Website cleanup.

S-Config is undergoing a website cleanup!

It's time to do some website cleanup and maintenance for a few reasons.

Read on if you want to hear all of the details.


Articles that held no constructive content are gone.

When you mature on the net you tend to look at old writing you do and cringe a little every-time you see it or everyone someone decides to post a comment about it. This is the normal process of growing up. In some cases, you can simply go back and edit what was there to refine it to your modern tastes. Other cases well! Not so much! In this past, we published articles dealing with events, places, and groups of people which frankly we didn't care if they lived or died. We noticed that when we first started off with this blog we posted a lot of articles that are frankly vile shitty blog entries that serve no purpose but to enrage people. Instead of doing what some would out there and straight up deleting the entire website we stuck it out and endured.

Readership rage!

Those blog entries did indeed get the readership traffic going! Much like those YouTube channels that sit back and roast random people just because of how they look or sound! Humanity loves a good tragedy and all you have to do is sit back and turn on any mainstream news network to see this in action! It works for viewers and readers because it's so fucking effective but every time you do it you have to always go one step further on the next article or video blog or else you're readers will think your soft. Eventually, this leads to the total self-destruction of a site or channel either because the creator can't keep up or someone takes it a few steps too far to take out this person with such offensive views.


That style of slam blogging also invited other problems such as getting doxxed with having your number being hit with death threats to the point where you need to call the police. This is years in the past so everything is taken care of but let it serve as a warning to anyone who decides to go crazy with the trash talk. There are some crazy fucking people out there! Crazy to the point where if you say something they disagree with. Then these people are under the belief that direct action is the only action.

Physical violence and death threats are a fucked up thing and if you feel you have to escalate to that level over words. You're fucked up! 


Only a handful of blogs have been pulled off of this site for these reasons during this website cleanup. Many of them were crazy old and served no purpose but to cause pain to anyone if they were commented on or mentioned. Chances are the only hits on such articles will be spider-bots and that's it. We've realized that if you do an article on something that you must at the very least give some good viewpoints and opinions to go with the bad. A balance in your blogging style calms down a lot of people letting them know that you're not just on the total attack all of the time but you do like some things and you dislike others. Once cleared of such a cynical mindset you are bound to find the good in just about anything!

Tutorial VBlogs.

With the introduction of tutorial and guide blogs with my site and many of them having videos as well have been vastly more popular then anything I've ever done when writing a critique or review. Tutorials are a crazy good thing because it's about actually helping people instead of just shit-blogging about some random thing only a handful of people care about and those people that care will only get pissed off at you. Sure there will be the occasional opinion scattered in my guides. We have no intention of turning this site into something as dry as Wikipedia. But we're also not going to dwell on certain subjects anymore as they are out of our vocabulary from this point onward.

Final thoughts:

Ultimately the old saying:

If you got nothing good to say, don't say it at all.

Rings loudly with us here at and it's a rule that we live by in moving forward with providing information for people out there in internet land. Now for those who read our articles let us personally say this:

You guys are awesome!

As for those who were offended. We'll say sorry for being a group of dicks.  But they will never visit this site again which is totally fine as the internet is vast and infinite. It's best to leave terrible things alone and let those who chase that level of trash. We have better things to do here! Sometimes not even we know what those things are! But It's still better than how this place started.

Anyhow, that's all server has to say.