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Privacy Notice locked and loaded. Let's go!

We want to make sure that YOU the end-user maintains their privacy. That's right! We want you to use script-blockers, ad-blockers, TOR services, and ideally a VPN client and virus checkers! Although we have our suggestion for a VPN service in our support page we don't care who you go with as long as you get secured! Protect your hardware from dangerous websites. Trust no one! Some day we may all die here and the domain could get hijacked by a bunch of terrible people. Or just end up being cyber-squatted until the end of time.

Even after our death, we want you to be safe out there!

Onward to the P.S.A.

Government requests and privacy.

The reason why this page exists is that as of 05/25/2018 entire countries need their governments to behave as net nannies! Instead of downloading ad-blocker and joining a VPN like the rest of the world is doing right now.

Those very governments want to spy on their people because they're getting a little jealous that Newsweek is spying on citizens better! The GDPR is a goose-step into a darker Orwellian future that the European government will pay for dearly later. Allow us to place everything into perspective.

Fuck the GDPR AND the EU Government! - S

We also don't do Government requests if they ask at all.


But why even have this page then? For those who have read my previous article, "You think this site is hacking you?" We of all people know firsthand how word of mouth alone could destroy a website. We were looking for a method or structure to define to you the end user what it is that we do here for you.

So here we are with a privacy notice!

Let's dive in and answer the questions about how we handle data here at

Site identification.

We are a blogger organization hell-bent on running an isolated server on the internet to the best of our abilities. That if all of the data we as bloggers make is in one location you will know exactly where to go. Simple and elegant that way. Our content is what you read. Our revenue stream is none of your concern.

Our identities are that we're 5 foot 8 inches or 1.72 Meter Anthropomorphic Asian Bear Cats known as "Binturong" and really that's the best answer you will get out of us. We totally dig grapes.


The grapes are delicious.

NO! Why this site?!?

Respect is a two-way street and respect cannot be demanded. We try our hardest to respect the privacy of the end-users and readers and in return, those people respect the privacy of the site admin writing this. To our readers and users around the world, we thank you for understanding this.

Lack of terms agreement user checkbox.

On many sites, you will find this infamous pop-up that will appear.

I have read and agree to the terms - BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH GIVE ME YOUR DATA! - Evil corp website of the week.

To be blunt. No one reads them. In most cases they are unenforceable. Any website that wants to throw that in your face clearly is doing something nefarious where they want you the end-user to legally agree to something that they are doing such as collecting information about you. We would be willing to bet that the upper 90 percent of my readers don't even visit this page. So why force anyone to agree to a ToS that is beholden to no one?

Pop-ups are the disease of the internet and a waste of screen space. Moving on.

General Privacy Policy updates - Changes in Terms.

S-Config at the time didn't think it was that important to keep people notified on the changes of policies that occur on a blog. So, as of 01/23/2021, We'll try to at least have a blog article explaining the changes/additions/removals of anything within our privacy agreement as a separate blog article. We're trying to learn as much as everyone else on the net here.

Children's privacy.

Probably shouldn't have dropped all of those F-Bombs at the beginning huh?

It all comes down to the children, doesn't it? The ultimate clutch of societal abandonment. Pass your child onto the internet to entertain and raise huh? We're here to inform you that it is not our job to babysit your children because we shift that responsibility back onto the parent.

S-Config believes in the privacy of ALL who visit here. Not just children! Therefore, to the parents reading this; If your child visited a site like this without parental or legal guardian supervision. You are a bad parent. What the hell are you doing? We do not collect information on your fragile little child you let play recklessly on the information super-highway you irresponsible monster of a legal guardian! If your child does contact us and gives us information explicitly stating that they are under age it will be instantly deleted.

This website is designed for mature audiences. - S

Like other corporate shills online we could state that this website is only accessible for humans above the age of 13 to give an example. As we have no capacity to enforce such measures it would be flat-out lying to say that this website is restricted for audiences above/below a certain age group.

With absolute privacy comes absolute control. Be careful on your journey.

COPPA compliance.

In the event that you are a government official who is incredibly dense and failed to read the first paragraph about children's privacy.

We collect no tracking information on ANYONE who visits! - S

We do not have a targeted or directed advertisement that involves the indexing of cookies that track our readers. This site is for adults and while we may reference things that children may like such as animated cartoon characters. By no means, we are offering children 13 and under any incentives for visiting this website. If you do find tracking cookies please review the source of them (probably Google for exit-link cookies because they are creeps.) and respectfully pursue action against those parties.

California privacy rights.

To the legal snowflakes on the American west coast that want to flex harder than the EU.

A fuck you sandwich will be waiting for you here as well California! - S

To those readers who must know what the hell is up with this paragraph. California is a special state in America that feels they have to one-up every other state by inventing new laws out of thin air. One of them demanding websites declare that they do not sell the data of their users to third-party marketing groups or providers. To which no. The data is not sold in any manner. This makes our website cleaner than your own government who taxes you into obliteration and probably sells your data to third-party marketing firms because the American government is a group of super hypocrites.

Information a visitor provides on this site.

We collect information only when the user provides said information to this site. The information is given to us even if used as a form of documentation and is not enforced! As it may compromise the reader's and users' real-life existences! In fact, in accordance with our FAQ; We encourage anonymity so long as the content within is respectfully delivered.

This site does use JavaScript which in turn may generate localized cookies between you the end-user and our site (This is sometimes referred to as "Temporary Session Cookies.") Disabling cookies and using a script-blocker is fine as this website is adaptable in delivering content to those who value security and privacy. If you really want to know what we are talking about has information about "What a Cookie" means. We're not going to hyperlink that website you can type it in yourself.

As we disallow users from registering on our site. Administrative responsibilities such as termination, suspension, and moderation do not apply here.

Glossary of information types:

This is a quick run-down on some of the terminologies we will be using as the types of information that could be captured by using our site.

  • Technical Data - This is in regard to the type of computer you are using such as Operating Systems, Browsers, and other features that may or may not be available for our website to use.
  • Alias/Name - The name to which the end-user wishes to be referred to. Kindly note that these can also be aliases and any name which has any real-life reference is purely coincidental.
  • E-Mail - This is your electronic mailing address required during any form of communication.
  • Geo-Location - This is the location of the IP address assigned to you by your internet provider.
  • Content - The body of text that the user submits to the server.

Points on this website where data is exchanged between the end-user and the site:

This proceeds to explain all of the entry and/or exit points on this site where data could be captured.

  • Leaving comments - WordPress CORE function - When a user leaves a comment we collect the comment the user provides. The alias name to which they wish to go by. Finally, an E-Mail address which they are not required to provide or answer truthfully. The E-Mail entry only exists if the end-user wishes to know if someone responded to their comment so they can be automatically notified. E-mails collected are not used for marketing purposes and are destroyed from the WordPress database 30 days after receiving the comment. A notice checkbox has been enforced after 05/25/2018 notifying them of what happens when they smash that submit button.
  • Contact Us. - WordPress WPforms Plugin - All information such as the content, alias names, and e-mail addresses is sent out of WordPress immediately upon submission and is collected at an E-Mail server for our review. No active database of users contacting us resides on the WordPress framework at this time. All E-mails are typically answered within 48 hours and will usually be deleted 30 days after receiving them. Any E-Mail containing malicious or criminal activity will be forwarded to law enforcement immediately. No physical mailing addresses to this server or FAX numbers will be posted as it's an unnecessary expense to have communications from the dark ages. A notice checkbox has also been enforced within the plugin informing the user of these changes.
  • Spam Protection - WordPress Askimet Plugin - As a necessary evil IP-based Geo-location and the content may be analyzed by a third-party plugin in order to determine if the content that is being sent to our servers is legit. This occurs when keywords that spammers use are triggered within the content of the text. If determined as spam the content is then destroyed daily with extreme prejudice.
  • Website CORE logs - As it is common for every web-server installation to have logging enabled on our server which may contain technical data about your computer and Geo-Location of where a user exists within the world down to their internet node. These logs are cycled out every three months and are used only for diagnostic and troubleshooting purposes.

How we use visitor information:

The only thing we care about is making sure that the website is running. Thus, we will look at the Apache logs to see if there is anything going on that we should be made aware of. Beyond that, we do not use your information beyond the topics discussed on our site! In fact, we go out of our way in deleting things like E-mail addresses so that in the event of a major website hijack.

How we share user information:

Once collected how is the information distributed?

  • Public - Anything that the user comments on in a public blog are, you guessed it! Public! Fucking mind was blown on that one huh?
  • Legal and the courts -  If a search warrant within our country has been issued we will comply. Copyrights and Intellectual properties shall be handled on a case-by-case basis. In general, the records of our database are not open to the public unless there are some serious legal issues. You do not have the right to see anything beyond what the average user sees. As much as we would love to avoid going to court. We will not stop any entity in the action of filing a lawsuit. We will however defend ourselves in court.
  • Third-Party Vendor - We do not require Third-Party intervention for the operation of this site. Thus, we do not work with any at this time.
  • Business Transfers - Going into crazy town. If this site is transferred to another entity that entity shall receive full access to everything that is produced here. a 30-day notification will be placed in the event that occurs. We have the basic dignity to do at least that!
  • Death - In the event of the real-life death of the operator, this site along with user interactions will be destroyed immediately by the data center which is hosting our server. As it should. No automatic transfer of ownership has been signed at the time of this article.
  • Data Export Rights - Due to the nature of how this site is operated. It is impossible to have a data export request form as all commenters are presumably anonymous and using aliases.

Media that is served on this site. believes in the notion of centralized content hosting to ensure the privacy of the readers. We do serve a lot of content here! All of the content on this website has been generated by the group and none of the content hosted on S-Config has been made by an external source unless otherwise mentioned. Even if third-party content is served it will be properly vetted by a series of scripts and re-encoding methodologies that are designed to destroy any META/EXIF data that exists within.

  • Images Served - GIF, PNG,APNG, JPG, WEBP, AVIF, and JXL are the formats served on this site. All of them are passed through an optimization CRON job that improves the overall performance of the site while removing any META/EXIF content responsible for disclosing Geo-location data.
  • Videos Served - OGV, WEBM, MP4 is the format served on this site for motion video. MP4 has been decommissioned and removed from this site as it carries legal concerns over the usage of the format.
  • Audio Served - OGG, WAV, MP3 files are used to transfer audio-based information to the client. Metadata of the artist's information is within these OGG files which do not violate the privacy of our readers. MP3 has been decommissioned and removed from this site.
  • Binaries Served - Within some of our articles, there may be a 7-zip file that contains binaries. Some of them may be coming from a third-party source. Always exercise caution when opening any binary from the net. Although we scanned all of our binaries with virus/malware checking utilities and our VPS scans everything daily. You can never be too safe.
  • JavaScript Served - JS, JSON files are served to the end-user to behave as a graphical aesthetic for the site and not for the collection of data. Any data that it does collect such as display information is discarded shortly afterward. All JS files are loaded within the domain to ensure there is no violation of privacy from a third-party service.
  • Fonts Served - EOT, SVG, TTF, WOFF, and WOFF2 are all served locally from this site as well to ensure there is no violation of privacy from a third-party service. Also, in accordance to the owners of those fonts, the TOS ensures that we are legally able to host said fonts from this site.

Language of our notice.

It's English. Sorry. We're not a massive mega-corp that can afford translators and we have seen what happens to language when it's pushed through a robotic translator. As cool as that would be to have perfect auto-translation. Even in 20A0, it's still sketchy at best.

Industry regulatory disclosure requirements.

We are required to disclose how insanely sexy we are. Thanks for playing.

Copyright information.

Anything that we draw, write, and produce audibly is copyright of However, certain types of media have their own copyrights to use within your own works. As well as it's totally cool to use my site for educational purposes so long as you give credit where credit is due.

Can a user leave this service?

The address bar is at the top buddy. Go nuts.

Other Resources:

For further questions about how this site operates. Please refer to our FAQ which contains a variety of questions that have been asked of us throughout the years.

For those who think that this page is mind-numbing obvious. We feel you, bro!

Contact us:

  • You can use our contact form.
  • You can also send an e-mail to info[at-symbol]s[dash-or-minus]config[dot]com replacing all bracketed parts of the e-mail with their appropriate symbols.


Thanks for reading and may the server protect you.