Black Mirrors

When you stare into the void. The void stares back.

This page represents mirrors of this very site. The reason why we have chosen to use mirrors darker than that of the clear is for privacy and redundancy:

  • As described in this article. We have initiated Tor/Onion address mirrors for our readers to visit.
  • Also described in this article. We have initiated the I2P network.

More alternative networking is to come.

Following networks, we have researched and determined that we will not be pressuring.

  • IFPS - Article here, the short answer is a "no."
  • CryptoNet - Things like Forever-domains or anything based on a DNS-via-Etherium blockchain is a Ponzi scheme only designed to get your money. None of the domains within the blockchain have proven even remotely viable to bring in readership. They can barely provide a viable address to use Bitcoin on. There are clear-net alternatives that work far better. We don't need to find a third party to convert bitcoin into something tangible without destroying me on fees just to give one example.

The mirrors we search for are darker.

Here is the list of active mirrors of this site:

Our Tor v3 onion address:

Onion Address to Compare against text.

Onion Address QR Code to scan with Phone.


The graphic above with the address, and the text below. Check the difference! If you see a difference in the addresses; Do not click on it! Also, if you see random CP banners in the footer. You're on a fake site. We despise CP AND advertisements. A little sad there are people who fake content instead of making their own. But there you have it. Low effort = low reward.


Brave Browser Button.

If you are using the Brave Browser or the official Tor Browser then typing in our clear-net address will take you automatically to the onion address. QR Code is provided as well for those rocking Brave or Tor Browser on your phone. When visiting this site you'll see a 'Tor' icon like the one pictured above. This is because we placed our onion-header file directly into our site and Brave Browser detects that.


Our I2P address:

I2P is another privacy standard that we offer to our readers. A little on the slow side but it works.

s-config i2p base32 website url

Base 32 address is as follows:


The vanity DNS name is as follows:


Click here to find out more and our review of I2P technology.

Final words.

We thank you for checking out our blog and hope you have a wonderful time wherever you are in the universe of life.

Server protect you.

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