Teletext Mayhem.

Teletext is REAL! Even in the future of 20A7!

There is better sites out there that would give you an accurate description of Teletext. Like I could link you the Wiki right here . But this fascination of such an art-form started when we started doing research on InfoChammel which is Public/Private cable access gone completely insane (In a good way).

But a short summary for those who don’t want to go clicking around is teletext was a graphical and information standard developed in the UK during the 1970’s as a means of delivering content and information over the air. It didn’t really take off in america due to too many fights over how the standard of Teletext should be displayed. Like blogging teletext is still being made by enthusiasts who love the nostalgia of this format. Everyone seems to have a story of why they fell in love with this. Either they grew up with it. Or it was a form of artistic challange.

We fall into the latter argument. Never grew up with it. But we do appreciate the aesthetic behind it all as it predates even ASCII art.

Teletext as ART

Now before we show you what we made here. It is worth mentioning that without these sites I would’ve never found the resources/inspiration to give Teletext a try myself.

  • Teletext block party – Hasn’t been updated since 2016. Hope they do another party (and hope we get invited!) These people were the first ones I found about teletext as an art. Boy can these people kick ass at 3-bit graphics! They also have helpful links on how to get into it like tutorials which segways to –
  •  – Probably the most prominent for people wanting to try their hand at teletext without having to download a thing to their desktop.
  • ZXnet – To us is one of the coolest online editors out there because it allows you to export to many teletext style formats. The only downside of this editor is for us Americans it relies on the pound sign to make yellow. Bit of a set-back and many keyboards do not support that and using the Microsoft character map copy/paste blanks out the entire line. But not the end of the world.
  • Teletext art research lab – is a blog which focuses on everything teletext including podcasts!
  • Dan Farrimond – Owner of the Teletext research lab and crazy good artist that you can check out as well!

If there is any more resources that we should be made aware of please leave it in the comments below.

Our teletext contribution.

With all of the introductions out of the way lets dive right into the teletext here. Keep in mind for those that have JavaScript enabled you can also view these in our gallery as well.

Color Dreamer wolf teletext.

DreamerWolf available for download!

You can download the Original PNG , as well as TTF files exported in as many formats as possible right here! Simply click on the download link to begin!

Binturong on Teletext. Very monochrome

This one you may have seen on my twitch offline page as we added more A E S T H E T I C S.

Binturong available for download!

You can download the Original PNG , as well as TTF files exported in as many formats as possible right here! Simply click on the download link to begin!

Note: archives are compressed with 7-zip for efficiency. Not that teletext really needs it. However, it is the standard of this site.

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Thank you for checking us out!

More to come to this gallery as we’re sure these will not be the only teletext files we will upload. We shall keep the teletext files we make hosted here as long as we can!

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