Website – Change Log 08/26/2023.

Welcome to Change Log.

Where we make changes and log them. And pray we don't make changes again!

What's new?

Adjustments to CSS, webring updates, and the change log category itself to make it easier for people to see what changed! Would you like to know more? Read on!

The change log category itself

Has been added so that general blogging won't get spammed by random assed updates to the site. Sitemap has also been modified to reflect this.

CSS style changes.

We removed the pillar box on the sides of the website from 1600 pixels to 9000 pixels with the content area set to 98 percent. Our theme only wanted to go 3000px which then the pillar boxes would return for 4k users. It's completely stupid for our theme to base everything off of pixel rate especially when there is such a varying degree of screens.

There's an article talking about poor web design where one of the most constant ones that comes up is stupid narrow pillar-box columns for text. It's something we sure as hell didn't think about and after thinking about it; Sure, why the fuck not. If people are rocking 4k and 8k monitors and miraculously don't have instant eye strain from keeping their resolution pixel-by-pixel at 100 percent then go for it! It doesn't affect 1080p or mobile peeps.- 08/25/2023

Of course, the Galleries we made in CSS have to be adjusted as well. - 08/26/2023

Also - CSS

Also helps when we close the brackets and don't destroy half of the custom CSS on this site! Yes! - 08/26/2023

Cellar Door

Some link changes occurred here. All links will be active in Cellar Door to maintain sanity.

Webring. - Lainchan ClearNet:
  • kalokagathia - Skipped - No Webring present supporting others -  08/26/2023
  • Varchar - Skipped - Due to redirection to another website- 08/25/2023
  • ciosyam - website - Ciosyam - Added - 08/11/2023
  • Microbyte Website - Microbyte - found out their links are in the 'about' which was odd. - Added - 08/30/2023
  • Having a name - Website - Having A Name - Checked and confirmed - Added - 08/26/2023
  • Shr4pnel's Blog. - Shr4pnel - Added 08/12/2023
  • REDchanit Website - REDchanit - Checked and confirmed - Added - 08/29/2023
  • Andrei Website - Andresz - Added - 08/01/2023
  • Giggles Cave - Giggles Cave - Added - Had some DNS issues earlier however they are indeed online. 4-5 banner links are better than nothing! - 08/26/2023
Cellar Door - Webring - Lainchan Tor:
  • hidden corner. - Hidden Corner - Skipped - We know they're back. However, no webring present supporting others. Being on Tor isn't an excuse.
Added - Cellar Door - Webring - Lainchan I2P

Because of all of the drama in this protocol, it feels a bit like a too-little-too-late kind of thing. But as we're out on it. Out of respect for everyone else on it, we'll be adding it too! - 08/26/2023

Modified admin pages.

Getting annoyed at the hundreds of attempts to log in to this site. That's changed now. Not going to explain much further on that front. 08/27/2023

Final Thoughts.

Originally, after reading this article again. We wanted to put up a slogan saying that this site is best viewed with YOUR MOM! As much as the inner 5-year-old would appreciate the fuck out of that. We decided against it.


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