SVG art time.

Binturong Title in SVG

S-Config Site Icon.The vectors are real boys and girls.

This is just a short gallery in classic blog style in case the main color galleries are not working for you.

Lets begin.

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Online Jamz!


nhgggg Sometimes, to find the inspiration you must taste the fruity Jamz of others! Wait..... In the old world, they used to call these "Artist Jamz." where a person would draw something and others would do their thing. Although we haven't been known to play overly nice with others if someone presents an empty whiteboard ... Read more

Teletext Mayhem.

Teletext madness header image.

Teletext is REAL! Even in the future-past of 20A7!

There are better sites out there that would give you an accurate description of Teletext. Like I could link you the Wiki right here. We stumbled upon this form of art when doing research on InfoChammel which is Public/Private cable access gone completely insane (In a good way). But a short summary for those who don't want to go clicking around is Teletext was a graphical and information standard developed in the UK during the 1970s as a means of delivering content and information over the air. It didn't really take off in America due to too many fights over how the standard of Teletext should be displayed. Read on if you would like to know more.

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Black Star Project – Old Lightwave Project File

The Black Star - Title.

Black Star Information:

Black Star was a little project rendered in a total of 2 weeks with Lightwave version 10 for windows. This was rendered using a thread mode of 3 cores leaving the 4th core on my machine to do whatever I feel like.  It was very simply generated using bevel, extrude, and jitter with a polygon multiplied to add a little bit of chaos to each one. The black star was originally intended to be a small icon on an old website a very long time ago. It has now been rendered at 1080p for your viewing pleasure.

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Xela the Cat – Stepmania Character

Xela Cat Stepmania Character.

Xela the Cat - for Stepmania

Xela the cat is a revamp of a character for Stepmania that we had on my hard drive for a while so we decided to push it out to the net. Compatible with Stepmania 5.0 (If you don't mind the randomizes instead of actually CHOOSING your character) and of course backward compatible with Stepmania 3.9.

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Sergal color.

Sergal Color Art title.

Sergal in color

My attempt at a Sergal  picture that was done as a quick Paint tool Sai test. As well as a render job I did in Lightwave for the background art. It was mostly an experiment from an earlier sketch that I decided to color altogether. So I was not expecting anything too groundbreaking here.

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Spectra and Tikaani – Color Gifted Art

Spectra and Tikanni Title.

Spectra and Tikaani

It's not often I do gift art for people. Mostly because people tend to come and go a lot. But Spectra and Tikaani wanted something nice for their first anniversary. With my limited art skill. I gave it what I could. I printed two copies out with them signed just in case. Anyhow, I thought it would be worthwhile to post this up here into my art section.

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S the Badger – Character reference sheet.

Badger Reference Title.

Badger Reference / Model sheet of "S".

Currently, I just have a reference sheet done of my new badger character. clothing and more detail will come eventually. This is something I was working with and decided that perhaps a badger would be a better species set for me. Who knows. The model sheet with done entirely in photoshop using a %10 pressure soft-pen to emulate pencil and finally using the smart-brush for inking via mouse. this took a good day to complete. Not one of the fastest for a badger, but it's something I wanted to be an accurate one. It's also the icon I use on FurAffinity whenever I still go on there.

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