Jimbi Sketch to color with Paint Tools Sai

Jimbi sketch to color

This Jimbi sketch is one of the quick things I did and was the first page in my 2013 sketch book. I've decided to try something a little different by using a different program for coloring called 'Paint Tools Sai' Which has a lot of features that I simply could not find in Photoshop.

I'm currently running on the demo mode but I will probably buy the full version of the program at the end of the month. to demonstrate. I have produced a color picture of something that was in my 2013 sketch book that was simply called "Jimbi the skunk" one of my older characters.


Jimbi the skunk sketch

Click here for direct link to image.

This is the original sketch that I had in my sketch book. and after about an hour of inking and coloring. You have the picture below.

Jimbi color conversionClick here for direct link to image.

And the final picture that I complete with Paint Tools Sai. It's not a complete replacement for photoshop Because to my photoshop feels more natural for basic image manipulation. but when it comes to art stuff.. I'll be turning to Paint Tool SAI more.

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