Cellar Door. A.K.A. Blogroll Linkage.

Welcome to the Cellar Door.

Cellar Door was affectionately the alias for the links and Webring section of my page and is also in reference to a movie by the name of "Donnie Darko." If you guys haven't seen it then go buy/rent the regular version. Do not get the director cut! Cellar Door is taken from a clip from that movie where the English teacher references that word as the most beautiful word in the English language.

Well, a lot of the sites below are beautiful. It is appropriate to call these sites out for it!

How to get into the Cellar Door?

Contact us and as long as you have a web 1.0 or self-hosted/isolated web 2.0 site we'll get you added to the listings of the cellar door. Understand that link exchanges will only appear in the Cellar Door and that is the best it's going to be. Read the FAQ for more information on commonly asked questions about this site.

Rules and exclusions:

Every cellar door must be kept clean or else it becomes a terror room. - S

  • Common sense rules apply - The sites below are owned by different people. And thus; they will have different opinions than us. We are also not responsible for any of the content these people may post on their own site just as they are not responsible for anything we post on our own. Think for yourself and don't let others think for you!
  • Aggressive advertisement/Spam/Scams/Dating services/Child Porn/Illegal/Mal-Ware/Ransom-Ware sites are prohibited- For obvious reasons no one wants to see those. If you do then you either need professional help. Or an ass whoopin.
  • The promotion of political extremism will also be prohibited - Similar to Fanaticism on our first point. If you cannot have a healthy debate about the bad as well as the good. We want nothing to do with it.
  • Mass conglomerate "Web 2.0" sites such as Facebook/YouTube/Tumblr/DeviantArt/Furaffinity -It has to be a site with an actual domain. If it's a Sub-Domain we generally have to review but we mostly let those through if the code is isolated enough.
  • Forced DNS redirection  - Sites that simply redirect you to a YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, Tiktok, or Vimeo will just be banned. Not having that shit here.
  • Gateway errors, 404 errors, blank pages, bad SSL certs - We don't delete right away. But after a month we'll consider the website abandoned and will remove it from our Cellar Door.
  • No stolen art sites - Fuck out of here with that noise.
  • If you do not want to be mentioned here or wish to report a 404 - Contact us and we'll remove it. Just that simple.

The "Blogrolls" within the Cellar Door.

A blogroll is different than a webring in the respect that these are collections of sites that inspire us (the webmaster). These people may or may not be aware of the inclusion in lists such as these and often were not contacted beforehand.

Clear-net Blogroll:

They're ALL cool in their own right! But we're sorting in alphabetical order starting off with traditional clear-net sites which almost any browser can access:

AnubianHost Title.AnubianHost Web Hosting Provider

Our Web Host provider. Which unlike some of my experiences with web-hosting plans we've had no problems with this furry ran and provided site. Stay away from the BlueHost and GoDaddy's of the world kids. They may offer unlimited storage. You will pay for "unlimited" in other ways.

Soatok - Dhole moments.Dhole Moments

Dhole Moments by Soatok is a furry blogger that deals with cryptography, and security and has a lot of insight into the furry fandom. He was one of those sites that we looked at a lot when building our own as not only was he a furry but also been running WordPress for his CMS as well. Don't really know the guy personally but certainly falls into the inspiration category of why it's important to self-host and to blog as described by his article (external). Perhaps like them, if pushed via troll mail we need to "increase the furry" on this site as well. Not sure if he would ever read this. But you didn't have a 'banner' for your site so we used your character picture out of respect. Hope that's okay.

02/12/2024 - received e-mail. Thank you for confirmation.

floatoverblow website titleFloat Overblow

A great musician and a personal friend of mine. They finally put up a website for all to check out his musical talent. He's a writer too which as he gets his site built up a little more we will get to see. He gets that certain aesthetic of the net that we enjoy. The glitch! Oh, the wonderful glitch!

Furnation Reborn TitleFurnation Reborn

Furnation Reborn is a historical site preserved by Logan Scrythe which is a part of the Furry Restoration Group (external). Furnation was a lot of things. It was a zine that published stories to the furry community. It had an impact in the early days of Second Life being one of the largest furry land barons within the metaverse. Even a Minecraft server for a bit too. But the thing that the Furry Restoration group focuses on is the web-providing side of Furnation in respect that it became a home for a lot of furry artists during a time when website hosting was incredibly expensive. They even had a Webring that cross-promoted many artists on their network.  It was a site that we even visited growing up and have known a handful of artists who used their services and contributed to some of the various comics they've had.

Gimon ZoneGimon Zone

Alex @ Gimon.Zone is a super-talented artist who actually listened to my insane rants and made his very own blog on the internet! Holy shit - Their site is amazing and did a spectacular job putting it all together. The majority of their art is NSFW/18+ so fair warning to the readers. Alex is certainly more dialed in than most out there! Now like a lot of people who self-host this is certainly not their first iteration with going through a domain name change and all. May not be their later iteration as well!

Hotline Cafe Title.Hotline Cafe.

Don't know these people. However, really dig the retro/vaporwave aesthetics of this site and they have a ton of resources on how to do it yourself. They also developed a very competent GTA1/2 style game complete with music which is amazing in its own right. It's worth checking them out.


All the time... ALL THE TIME! - Fred Furner.

InfoChammel is a wonderful parody of what would happen if public broadcasting existed in the future. As a creation of Davy Force; InfoChammel serves as satire at both the mainstream media and its viewing audience! It is brilliant with its 8-bit glitch graphics featuring the infamous Fred Furner as well as many other strange characters that show up from time to time. The shows of InfoChammel sometimes referred to as PrimoHD which was a Separate Davy Force YouTube Channel has surprisingly more plot orientated than most of the movies you get from "Scy-Fy" network. No kidding! They are only growing from here on out accepting user submissions. My review of Infochammel is published here. Check them out it's great!


Jillian Mayer TitleJillian Mayer

Jillian Mayer is the Goddess of the Internet and a great artist residing in Miami, FL, USA with Vimeo and YouTube films such as #postmodem mocking futurism. Her current project "Slumpies" deals with tackling the discomforting effects of excessive cellphone usage. She's a magical artist and someone to who we really look up within the landscape of the net. The title is purposefully overexposed as she really does not have a website logo per se so I think this will do fine.

Link to Alexanders SiteKainless

With a new site redesign, Kainless (external)is a blogger like myself who is one of the best friends I have had. Hard-running Mortal Kombat fan! Covering video games, comics, and political topics abroad. If you like my site then you'll totally love his site!


This is the blog of Jamie Zawinski. A programmer, club owner in California, and blogger. Some of the things this man finds simply blow our minds. We enjoy reading his works when he was still on Livejournal and he continues to impress me with his mad Web (1.x?) skills. We've never met the man but perhaps someday we should make a trip out to his place. A truly amazing mind to behold. We have never met him personally nor talked to him directly online. But his blog is one of my inspirations for leaving Web 2.0 and embracing the blog that we have today. We're not sure if Jamie will ever read this. But if you are out there. Thank you for being awesome. You are an inspiration to me


Cellar Door - MindVox HomePageMindVox

We found this page completely by accident when we were looking up information about the fuck-up known as the Phantom gaming console. Needless to say when we typed in phantom.com we came across this site. Which entertained me in a completely different way. It's almost like a nostalgic trip back into the days of the '80s and 90's BBS era where information was hard to get and everyone wanted to be America's next greatest threat which was being a hacker. It seems like they have since gone off on a tangent about legalizing a substance known as Ibogaine. But still, it's an interesting read to see the lingo from back then.

Update 09/20/15: The old website www.phantom.com was actually a sister company called Phantom Access Technologies and was recently shut down. I have updated the link to their more modern site which seems a little sterilized of all of the BBS ranting that they used to do back in the day. Which was a real shame. I really liked that part of their site.

Update 05/18/2019: I've unlinked MindVox because it just takes you to a login page and that's it. but thankfully the internet Wayback machine (external) saved a lot of their stories and articles.

Numou.Net Title.Numou

Numou is a fox/imp that has ventured forth to host his own website showing off some of the furry-related stories has written. Fair warning; The stories are for a mature audience! So for those who are looking for some good writing and don't mind the mild NSFW action. This is a great site to check out! Numou also hosts the artwork of his characters and his original story characters on here as well. Just mind the underwear.;)

arons-musings-pixel-dusk-blog-titlePixel Dust

Aron's Musings / Pixel Dust is a starting WordPress blog by one of my ex-roommates and good friends. Not much on there right now but check it out for more to come.

Cellar Door - Rant Radio NetworksRant Radio

This was a host of many of the shows that we listened to when growing up and provides just a wonderful amount of angry media to dig your hands into until your fingers and nothing but bloody stumps! The archives are entertaining to go through. They are another part of our inspiration for how we conduct ourselves on this blog. Valuing privacy above all other things while looking at corporations with a smile and handshake while holding a gun underneath the table.

Rant Social - TitleRant Social

We do not like serving links to sites that do not have a follow-up. Although Rant-Radio is pretty much in Cryofreeze for reasons unknown. (I'm going to go with Cimm and Sean Kennedy to film a 30-year social experience project that will make it the longest documentary on the human condition) However enough of my conspiracy theories. Rant Social is a continuation of what RantRadio stood for. Self-empowerment and finding media and information that is free to distribute without the terror of copyright-like what YouTube and Twitch are facing right now. This site is just getting off of the group but the plans they have are promising. So definitely keep an eye on these guys.

Ren MorrisonRen Morrison

Also going by the name of "strangedefinition.com" but has now been redirected. One of my friends from long ago. Even gave us some Gift art for which we are forever thankful. They have rebooted themselves with a new blog showing off their art, zines, and other things great. Since they are a self-standing site this more than qualifies to be in the Cellar Door of all things beautiful.


Repair.org Title.Repair.org

It will probably come as no surprise that we are supporters of repair.org. But what this organization does is fight for the rights of technicians to have the ability to fix things in order to keep the industry working. This is anything from cars, phones, industrial machinery, and more. Currently, there are companies out there that think that an unauthorized person who repairs their equipment should be jailed. Even if the person repairing it purchased and owns that piece of equipment. Companies are using intellectual property as a weapon to beat down their end-users and small business owners in order to prematurely end the life of their products forcing the consumer to buy even more. If you don't want to donate to anything that would be a good cause. Donate to these guys.

Science Fiction Short Stories.Science fiction short stories.


This came in as a submission through our contact form requesting to be a part of the cellar door. Seems their fairly new. Looks like they've been at it for a few years now and looking through the site they do indeed have sci-fi stories on there. Would be nice to see it parsed a little more between writer interviews and where the actual stories are. In our heart of hearts, we grew up in the sci-fi community and without it, we probably wouldn't have half of what the internet is today.

From the web author's words:

This is a curated collection of science fiction stories from classic and current authors. Great for both sci-fi lovers and those looking to get into the genre through shorter stories.



This is my Milwaukee titleThis is my Milwaukee!

In the mind-fuck augmented reality game department, we have "This is my Milwaukee" which goes into detail about how Milwaukee will end up becoming in the not-so-distant future. Although it's just a YouTube link we have respect for the group that did this because of how it parodies so many things.

Update 09/20/2015: Currently undergoing a site re-vamp Synydyne took down their videos about This is my Milwaukee. What a shame. A video free of tyranny from YouTube is available here.

Alternative sites:

These are sites that are exclusively on the I2P protocol or the Tor protocol explained here. Something we affectionately call the black mirror because it's the same content but traveling along a different light/protocol. Either they are a part of a webring but want to add more detail or they aren't a part of any webring and they were just awesome enough to fill out the contact us form and use proper net etiquette. Either way! Check them out! As for why the button resolution is 240x60, unlike the rest of the blog roll? This is what they had! So we went with it!


I2P Address: http://vh2iqjwcoremzticoy23c7gdmeubzr7x5u2bn7xvm3xuhoxxn4jq.b32.i2p
Tor Address: N/A
Clear-net Address: N/A
Description: Blogger who already has a few topics published on their site. Solid design. Even starting their own Web-Ring within the world of I2P which is great as we feel I2P does need a little more interconnectivity. Good job man! They added my site first which is an honor to be there. And thus we return the favor. If you ever get around to it. We are looking forward to your Tor mirror as well Cynical!

Lets DecentralizeLet's Decentralize

I2P Address: http://mqtlargpv4247iylywxw6ibi6qpz6my5duqm33c4lcdhjg5yfh7q.b32.i2p/
Tor Address: http://hikariu7kodaqrmvu3c3y422r6jc7gqtpvvbry6u7ajvranukx6gszqd.onion/
Clear-net Address: https://letsdecentralize.org/
Description: This website promotes the entire notion of being on every part of the net no matter what. They are interested in new protocols and provided that it doesn't turn into shit Web3 ponzi scheme fuckery they're more than likely ready to research and try it out. They also run an extensive list of sites that are hand-checked which far exceed what we have in our Cellar Door alone.



I2P Address: http://zli2qsg54w7y42vgw4xxlnj4nktcpg7xp33yjxkp33sjafvznbwa.b32.i2p
Tor Address: http://meynethaffeecapsvfphrcnfrx44w2nskgls2juwitibvqctk2plvhqd.onion/
Clear-net Address: http://mayvaneday.org
Description:  This is the personal blog of who runs "Let's Decentralize" and we are well aware this site was a part of LainChan's Webring.  But we kind of found out about this person's site back when we were trying to spread the good word about Tor. Her blogs made us think a little about how we go about the net. That we should dial back the whole shouting out a manifesto to the net and instead focus on just being good and making content. Certainly one of the sites that we look up to.

Dead End Shrine Online.Dead End Shrine Online

I2P Address: http://2a55el42cobuxtls7iv6eoimejocybdekwnnaefcn4u2f5eydela.b32.i2p/
Tor Address: http://blapi36sowfyuwzp4ag24xb3d4zdrzgtafez3g3lkp2rj4ho7lxhceid.onion/
Clear-net Address: https://deadendshrine.online/
Description: This is MayVaneDay's more creative side with writing various chapters online for all to read. It's really good! Someday hope to have that kind of structure in my site.


OMG! Where's the Webrings?!?!?

No Carrier TitleCalm down. We moved it because it was getting a little too stupid in size! Click here to go to the Webrings section.

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Self-shilling - Advertisement MeatSpace.

Where's YOUR link S?!? - Anonymous

"Link" never existed. There was only Zelda. She used Link as an alter ego to justify her horrible actions all across Hyrule while maintaining her supposed royal purity. Being Kidnapped by Gannon is just a psychological metaphor for locking away one's consciousness so Zelda does not have to face the horrors of her actions head-on. Total Fight Club complex.

OH! That "link". Sweet Jimminy fucking Christmas were we off!


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In closing.

Thank you to those who have inspired us. And thank you to those who placed our badges on your own website. It is most appreciated especially in this new era of information war. Take care out there and until next time.

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