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Xbox 360 Receiver – Manual Install.

There has been several complaints about the error in my blog stating that installing the xbox 360 receiver drivers just by launching the executable does nothing or that users so not have a “Microsoft Controller” class that they are capable of choosing from. This documentation is to provide a manual install of how to install the Xbox 360 receiver drivers without ever having to install them onto your computer.

If you have not already done so by downloading the drivers or you came here via google, you can return to the Xbox 360 Driver installation guide talking about how to install the Xbox 360 receiver.

Get WinRAR and Extract Files from the Exe file of the xbox 360 receiver.

The first thing you will want to do is get a copy of WinRAR or 7-Zip . Basically any package that is capable of extracting .ZIP files. What you will be doing is telling your zip decompressor to extract all of the files in the Microsoft .EXE file to a direct as all that the .EXE is used for is to act as a self-extracting .ZIP container file.

Extract all files from the Xbox 360 receiver driver to the root of C
In this example we will be extracting to the root of the C: Drive. You can place it anywhere so long as you remember the location of Xbox360 installation folder.

Device Manager - Unknown Device.

  • Click on the start button at the bottom left corner of your windows screen to access the start menu.
  • Right-Click on “Computer” and then click on “Manage.”
  • If you have not already done so. Plug in your Xbox 360 Wireless receiver adapter from china and it should show up as just an Unknown Device.
  • Right-Click on “Unknown Device” under the Other devices tab and then click on “Properties.”

Unknown Device Properties Driver Update

Once in the Unknown device Properties; Select the driver tab on the top and press the Update Driver button.

Browse Computer for Driver Software.

Click on “Browse my computer for driver software.”

Let Me pick from a list of drivers.

Reguardless of what the search box says here, click on “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.”

Update Driver Software - Show all devices.

Click on Show all Devices and then click the Next button in the bottom lower right to continue.

Update Device Software - Have Disk Button

You do not need to wait for the system to retrieve a list of devices, simply click on the “Have Disk…” button to continue.

Install From Disk.From here it will state that it wants to install from the A:\ drive under “Copy manufacturer’s files from” at the bottom of the window. remove that and paste this in its place.


Alternatively you can click the Browse button and manually navigate to the folder if you unzipped it to a different location then I did.

Select the Xbox 360 wireless receiver driver.

You should be now approaching firmillar territory with the original blog where you can now select the Xbox 360 receiver for windows. Select that and if necessary click the next button.

Update Windows Driver Warning message.Finally click yes to begin installing this driver.


Driver Update is now complete.

If you see this and there is no errors in your original device manager after you click on the close button. Then you are set and you may proceed back to the original blog dealing with the installation of the xbox 360 Receiver adapter for the PC.

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3 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Receiver – Manual Install.

  1. when i press Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer

    theres no box to ask what kind of device it is. it just shows one kind of driver named unknown device

  2. actually forget that LOL

    i was looking at the other one sorry

    when i enter that after doing everything, it tells me that theres nothing there compatible with my device?

    • Okay, you were getting an unknown device. was it emitting a hardware ID? to check this you can right-click properties, then over to details, and use the dropdown window to go to hardware IDs and it should emit something like USB\VID_045E&PID_0291 . if it’s all 0’s or question marks then the USB bus is not picking the hardware ID up.

      Also, what OS are you working with? If it’s XP you can use the drivers-only download i have .

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