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Welcome to the Cellar Door.

Cellar Door was affectionately the alias for the links section of my page and is also in reference to a movie by the name of “Donnie Darko” if you guys haven’t seen it then go rent it or get it on Netflix or whatever. Cellar Door is taken from a clip from that movie where the English teacher references that as the most beautiful word in the English language. Well, a lot of the sites below are beautiful. It is appropriate to call these sites out for it!

How to get into the Cellar Door?

Contact us and as long as you have a Web 1.0 site we’ll get you added into the listings of the cellar door. Understand that with link exchanges it will only appear in the Cellar Door and that is the best it’s going to be. Read the FAQ for more information on commonly asked questions about this site.


  • Websites promoting conventions and/or festivals will not be listed anywhere on the site. Due to a level of fanaticism which has turned violent here in the past; Such groups we simply cannot endorse at this time. We will review this decision again if the perceived sociological community gets better.
  • Aggressive advertisement/Spam/Mal-Ware/Random-Ware sites prohibited for obvious reasons.
  • Promotion of political extremism will also be prohibited. The world being grim enough as it is.
  • Social Networks and mass conglomerate “Web 2.0” sites such as Facebook/YouTube/Tumblr/Weebly. We understand that it is hard work to shoulder the burden of a domain along with content to keep people interested in a lone site. However they cannot be supported due to the nature of harm they have caused to the internet as a whole.

Onward with the linkage inside the Cellar Door!

3-2-1 Lets jam!

Site of Kainless

With a new site redesign Kainless is a blogger like myself which is one of the best friends I have had. Covering video games, comics, and political topics abroad. If you like my site then you’ll totally love his site!

AnubianHost Web Hosting Provider

My Web Host provider. Which unlike some of my experiences with web-hosting plans I’ve had no problems with this furry ran and provided site. Stay away from the Bluehosts and GoDaddy’s of the world kids. They may offer unlimited storage. You will pay for “unlimited” one way or the other.

Arons Musings / Pixel Dust

Aron’s Musings / Pixel Dust is a starting WordPress blog by one of my ex roommates and good friends. Not much on there right now but check it out for more to come.


Float Overblow

A great musician and personal friend of mine he finally put up his website for all to check out his musical talent. He’s a writer too which as he gets his site built up a little more we will get to see.

Go Mechanical Keyboard.

This is a blog run by Alec Bosche that focuses on the review of mechanical keyboards. This site just touches on mechanical keyboards where-as he goes all the way! Going from the luxury of gaming to the budget conscious consumer who wants something better then rubber membrane contacts. This site will cover them all while going into detail and breakdown of each keyboard. It is well worth the read. This website is needed because when searching for our own first mechanical we were stuck on Reddit, forums, and YouTube videos.



All the time… ALL THE TIME! – Fred Furner.

InfoChammel is a wonderful parody of what would happen if public broadcasting existed in the future. As a creation of Davy Force; InfoChammel serves as satire at both the mainstream media and it’s viewing audience! It is both brilliant with it’s 8-bit glitch graphics featuring the infamous Fred Furner as well as many other strange characters which show up from time to time. The shows of InfoChammel sometimes referred to as PrimoHD which was a Seperate Davy Force YouTube Channel has surprisingly more plot orientated then most of the movies you get from scy-fy network. No kidding! They are only growing from here on out accepting user submissions. Check them out it’s great!

Jillian Mayer

Jillian Mayer is the Goddess of the internet with Vimeo and YouTube films such as #postmodem mocking futurism. Her current project “Slumpies” deals with tackling the discomforting effects of excessive cel-phone usage and comfort. She’s a magical artist and someone to who we really look up to within the landscape of the net. Title purposefully overexposed as she really does not have a website logo per-say so I think this will do fine.


This is the blog of Jamie Zawinski. A programmer, club owner in California, and blogger. Some of the things this man finds simply blows my mind. I enjoy reading his works when he was still on Livejournal and he continues to impress me with his mad Web 1.0 skills. I’ve never met the man but perhaps someday I should made a trip out to his place. A truly amazing mind to behold. I have never met him personally nor talked to him directly online. But his blog is one of my inspirations for leaving the Web 2.0 and embracing the blog that I have today.


This is a solid blog from one of the people on twitter that I follow. The Lameazoid site deals with game reviews, movie reviews, and toys. It’s crazy good and you should certainly check it out!


I found this page completely by accident when I was looking up information about the fuck-up known as the Phantom gaming console. Needless to say when I typed in phantom.com I came across this site. Which entertained me in a completely different way. It’s almost like a nostalgic trip back into the days of the 80’s and 90’s BBS era where information was hard to get and everyone wanted to be Americas next greatest threat which was being a hacker. It seems like they have since went off on a tangent about legalizing a substance known as Ibogane. But still, it’s an interesting read to see the lingo from back then.

Update 09/20/15: The old website www.phantom.com was actually a sister company called Phantom Access Technologies and was recently shut down. I have updated the link to their more modern site which seems a little sterilized of all of the BBS ranting that they used to do back in the day. Which was a real shame. I really liked that part of their site.

Rant Radio

This was a host of many of the shows that I listened to when growing up and provides just a wonderful amount of angry media to dig your hands into until your fingers and nothing but bloody stumps! Sean Kennedy was the reason why I listened to Rant Radio. It’s just a shame that many of them sorta “grew up” and stopped doing the shows anymore. Never-the-less the archives are entertaining to go through.

The Dealers Den

Hosted by AnubianHost ; The same web-hosting provider that hosts this blog.

The Dealers Den is an auction site by furies for furies selling various anthropomorphic artwork and works for the fandom and community. The major difference is the dealers den uses a lot of modern features that you would typically find on Ebay.  From opening a storefront online. To scheduling auctions. This site has the flexibility of simply listing an item you wish to sell. Or setting up a small store within their environment and the choice is entirely up to you.

For artists that conduct businesses in the furry community and don’t want to pay for the SSL encryption or deal with a shopping system. The Dealers Den is the most cost effective way of conducting business in a secure method inside of the fandom..

This is my Milwaukee!

In the mind-fuck augmented reality game department we have “This is my Milwaukee” where it goes into detail about how Milwaukee will end up becoming in the not-so-distant future. Although it’s just a YouTube link I have respect to the group that did this because of how it parodies so many things.

Update 09/20/2015: Currently undergoing a site re-vamp Syndyne took down their videos about This is my Milwaukee. What a shame. a YouTube backup is available.

TigerDen Internet Services

This is by far one of the oldest furry websites that I know still running to date. Going back back to the mid 90’s which during days of Mosaic where even having a graphical interface to ‘surf the web’ meant you had a lot of money! Where-as the rest of the scubs like myself got to use lynx which was a text-based browser based on a shell account. Tigerden offered internet services for the furry community for a very long time and even appeared at conventions when to give furies access to the net. The website has not changed at all! And in a sense retro is cool! I wonder how long it’s really going to last in the state its in before eventually it will vanish into nothing.


This is a personal blog site of Tremaine. A man I listened to throughout most of my early adult life when he used to be a pod-caster for a gaming network. He has now gone off to being a writer. I respect him greatly as he is one of those men which can offer an opinion from an entirely new perspective. This is unbelievably rare in this day and age kids! Which is why I am putting him into my link section right here.

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