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The Red Book.Welcome to the landing page for BLOG or otherwise known as BLOG.TXT. The section you are in would be considered the "Meat and Potatoes" of all blogs. Without the written word we are left abstract and dancing on the lip of a volcano. It is broken down into categories based on the interest of you the reader. If you have any suggestions of how to break things down differently we would love to hear them. Until then feel free to browse our site for all of the BLOG that you could handle.

Blog navigation.

The sections of texts are broken down as follows:

  • ChangeLog - All website-based updates will be posted here to bore/annoy readers from the actual content.
  • Blog - The general section of the site where it is the postings of random happenings, thoughts, and projections within text form.
  • Guides - This is where our authors generate various tutorials not only in text but in video blogging as well on how to do certain things. These are mostly instructions for 3-d modeling, DIY projects, and general help on a repair.
  • Metaverse - For all of our experiences within gen 1 virtual reality on environments such as OpenSim And Second Life.
  • Rant - A more specific direction dealing with the observations of human society. Some of these observations are heavily opinionated so caution is advised.
  • Video - Focusing on only the blog entries that contain a Video within them.


In closing.

We thank you for checking out our blog and hope that you are having a wonderful time wherever you are in this universe.

Server protect you.

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