Showing your support.

Showing your support!

First and most importantly.

We simply cannot say this enough. Thank you for visiting us! – S

By simply clicking on a link on some forum or search engine. Or perhaps a friend sent you a link to our site. We thank you for trusting us enough to click around this very site. Your feedback and comments motivate us to do better for you the reader and in return we hope to deliver even better content to you in the future.

Change? Got Any Change?!?

We of all people understand what it’s like to visit a support page. Be it the passive approach of sites like patreon or the aggressive approach of pop-over/under ads and javascript data-mining like what scumbag news agencies do. It feels like everyone out there is a hobo standing upon the information super-highway with their change cup out. The brutal truth is this is the kind of blog that was never designed to make money! This site is financially secure via the proxy of its owners and thus attains stability while continuing the vision of privacy for every reader that visits.


If you’re financially secure then why even post a support page? What the hell is the point?!?!?

What the hell is YOUR point?!?!?! HUH!?!? :D

In e-mail and comments readers wanted to say thanks in more ways which is really nice of them! Stopping by and taking the time to read one of our articles is thanks enough really! The simple act of taking a break from the social network net 2.0 is really the best thing to us bloggers makes us happier then you can imagine! However, like any responsible site we listen to you the reader and attempt to answer the question of “How can you help out?” Thus, the support page is born. But this isn’t going to be a regular self-serving support page oh no! This is something you the reader can do for just about any lone blogger that exists out on the net. Not just us!

Methods of support. How you the reader help.

We shall break down some of the easiest ways you could help our or any WordPress blogger that you like. This applies to just about any blogger you find on the internet. Not just us.

Method one: Subscribe to a blogger.

Oh crap, S is doing the “Like, Comment, Subscribe” thing! Next thing this place will be asking us people to join MySpace and Livejournal! UpVote on Diggnation. Put up a Pintest that’s still a thing right?

In all seriousness this first method costs no money at all and just a few clicks of the mouse. Which is subscribing to said blogger. To show interest in what they have to say motivates us here the most above all methods! login page.

The first thing you could do is go over to (not .org) and sign up as just a reader. This almost sounds like some bizarre YouTube cliche we’re saying but hear us out.

The area that we wish to bring your attention to for supporting sites like outs is the “Followed Sites” tab. By simply typing in our web-page address you can be subscribed to our website from You can get e-mails for when we post something new. Even though the WordPress CMS has it’s own subscriber function spammers have made that tool all but useless. Going to is at least a fair compromise towards having subscribers without putting up with spammer hell. Following us costs nothing but a few mouse clicks of your time. But it helps in a big way!

Method two: Social Networking.

WordPress allows people to sign up to also create blogs which is a really great way to start blogging and getting used to the WordPress interface without dropping a single penny. If you agree or even disagree with anything that is said on this very site you could write an article about it. Freedom of speech is cool like that! Even if you are not on WordPress or not feeling up to running your own blog. Sharing links on social networks helps any blogger or website that you like. Because it gets word of mouth and “A.K.A. Natural Links” out there for all to see. I should stress to only post links to sites that you truly love and not be one of those ass-hats that spams links like a robot. Everyone who has participated in social networks has had one of those people in their time-line and no one likes that! Simply speaking. If something on our site has helped you. Just remember us. That is all

Cellar Door - TitleClick here to visit sites we think are cool.

We would be hypocrites if we didn’t follow method two ourselves. So check out our Cellar Door of links for more great sites that we think is cool.

Method three: Buy things that support the blogger.

If your in the market for getting a web-site ranging from a shared slide, to a virtual cloud host (which is what we run) to a dedicated server. Using my link also cuts down hosting costs on our end so it’s a win-win. Unlike many websites out there we keep our advertisements compartmentalized because in our experience we as a provider of information do not wish to serve you data that you didn’t want. In general, if you are visiting this particular page you are wanting to know what services that help me the blogger. Thus, we are giving you information that you requested. If the rest of the internet services operated on such a philosophy they would be out of business er, it would be a cleaner web for all.



Currently, AnubianHost is one group that we support which is the very people that host my content. Hosting your own content is super important as it gets rid of any unnecessary advertisement that may distract your readers from content you provide. Hosting your own blog is “next-level blogging” for those who have out-grown We have chosen this provider not just because they share some similar interests to us but the servers are actually good! It’s important to support people of like minds. But also the small business community as a whole. If you choose another provider that’s cool. Just go with a group of people that support your needs and what you believe in. Don’t give your money to hacks with no soul like a giant mega-corp that ignores you when there’s a problem.


CoinBase BitCoin Title.CoinBase

For those who want to play with crypto-currency but don’t feel like leaving a computer on 24/7 eating gigs of ram to host your own wallet. Coinbase is a compromise to that solution. Similar to paypal they host all of your transactions and crypto and you choose when/how you want to transfer that money out of their system. Unlike paypal their service fees aren’t nearly as evil for doing all of this hosting for you the end-user. If you use our link and you decide to go all in we do get some money donated by Coinbase to our account so in a sense it’s like giving us money for doing something you may want to do anyways. This also segways into method four which you will see below.


NordVPN Title.NordVPN

We’re not one to really push for a particular VPN product as in our minds as long as you get a VPN in the first place is possibly the most important thing to do for your privacy. As we’ve discussed in previous blogs we strongly promote privacy and TOR networking. We also practice what we preach to avoid being hypocrites thus we use this product ourselves. When we travel around the world we log into wireless airport connections, hotels, cafe’s you name it. The moment we connect we turn on our VPN right away because then you don’t get any attacks from people that so happen to be on the same Wi-Fi as you are. Even if i have a stupid moment and login to a website with no SSL at least the VPN service is there to prevent any plain text sniffing.

In our case we use NordVPN for our services and it has not let us down. In America, we’re not necessarily concerned with the government as much we we’re concerned with internet ISP Gestapos which spy on what you download. Being the internet Gestapos for turning off your network because you actually watched something on an official website. No shit, it’s happened to us. Another reason is we had to download a distro of linux quickly via torrent and the hotels typically block that service (for the same reason as our first, they don’t want to have their network turned off) so we turn on NordVPN and within 10 minutes I got my latest Debian distro ready to load on a USB stick.

It’s cheap, it works, and there’s even instructions on how to get it working on ddWRT and also the Transmission service for Raspberry Pi via OpenVPN.

It will probably come as no surprise that we are supporters of But what this organization does is fight for the rights for technicians to have the ability to fix things in order to keep industry working. This is anything from cars, phones, industrial machinery, and more. Currently there are companies out there which think that an unauthorized person who repairs their equipment should be jailed. Even if the person repairing it purchased and owns that piece of equipment. Companies are using intellectual property as a weapon to beat down their end-users and small business owners in order to prematurely end the life of their products forcing the consumer to buy even more. If you don’t want to donate to anything that would be a good cause. Donate to these guys. We make no money from this. But the way is supports us is by supporting people that fight for the rights to repair. Which is what a lot of this site does.


Method fourth and final: THROW MONEY/CRYPTO AT A BLOGGER!!!

OMG, the infamous “Buy me a beer!” link. Here it comes!

Donation links and “Buy a beer” were fading out of the existence of blogging just as we started. But it’s almost the same principle. After careful consideration knowing full well that the internet is world wide, vast and infinite. Also recognizing that anonymity on both ends as at the height of concern for both parties. It has been decided that we shall accept “Crypto-Currency” for those dedicated in throwing money around to us bloggers.

Crypto variance:

We happily accept various forms of crypto because we wish to be as versatile as you are. We understand that it may be a little intimidating giving 0.00001 BTC given the price of bitcoin. By offering other forms of crypto is to ensure to you the reader that it doesn’t matter how small your donation is. We’ll accept it and be eternally grateful that you as a reader parted with your hard earned cash to throw it into a blockchain void and somehow have it land in our laps!

BitCoin (BTC)

  Bitcoin - BTC - QR Code donation button.

BitCoin Wallet ID: 16P3pyRABTSsBFaKYfWpTv4nUGDbFqUKvn

The original Crypto-Currency. It’s big, crazy and awesome. It’s what we started to mine a long time ago and despite it’s ups and downs it’s still one of the most reliable methods of donation. Unlike standard transactions which can take days to process especially if you are out of the country of the person to whom you wish you donate to. Bitcoin is anonymous, fast, and relativly easy to use.

LiteCoin (LTCLitecoin - LTC - QR Code donation button.

LiteCoin Wallet ID: LP2rausMW5a8iypdX9cug2a3AtEJysgE6N

LiteCoin is like the silver of BitCoin. It is a block-chain that got spawned for very different reasons.

Ethereum (ETH)

ETH Crypto QR Donation Button.
Ethereum Wallet ID: 0x763129Ad80cDEe6302C850f3Cc0b08AD8cF1A6A4

Ether is a digital currency used for operating smart contracts on the Ethereum network. Like Bitcoin, the Ethereum network and Ether tokens are not controlled or issued by any bank or government – instead it is an open network which is managed by its users.

Those who use Ethereum already know this. But don’t send Ethereum Classic (ETC) to a Ethereum account (ETH). It won’t make it.:) There’s an article that goes into great detail as to why this chain is segmented.

0x Coin (ZRX)

0x or ZRX Crypto Donation QR-Code Button.

0x is an open protocol that is designed to offer a decentralized exchange as part of the Ethereum blockchain. 0x is made using a protocol that involves Ethereum smart contacts that allow those around the world to run a decentralized exchange. The team behind 0x strongly believes that in the future, you will find thousands of tokens from Ethereum and that 0x can provide an efficient and trustworthy way to exchange them. 0x is designed to be different from both centralized and decentralized exchanges, providing the best possible combination of features.

ZRX Wallet ID: 0x9dc9bB8F50048739dEb777Fa7fA23df051db64Ee

Stellar Lumens.

No QR Code at this time.


Stellar Lumens is a fairly new style of currency which is designed to make exchanging crypto easier. Endorsed by Coinbase there’s even a program for you the end-user of coinbase to earn some free XLM. No cool QR Code for this one as that is how new it is! But you can still donate with the address typed in above.

Straight up US Dollars!

Dollars - USDC QR Code Donation.

USDC Wallet: 0xDC74Ac0890afcEAE67cF55ad00196252c40e31B8

If you got a Coinbase account and you simply do not want to play the crypto-coin trading game to donate. It so happens we can accept straight up United States Dollars through it as well. Who knew right? It’s an Ethereum style address so it would be like donating with ETH or 0x but instead of conversion taking place Coinbase does all of that for you.

Notes about the lack of “Donate” button.

Coinbase offers users an ability to setup a donation button as described here. However, we will not be using it as it references external Java-scripts off to Coinbase’s site which is a violation of your privacy policies when visiting this site (I.E. Cookies and tracking metric data). We value your privacy first and foremost. It sucks as it makes it way easier to donate. But you can simply send money via the addresses above using your wallet or Coinbase and most importantly you control how much you want to send!

How do I even CryptoCurrency?!?

All of those pro’s which host their own wallets need no introduction and know what to do. However for those starting out we recommend CoinBase to get your wallet setup. It’s super easy to do like PayPal and after your account is setup you can send/receive money with the rest of the world that accepts crypto.

Sending BTC BitCoin via CoinBase Once you’ve setup your Coinbase account, verified, and transferred money, you can start sending bitcoin to sites like mine (or other bloggers). A lot of the process is heavily documented on their site so there isn’t much reason for me to go to through the blow-by-blow tutorial on how to setup a Coinbase.

In closing.

Over time we did received donations!

Date Currency Amount User Notes
08/14/2018 LTC 0.25John69Whoever you are, you stay awesome out there!
12/19/2017 BTC 0.002 Anonymous No idea who this is. But whoever you are. Thanks!
9/9/2017 LTC 1.00000000 Richard_M*** Holy shit! Thank you so much! Totally was not expecting that!
6/30/2017 BTC 0.00197785 Gnurkel You're awesome man! My first donation ever! Take care and happy gaming!
12/01/19 LTC0.1David Q.Thank you very much for the donation! It is always appreciated!

We also posted this table into “Gifts to the bloger” so go check that out as well! Overall, the success of our site comes from you the reader visiting it to which we have already won! We are not expecting any money to come into this blog. This is only an option for those you want to show their appreciation. The previous suggestions that cost no money are actually better for us! We would probably use BTC money in a terribly irresponsible manner anyways like beers and pizza! As always, we thank you for checking out my site.


May server protect you.