We are mortal.

We sometimes eat dirt when learning this lesson.

We are not perfect nor absolute. Just a node of server.

Corrective action.

A blog article has been removed over the subject of a collapsing internet. The concept that eventually you can sum up the entire internet to a handful of social networks and products from a mega corporation. Hell, we even bought into the whole small web propaganda machine that you must somehow take back the internet. That it was better "back in the day" when it really was not. The rest of the internet is very much alive. It's just that the major search engines do whatever it takes to make sure the end-user never leaves their ecosystem. In fact, it's highly unlikely anyone will read this article from Google. Too much profanity, and frankly not really giving any fucks about it.:)

We are connected.

There are things like web-rings still existing and Neocities still encouraging users to try their hand at HTML. That they're art people hand making their own website, despite the fact that we ourselves never really felt like we fit into any category of the web. Possibly due to us using a CMS. Where even though I've edited probably more lines of code on WordPress and its plugins to where we probably SHOULD have written it from scratch. It did save us time. So, unless Automatic does something incredibly stupid, we'll keep using it.

And yes, we're aware Automatic now supports AVIF uploads. Which is a stupid implementation as it has zero fallback mechanisms. Believe it or not, there's still browsers that either do not support Google, or its users turn off the support.  Thus, even though it eats disk space like crazy;  Our script was way better at adapting than what Automatic did, including supporting JXL. But falling off track a little here.

We do understand that there's people out there that have their entire lives/art/creations on social networks. It gives them a voice. In some cases, the company that hosts their content pays them for their content. There would be little to no incentive for someone like that to start up a website, when the reality of the situation is it would be both a time and financial cost negative on their portfolio.

But is a website really a negative gain? If you wake up the next day to find your existence on the web silenced, not by me. But my Margaret in accounting because she didn't like your drawing or picture she doom-scrolled past while drinking her chai tea and submitted a complaint to one of the large entities to have you removed forever.  Well, that would suck, wouldn't it? But if you still had a website ALONG with your social network. You're crippled. But you're not silenced. So in reality, the portfolio of owning/running your own website is in fact a mirror and a backup. Almost the last stand from people like Margaret in accounting. Which if motivated enough, Margaret would refill your chai tea bucket and send a complaint to my provider, Anubianhost. Chances are, without a legal reason, they would do nothing. Maybe chuckle a little sharing the message with me.


In essence, the lack of traffic is our fault for not participating in social networks, getting the word out there, and dealing with the cesspools of Reddit. Which in itself is its own reward. Because of our Cynicism, we're not disappointed if we're right. And actually take joy in being proven wrong. Because it means there's something better out there. Something new and different.

To give an example of Cynicism. Let's take a current news topic. Such as Wendy's adopting surge-pricing similar to Uber. Now, We could put a happy spin on this type of news. We could say that with enough automation and inventory control the prices of food could surge downward to the point where it's practically pennies allowing people to be fed because if everything was truly automated a computer would make the decision that it's better to sell the food at cost then it is to throw it all in the dumpster. And when the prices DO surge above cost. It's to properly staff the restaurants for those who want their breakfast exactly at 0800, their lunch exactly at 1200, and their dinner exactly at 1900 because of the population growth in every city and town it's simply not practical to serve thousands in under a few hours. Consider it a "Don't be a sheep" fee.

But that's optimism to the point of delusion. Computers do not lower and raise the surge of pricing. It's controlled by shareholders, investors, and idiots that will destroy tons of food if it gets them an extra %3 profit. It's how the world rewards success. Of course, you could cook from home. Far healthier then the processed shit Wendy's will serve you. But guess what? The food has to come somewhere, and it's a matter of time before supermarkets also adopt serge pricing. Remember that no company wants to be the first like Wendys. Too much controversy. But they'll happily be the next. Oh, you bought that ice-cream sandwich at 2000 hours? Sucks to be you. Hope you like paying an extra 5 bucks for that after dinner dessert.

In this scenario. We would love to be proven wrong. We want Wendys to say "

Fuck you S. Our pricing goes against your pessimistic ways.

We probably won't in our lifetimes. Thus, Cynicism wins.


This very blog is doing exactly what it's designed to do. To act as a methodology of storing thoughts. That if you stumble across this. You're welcome for the wild ride. If you do not like it. You know where that eject button is. This blog isn't beholden to adhere to anyone's quota, be it human controlled or with machinery. Know that although we don't post every hour, week, month doesn't mean we're not doing anything. In many cases, we curate what is already available.

We also have been quiet the past three months because we have been embracing the world. Trying new things. Traveling state to state in order to see what cities are -really- doing. Dealing with a housing crisis issue just like everyone else in the world. Dealing with a collapsing economy just like everyone else in the world. No need for the pity party. In the grand scale of life, we'd say we're doing about average.

You got mail.

I'd like to answer some of the spam we've been getting lately:

  1. No, I don't want to have you guest post on my site so you can talk about your casino. Go to a dumbass like Elon Musk with that kind of pitch.
  2. No, you cannot ship me a product so you can have a good review. If you keep bothering me. I'll DIY a product that's far superior to yours and talk non-stop trash about your product.
  3. Boosting my traffic by %300 sounds like hell. Why the fuck would I even pay for that?
  4. I'm not hiring. Not even hit-men. Sorry FBI.
  5. All the furniture ads in the world will never make it to probably the only article where we talk about furniture!
  6. We're not the Wolf of Wall Street. I do not have penny stocks to sell nor buy.
  7. Stop begging for Crypto. You fucked it up. It's over. It's done.

To the messages we get trash talking my articles about the Ouya.

  • We will amplify the thing you hate! By introducing MORE articles on the Ouya.

Final thoughts.

If you're thinking that we're some batshit insane group of people shouting at the clouds. Welcome to your first visit here! Expect more metaverse posts to come soon. As we're getting back into Second Life once again. Maybe some more retro-posts too. We'll see.

Thanks for stopping by and until next time.

Server protect you.


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