Black Star Project – Old Lightwave Project File

Black Star Information:

Black Star was a little project rendered in a total of 2 weeks with Lightwave version 10 for windows. This was rendered using a thread mode of 3 cores leaving the 4th core on my machine to do whatever I feel like.  It was very simply generated using bevel, extrude, and jitter with a polygon multiplied to add a little bit of chaos to each one. The black star was originally intended to be a small icon on an old website a very long time ago. It has now been rendered at 1080p for your viewing pleasure.

"Note: If you get a black screen but the audio is playing. Or you got a potato PC and it's studdering. We have fallback Links below."

betamax video tape - S-Config.Com

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Black Star - Still frame from project file.

Project files on Black Star:

Lightwave Icon 100x100pxThe project files have been rendered with a very simple Lightwave scene and a two-layer object file that is key-framed and animated at a different axis. The project file is available in our downloads section or if you would like you can simply click here to get a direct link to download the project file and render it yourself. The object itself was just a sphere that had all sides beveled, Then the polys were multiplied once, added a little bit of jitter, and multiplied again to give that rough look about it. I would have loved to add a reflective render to this but my computer kept locking up every time I tried on an object as simple as this.