Privacy Notice – Change Log 03/25/2023

Don't worry kids. Unlike big companies, it's for the better!

Just to be transparent about my privacy notice here's an update on what is being changed.

Removed in "Points on this website where data is exchanged between the end-user and the site" is as follows:

  • Locally stored cookies - FooBox Galleries and ZoomSounds WordPress Plugins - Some of our interactive JavaScript tools used for displaying pictures or playing music may generate a local storage cookie. The data exchanged here checks the display sizes of the browser and also keeps track of whether the play button is still active so the sound does not continue to play when least expected to. These cookies are local only for and are not shared with any third-party sites or vendors.

This is removed because FooBox, FooGallery, FooVideo, and ZoomSounds plugins are removed from this system all for the count of using Javascript that goes against our compliance on servicing an optimal website using compression and block rendering. It's not necessarily our responsibility to continuously patch and fix those plugins every time a new release is performed. We attempted to reach out to these companies only to be met with silence.

These have been replaced with HTML5 elements instead which means all of the graphical interfaces are handled browser end and thus, no cookies are exchanged there. So, good news on that front!

Added to "Media that is served on this site." is as follows :

  • "MP4" format underneath videos serving both the h264 and av1 codecs.
  • "MP3" format underneath audio.
  • "JXL" under the images served video. Although optional in most browsers we still support the format here.

This is rather neutral. Just expanding the definitions of the file types that we serve here.

Some grammatical issues addressed:

Adding commas between certain sentences, removing and installing hyphens. Actually punctuating sentences. No excuses, we didn't give many fucks about it when it was made.


That is what server said.




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