Xbox 360 receiver install for win-XP and Win-7

Archived  for the Xbox 360 receiver for those who are running older OS’s such as myself.

Note: If you came to this blog first please click here to read the original blog article about what the difference between the Chinese Xbox 360 receiver and a OEM Xbox 360 receiver is all about before reading any further. That article has also been updated with the latest Windows 10 install instructions too!

Acquire the software.

You are first going to want to download the driver from Microsoft’s site dealing with Xbox Controllers – – Choose your operating system, download, and install this driver. I highly recommend installing this driver as it will load all of the default microsoft interfaces for this tutorial and also it will give you a battery utility so when you press your center button for xbox control it will tell you how much battery is left in your controller.

Download Xbox360_32Eng.exe here

Would you like to download it directly? Click here to download the 32 bit version. This binary is version 1.2 and is identical between all platforms, windows XP, Vista, 7, and presumably 8.

Download Xbox360_64Eng.exe here.

Otherwise, click here if you would like to download the 64 bit version also version 1.2 for windows XP, Vista, 7, and presumably 8

I will always try to provide links as I am never sure when a company discontinues support.

Wireless Xbox 360 Receiver driver installation For Windows 7 and windows XP.

To begin you are going to want to go to your device manager. On windows 7 you an click your Start Button and then right-click your “Computer” and click on Manage to open the Computer Management screen. Finally, click on “Device Manager”.

From here provided that you have already hooked up your Xbox 360 USB Receiver. We see that we have other devices that the system cannot identify. Right-click the Unknown Device and then click on Properties of this particular device.

Click on the Driver tab and then click on Update Driver to continue.

Since this driver cannot be found by the CD or Windows Update. Searching automatically is a waste of time. Click on Browse my computer for driver software.

Since we are going to inject the driver manually select “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer” and then click Next.

Note: If you did not install the software as stated at the begining of this tutorial this catagory may not exist. In my case since I had some Xbox wired controllers Windows Update did the job for me. Select “Microsoft Common Controllers for Windows Class” and then click Next.

This is the section which deals with only Xbox 360 Controllers. All of these drivers are digitally signed incidating that they come right from Microsoft which is good. Select “Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows” and click the Next button to continue.

Note: I have received feedback from users that sometimes the Microsoft installation does not work or does not even create the Microsoft Common Controller for Windows catagory. If you want to install the driver manually without having to run the executable the comes from Microsoft then check out this addendum blog about it.

This is the part where windows does not believe that you know what you are doing. Silly windows. Click Yes to continue and it will begin installing the driver.

It will come up stating that the driver has been successful in installation. You may now Close this window.

To verify the driver is installed. Go back into your Device Manager section of Computer Management and you should see a catagory dealing with Xbox 360 Controllers. A Microsoft Common Controller for Windows Class and inside of this section Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows. Driver installation Complete

Testing the Wireless Xbox 360 Receiver from china.

The steps here will seem really simple for people which have owned an Xbox 360 however when looking at a lot of forums this is also the most overlooked step. Resulting in people thinking that they got a bad receiver when in all reality it is perfectly fine!

  1. Turn on your Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. It should have all four corners of the controller flashing indicating that it’s on but it cannot find a device to connect to.
  2. Press the button on the wireless receiver and it will begin flashing.
  3. While the wireless receiver is flashing, press the “Sync” button on the front of your Xbox 360 Controller as shown in the picture above. You know it will begin to Pair the device if you see the Green LEDs on the start button of your controller move in a Clock-Wise Fashion
  4. If you have a solid LED light in the upper left-hand corner indicating player 1. Congradulations! Your Xbox 360 controller is now paired up to your wireless receiver. If the LED’s spin in a clockwise circle but then returns to all lights flashing that means that it cannot find your Wireless receiver to pair up to. (Special notes: If you are hooking this up to an Android box. the controller will still flash but at a slower speed. This is because the Android OS has no official drivers for the Xbox 360 Wireless controllers as for the date of this publish your compatibility will vary from game to game under Android)

Windows will begin installing drivers the moment the controller is properly paired up.

If you don’t want to go into control panel and navigate all of the different windows you can simply type the command control joy.cpl”

However, for the sake of this blog. Lets see if windows can actually see and test our new joystick that we installed. Click the start menu and click “Devices and Printers” .

Right-Click on the Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows and click on “Game Controller settings”.

As you see, inside of the wireless receiver is where all of the wireless Xbox 360 Controllers will reside. Click on whatever controller you would like to see and click the “Properties” button.

From here you may now start pressing buttons and moving your joystick around. You also get to see if perhaps you had any bad buttons, poor analog hats which are badly calibrated or are in need of replacement hats for your controller. Also you get to visually see how terrible the D-Pad is on the X-Box controller.:)

Results of the Chinese wireless Xbox 360 receiver.

Besides the driver headaches explained above. It behaves just like the Microsoft OEM version. I got it to work all the way across my house which is identical to my Xbox 360 console wireless length. So no real complaints about connectivity or lag issues. For $8 it’s not bad and I suppose the great thing with having the wireless receiver is they give you a few feet of cable so you can place the wireless receiver anywhere giving you better receiption then the Xbox 360 could ever give you.

Could you go cheaper then $8? Well, given how many RROD Xbox 360’s out there there’s articles explaining how you can diodes and simply make your own wireless receiver out of the board existing in the (Broken) Xbox 360 console. Recycling is cool.

Every time I plug the china receiver into a different port I have to follow this process all over again. It’s annoying!

This is because if you installed the default Microsoft driver it places the xusb21.inf into the C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\xusb21.inf_* folder. Now common sense states that if you modify the .inf file and change the PID USB\VID_045E&PID_0291 for windows 7 and/or USB\VID_05C6&PID_9244 for Windows 10 then everything is happy. Which you will very quickly find out that windows locked this directory down only giving the SYSTEM group full control with very good reason. Because this is how malware and viruses can attack your system.

Download drivers only here.

The workaround is simply give it a different INF to store into that folder. I have modified the .INF of the drivers provided by Microsoft so that once you extract this folder and point the drivers there it will automatically install. This is only useful for those people who do not care about the XboxStat.exe tool OR people that have already installed the default Microsoft driver and xboxstat tool and want their OS to always recognize their Chinese receiver.

Extract the files using your favorite compression tool In this example I will simply extract it to C:\xbox-driver .

For the very last time we will go into device manager and Update Driver Software

Click “Browse my computer for driver software”

Click Next and it will continue to install for the very last time.

Now when you unplug the USB receiver and plug it into another USB port, Windows 10 and windows 7 will know exactly what to do with it.

Getting the most out of your controller:

beyond getting your Xbox 360 Controller hooked up to your Xbox 360 receiver and ready to go. I highly recommend the software Xpadder (Link right here) which gives you the ability to activate the rumble-feedback on it as well as mapping joystick keys to keyboard in the event you stumble across a game that has no joystick support. Also you can engage mouse support on one of the analog sticks so if you decide to do a multimedia PC on the cheap you can re-use your Xbox 360 controller on it.

If you use steam and you don’t care about the rumble pack then Xpadder is not nessecary.

If you want to return to the original blog about the Xbox 360 receiver click here to be taken back for windows 10 and other OS’s

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