging for those who have out-grown We have chosen this provider because they are a furry as well. It’s a little important to support those within your community. If you choose another provider that’s cool. Just go with a group of people that support your needs and what you believe in. Don’t give your money to hacks with no soul. Or to a giant mega-corp that ignores you when there’s a problem.


Remember those “Buy me a beer” links that all bloggers used and it got directed over to PayPal or something weird like that? I do, those types of buttons and links were fading out of the existence of blogging just as we started. But it’s almost the same principle. After careful consideration knowing full well that the internet is world wide, vast and infinite. Also recognizing that your anonymity on both ends as at the height of our concern. It has been decided that we shall accept Bitcoin for those dedicated in throwing money around to us bloggers.

Why Bitcoin? Isn’t it a dead currency?

For mining? Pretty much unless you live in a country that gives you electricity for almost nothing. But Bitcoin still has value. Here is the states people tend to view Bitcoin as the currency of illegal activities. This is because when government finds something they cannot control is to vilify the living hell out of it. You must consider the alternatives. You got PayPal which charges endless fees and even fines/disables your account if you do something that is unethical in the united states such as transmitting adult material. On top of that PayPal throws your real name around like candy. That’s a financial trail that no one needs to see! For those starting out we recommend coinbase to get your wallet setup. All of those pro’s which host their own wallets need no introduction to this system.

The final words.

Understand that when you donate that although we would seriously appreciate the shit out of you and may even have a thank you board. That we are also under no obligation to do anything special beyond what this blog intends to do anyways. Which is to post art and technical articles. Understand that no donation is too small (it can even be as simple at 1USD.) As it really does not take a whole lot to build a blog like this.

Finally, we shall say this again that we don’t need the money! if the BTC wallet remains at 0.00 then so be it. This is just an option for those you want to show their appreciation to us. The previous suggestions that cost no money are actually better for us! We would probably use BTC money in a reckless manner anyways! As always, thank you for checking out my site and may server protect you.