Website cleanup.

Website Cleanup.

I’ve decided to do some website cleanup and maintenance for a few reasons.

Convention reviews, attending conventions and photobomb section are gone.

Website cleanup and booting the reviews:

A funny thing that happened half way through reviewing something which ultimatly I gave a negative review on . Suddenly after posting I was getting calls on my real phone and e-mails spewing forth death threats to me is that if this is the way you want to silence people. Congratulations! You win! This isn’t a failure of freedom of speech the removal of the reviews is simply my message to you about how little I care about your convention. To those which disagreed with me in a civilized manner you’re the only ones I have to apologize to because at least you want to engage in conversation.

The thing is. I used to love going to conventions. But over time I realized it wasn’t as much about helping fans becoming better and productive people in the world as much as it keeping them as fans and milking them for as much financial funding as you can get from them before running away. You will drive out all of the older people which simply want to attend a good convention and eventually you’ll be left with people who care very little about themselves or your convention.

Needless to say I have pulled all reviews down both good and bad and deleted all photos I had of these events from my site as well as any cached copies Google may have. The side benefit is I get a lot of my web-space back! So I can continue on with other projects such as my art and hardware repair mods. The downside is I suppose you will never know the kind of fans you have now will you?

So for those who disagreed with my reviews to the point of wanting me dead go ahead and take a victory lap if it makes you feel better for yourselves. When you question why your convention is not growing anymore or why is it that no hotel will want to have you anymore. You need only to look in the mirror.

Server bless, and don’t die!