Chinese Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver Driver setup

Wireless Receiver for the Xbox 360 from China has arrived.

Wireless Receiver for my Xbox 360 controller (Sometimes referred to as a wireless dongle) from China is one of those tools that has become more and more relevant in the gaming industry with console ports and couch co-ops. Unlike other types of electronics from China; Where it was inferior or simply was nothing more than a piece of plastic or an identifier chip saying what it was but it did nothing at all. This adapter from china does work! But it needs the right drivers!

betamax video tape - S-Config.ComVideo tutorial fallback mirrors:

In case you have no-script enabled or for some reason cannot see the title video on this website. We have provided direct links for these videos.

  • WebM VP9 – Link – Apple Safari and IOS users may need to download VLC to make WebM work. Otherwise, this is the newest standard of web-streaming.
  • OGV – Link  – The fallback codec for older PC’s and Linux USB stick OS’s. 1st generation web video streaming based on Ogg-Vorbis encoding.

Download the PDF now.PDF file available:

We noticed a lot of people were saving my tutorials onto the hard-drive. Completely understandable. You may not trust this site being around in the next few months. Or perhaps you are going into a part of the world where the internet isn’t fantastic. Or perhaps you are a seller of these receivers and are looking for a document that you can print up and attach to your product. You can now download a PDF of this article for you to have, print, and read on your hard drive.


Now for those who don’t know what this little guy does; It allows you to hook up ANY wireless Xbox 360 Controller which operates on a wireless 2.4ghz range to your PC (Up to four devices just like the original Xbox 360) which is useful for playing a lot of Steam games which are coming. Most of those games all about Couch-Action multiplayer action. This wireless receiver is a nice device to have considering Xbox One is released making the hardware of the 360 obsolete. And when hardware becomes obsolete it gets very cheap! We paid for 4 Xbox 360 controllers on eBay for around $55 with shipping included. Which isn’t bad at all!

Read on if you would like to know more about this little $8 unit!

 Original wireless receiver versus the Chinese version.

This is a summary and differences between the two Xbox 360 receivers that you will find out on the internet.

 This is the official Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver. Note the Microsoft Logo on the casing and the tab on Cable.

Official Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver.

It should be noted it is next to impossible to find an OEM Microsoft 360 Wireless Receiver unless you are willing to fork out $50-60 for a controller and receiver pack. Used game stores such as GameStop will not keep these around and often will not even have a receiver. GameStop treats odd-ball hardware devices by only offering a few pennies to buy it off of someone. When official receivers show up on eBay. they are typically going anywhere from 15-20 US dollars because they are no longer in production thanks to the Xbox One. This can also be verified by checking the hardware ID in the device manager. USB hardware ID for the official receiver is: USB\VID_045E&PID_0719

This is the Chinese Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver which has no indication it came from Microsoft.

China Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver

Chinese receivers will come in cheaper packing (if any at all) and will not say the word “Microsoft” anywhere on the unit or package. This allows them to sell these units in this country without them getting pulled for various intellectual property related laws (And don’t think Microsoft won’t go after people for this! They still throw cease and desist letters to people giving out MS-DOS disks for gods sake!) You’ll also get a CD and that’s about it! No real instructions in the packaging itself. This can be verified by checking the hardware ID in the device manager. USB hardware ID for the third party china receiver is USB\VID_045E&Pid_0291 for windows 7 or USB\VID_05C6&PID_9244 for windows 10.

Newer models of this knock-off receiver may also end up with an ID of USB\VID_045E&PID_02A9.

Where to purchase the China Wireless Xbox Receiver.
  • eBay – Ignore the Malaysian listings as it generally takes three times longer than China. The Malaysian sellers use dirty tactics to get the lowest price such as place a fish hooks at a penny to get top listings. Generally 8 to 10 dollars USD with shipping from China.
  • NewEgg – More for North American buyers who don’t want to mess with eBay. Prices are 9 to 13 USD plus possible shipping.
  • DX – A little more expensive than eBay in the 12 to 14 USD range. DX, however, may be more suitable for international buyers.
  • Alibaba – This auction site initially was not friendly to US buyers with Paypal. But they are about as good as eBay. I would only suggest this site for people that are looking for bulk purchases of the third party receiver.

Note: Zero commission is made from these links. These are posted as a service to those reading this blog.

Wireless receiver woes:

Let us go through some of the issues encountered with the Chinese Wireless receiver.

Toss this CD, it’s pointless!

Fake Chineese Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver Driver CD

An issue with the Chinese receiver is that although it gives you a driver-CD. That CD is useless unless you have windows XP 32-bit you minus well just throw the thing away! So if you have a Windows 7 or Windows 8 box. The Screen Below is the typical screen you will get! Now for those who do not believe me or just want to see what china packed onto this CD. I have uploaded an archive of my disc which can be downloaded. Click here to access this file. NOTE: This was only uploaded for archival purposes and will not be used in any way during this tutorial. Also, as of 10/5/2017, this archive has been re-compressed to .7z A.K.A 7-zip for better compression. WinRAR can extract 7z files as well.

No driver update, can’t point to the CD because the OS supported is Windows XP. Crap!

Driver not found to the XBox 360 Wireless Controller

This is because the China Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver is emitting a different hardware ID then the Microsoft one. USB\VID_05C6&PID_9244 for Windows 10 to be exact. Because of this Windows has no clue what to do about this and Unlike a wired 360 controller or dance pad where it will simply pull its drivers off of Windows Update. It cannot do anything with our Chinese receiver.

So how do we work around this problem?

Simple, we force the Microsoft driver down its throat!!!

Acquire the software directly. OR NOT!!!

Update 06/02/2020:

Apparently my link to download the driver from Microsoft’s site is now getting redirected to their Xbox One accessories page. Completely obliterating ones ability to find the Xbox 360 original drivers within their site. Lucky you that we host our own binaries huh?

Anyhow, here’s another link for the xbox 360 drivers. Microsoft will probably move it again to convince you to buy an Xbox One controller. But at least I shall -try- to keep up with the links.

Direct download:

This site prides itself on being the one-stop blog for everything you could need in a guide. However, as our usual disclaimer, you should always run a virus checker over any executable you get from a third party site including my own. Do not trust anything unless it comes from the source manufacturer. We will keep things clean as long as the site owner is alive but you may never know! Also, note that to preserve file space and for simplicity’s sake, all versions have been compressed into a single solid 7-Zip file. You may use WinRAR or 7-Zip to extract the files in this archive: Download softwareThis archive which is approximately 8Mb in size contains both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Xbox 360 receiver driver. Click here to download the archive or click on the icon to the right of this paragraph to begin. Links will continue to be provided here in the event the company discontinues support.

Extract files:

7-zip extraction and folders.The first thing you will want to do is get a copy of WinRAR or 7-Zip. Any package that is capable of extracting 7-zip files. In this tutorial, we shall extract it to C:\chinaxbox\ . You can extract it anywhere you like just keep a note as to where you extracted these files while reading this tutorial.

Notes about the archive:

In the following example above we will be extracting everything in the C:\chinaxbox\ folder. This archive contains the following files:

  • Xbox360_32Eng – This is the 32-bit version of the Xbox Driver for those working with Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 8 32-bit, and finally Windows 10 32-bit.
  • Xbox360_64Eng – This is the 64-bit version of the Xbox Driver for those working with Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, and finally Windows 10 64-bit.
  • Xbox360_Mod_XP – This version is made specifically for Windows XP 32/64 bit and Windows 7 32/64. Windows XP Tutorial listed here.

Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver driver installation for Windows 10.


Windows 10 title For those with the latest windows 10 operating system please continue reading.

Software installation.


China Xbox Receiver setup file. If you downloaded your driver from Microsoft direct then you may simply double-click on the EXE file that you downloaded from them. If you used our 7-zip archive. Navigate to either the C:\chinaxbox\Xbox360_32Eng or C:\chinaxbox\Xbox360_64Eng folder depending on what OS you have installed and double-click the setup.exe file inside.

Install Xbox 360 Receiver files - Welcome

The very first thing we will be doing is (with administrative rights of course) launch that installation file you have downloaded to begin installing the drivers into Windows 10. Check the box to “I accept this agreement” and click the Next button to continue.

You may or may not see this window depending if there was another application on your computer that requires this dependency. In windows 10 the .NET Framework 3.5 can be automatically downloaded. If for some reason it does not automatically download for you you may click here to go to Microsoft’s website for .NET Framework 3.5. If you are working offsite for any reason you may wish to download the Offsite version of .NET Frame 3.5 by clicking here. Otherwise, you can let Windows 10 take care of it for you by simply selecting “Download and install this feature” and permit it to do so. The only reason why this program requires .NET Framework 3.5 as a dependency is due to the battery and player status tool that comes with this program which you shall see later in this blog.

Installation of Xbox 360 receiver and controller files complete. You may now click the Finish button to complete the installation.

Plugging in the hardware.

Windows 10 Installing device.Upon plugging in your USB cabling Windows 10 will attempt to find the driver for these Chinese controllers. It, of course, will not find anything and label the device as “Unknown Device.”  If this were a true Microsoft OEM receiver it would have found your driver and installed it ending the tutorial for you. however, due to differences in product ID, we have to install this driver manually.

Xbox Receiver Windows 10 manage.

To begin you are going to want to go to your device manager. On Windows 7 you an click your Start Button and then right-click your “File Explorer” and click on Manage to open the Computer Management screen. Finally, click on “Device Manager”.


Xbox wireless receiver for windows 10 - device manager

From here provided that you have already hooked up your Xbox 360 USB Receiver. We see that we have other devices that the system cannot identify. Right-click the Unknown Device and then click on Update Driver Software of this particular device.


Xbox Receiver on Windows 10 - Browse my Computer for Software

Since this driver cannot be found by the CD or Windows Update. Searching automatically is a waste of time. Click on Browse my computer for driver software.


Xbox Receiver on Windows 10 - Let me pick the driver I want to Install.

Since we are going to inject the driver manually select “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer” and then click Next.


Xbox Receiver windows 10 - Xbox 360 peripherals catagory

Note: If you did not install the software as stated at the beginning of this tutorial this category may not exist. In my case, since I had some Xbox wired controllers Windows Update did the job for me. Select “Xbox 360 Peripherals ” and then click Next.


Xbox Receiver for Windows 10 - Driver selection.

This is the section which deals with only Xbox 360 Controllers. All of these drivers are digitally signed indicating that they come right from Microsoft which is good. Select “Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows Version:” and click the Next button to continue.

Note: Windows 10 by default will have the newer driver v10.0.10240. The software we just installed inserts into the list. The reason why choosing the old version of the driver will become very apparent when we go and test the Xbox 360 controller later on in this tutorial. I shall explain why in the end.


Xbox receiver for windows 10 - Driver update warning.

This is the part where windows do not believe that you know what you are doing. Silly windows. Click Yes to continue and it will begin installing the driver.


Xbox receiver on windows 10 - Driver Success

It will come up stating that the driver has been successful in installation. You may now close this window.


Xbox receiver on Windows 10 - Device manager success

 To verify the driver is installed. Go back into your Device Manager section of Computer Management and you should see a category dealing with Xbox 360 Controllers. Then, Xbox 360 Peripherals at the button and inside of this section Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows.

Driver installation on Windows 10 is Complete

Syncing the Xbox China receiver to the Xbox 360 controller.

The steps here will seem simple for people who have owned an Xbox 360.  When looking at a lot of forums this is also the most overlooked step. Resulting in people thinking that they got a bad receiver when in all reality it is perfectly fine!

Xbox 360 Wireless Pairing on PC.

  1. Turn on your Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. It should have all four corners of the controller flashing indicating that it’s on but it cannot find a device to connect to.
  2. Press the button on the wireless receiver and it will begin flashing.
  3. While the wireless receiver is flashing, press the “Sync” button on the front of your Xbox 360 Controller as shown in the picture above. You know it will begin to Pair the device if you see the green LEDs on the start button of your controller move in a Clock-Wise Fashion
  4. If you have a solid LED light in the upper left-hand corner indicating player 1. Congratulations! Your Xbox 360 controller is now paired up to your wireless receiver. If the LED’s spin in a clockwise circle but then returns to all lights flashing that means that it cannot find your Wireless receiver to pair up to.

Special notes about android devices: If you are hooking this up to an Android box. the controller will still flash but at a slower speed. This is because the Android OS has no official drivers for the Xbox 360 Wireless controllers as for the date of this publish your compatibility will vary from game to game under Android

Installing the driver for the Xbox 360 controller.

Xbox receiver for windows 10 - Installing drivers for the Xbox 360 wireless controller. Windows will begin installing drivers the moment the controller is properly powered on and paired up. Provided that your Xbox Controller is an OEM version this process should proceed automatically and without issue.

Testing the Xbox 360 controller.

Xbox receiver testing in windows 10 - settings If you don’t want to go into the control panel and navigate all of the different windows you can simply type the command

control joy.cpl

However, for the sake of this blog, we will do it the long way in Windows 10 by first clicking on settings. Xbox receiver on windows 10 - control menus. In windows 10 we will first select the Devices tab. then we select Connected devices and finally select the devices and printers link to open up something that we are more familiar with in the older tutorial.   Let us see if windows can see and test the new joystick that we installed. Click the start menu and click “Devices and Printers”.

Xbox receiver for Windows 10 - Devices and Printers Right-Click on the Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows and click on “Game Controller settings”.

Xbox-receiver-Win10-Game-Controllers As you see, inside of the wireless receiver is where all of the wireless Xbox 360 Controllers will reside. Click on whatever controller you would like to see and click the “Properties” button.

Xbox receiver for Windows 10 - Xbox Controller Properties window. From here you may now start pressing buttons and moving your joystick around. You also get to see if perhaps you had any bad buttons, poor analog hats that are badly calibrated or need replacement hats for your controller. Also, you get to visually see how terrible the D-Pad is on the X-Box controller.:)

More information about differing driver versions within Windows 10.

Wait a minute S, you’re telling users to install an older driver designed for windows 7 when windows 10 has it built right in. Why even install the files you provided for Windows 10?

Xbox receiver on Windows 10 - Driver Selection. Let’s assume that you did install the “latest and greatest” driver that came built right into Microsoft. Will it work? Yes, but you will be missing two things.

Xbox Receiver for Windows 10 - Generic Controller bugThe first thing that you’ll notice upon using the new wireless receiver driver is all of your Xbox 360 controllers are listed as generic HID-compliant game controllers. They are not listed as true Microsoft Xbox 360 controllers anymore. In about 80 to 90 percent of the games on the market, this will not affect a thing! There are however some games that are built around the Xbox 360 controller and will map all of the keys for you if it so happens to find a true controller that came from Microsoft. This bug in the new driver is an annoyance and not a deal-breaker.

Battery gauge feature.

Xbox receiver - XboxStat.exeThe second bug deals with the functionality of the center Xbox button. Using the old driver when you download and install the software. Let it install Net 3.5. Normally it places a file known as XboxStat.exe as a startup program for Windows which will listen through the Chinese wireless receiver for any command from that button to give the user information such as what controller is connected, battery life, and more. This is a nice feature but once again it’s not a deal-breaker. The lights will flash on your controller when the battery is getting low. If you don’t care about this and you want to save about 3mb of memory by not installing the older driver. Then the new driver should suit you just fine.

Summary of driver confusion:

As for exactly why Microsoft neglected to put these tools into their OS could end up with a lot of different answers. That they wanted to keep the drivers simple? That perhaps they didn’t bother to talk to the hardware development side of Microsoft before releasing their OS? Either way, it goes everyone thinks that a bigger version driver means better but you have to take into consideration that this is Microsoft the same company that skipped a version number in their OS because they didn’t like the way it sounded.

Version numbers no longer have the integrity they used to.

Notes for critical errors.

On 02/01/16 – We had one of the Chinese wireless receivers die on us after a years worth of service bouncing back and forth between devices. This can even happen to a Microsoft OEM Receiver as the only thing that is really inside your dongle is a microchip and that’s it. The Chinese versions don’t even have a fuse along the 5-volt power lines and in my case, the regulator that reduces the voltage from 5.0vdc to 3.3vdc for the chip to use was fried out.

Upon going into the device manager we found something similar to this showup.

Dead Xbox receiver in device managerWhen you try installing the drivers you may receive this description for your Chinese wireless receiver. This is not a good sign. What your system is telling you is that it cannot get a response from the micro-controller inside. You can try a different computer/USB port but if it keeps saying the same thing then it’s a sign serious hardware failure of the receiver. Read onward to confirm this error.

Check Hardware ID for troubleshooting.

Always verify vendor and Product ID for support reasons. Note: Always check the device ID of your hardware by right-clicking on the unknown device and clicking on properties. You can then click on the Details tab and then click the drop-down-box for hardware ID to view it. Microsoft products begin with USB/VID_045E . Please note that VID_045E is Microsoft and this value may differ when looking it up..

As mentioned earlier in this blog when we discussed the two different receivers out there on the market:

  • USB hardware ID for the official receiver is: USB\VID_045E&PID_0719
  • USB hardware ID for the Chinese receiver is USB\VID_045E&Pid_0291 or USB\VID_05C6&PID_9244 depending on your Windows OS build.

A dead give away that the receiver died is the Hardware ID in device manager underneath the properties of the USB device and it will display USB\VID_0000&PID_0000 or USB\VID_???? depending on the operating system. This means your computer can’t even establish communication with the ID chip. Without an ID chip then the drivers will not install and you should begin the process of returning your defective dongle to the vendor for a refund/exchange. Although we hope that your adapter does not come to this death. We thought it would be important to document and troubleshoot this because the third party china receiver has no 250mA breaker fuse and thus are more prone to possible DOA from USB power spike upon plugin.

Windows release build 2004 woes.

Windows Build 2004 complete.

We have an update for you. As of 06/01/2020 Microsoft has begun rolling out Windows build 2004 out to random users throughout the world. Not everyone is getting the 2004 build.

Unknown device hell.

For those who have not received the 2004 build; Consider yourselves lucky because not only did it mess up the Chinese Xbox Receivers out there but 1000’s of other pieces of hardware too! It basically marks your hardware as unknown even though it behaves like it installs the driver perfectly fine.We have built a separate blog dealing with this issue right here:

Windows 10 build 2004 vs. china xbox receiver.Windows 10 build 2004 vs. the chinese Xbox receiver.

This article will go into detail on how to get your Chinese receiver back up and running. it essentially follows the same steps as our XBCD tutorial for getting Original Xbox controllers into windows 10 by disabling the TestSigning security feature. feel free to read more about it here. We’re probably not going to mainline this tutorial because of the great divide about windows 2004 and Microsoft has even acknowledged the issues that users are having and states that they are working on it. If it disappears after Microsoft is done then there’s no need to mainline this tutorial. But if Microsoft deems this driver as blacklisted then we will look into streamlining the tutorial in with this one.

betamax video tape - S-Config.ComVideo tutorial fallback mirror or “Windows 10 build 2004 vs. the chinese Xbox Receiver”:

In case you have no-script enabled or for some reason cannot see the title video on this website. We have provided direct links for these videos.

  • WebM VP9 – Link – Apple Safari and IOS users may need to download VLC to make WebM work. Otherwise, this is the newest standard of web-streaming.
  • OGV – Link – The fallback codec for older PC’s and Linux USB stick OS’s. 1st generation web video streaming based on Ogg-Vorbis encoding.

Final thoughts.

Besides the driver headaches explained above. And now the forementioned 2004 build. It behaves just like the Microsoft OEM version. The receiver works across our house which is identical to my Xbox 360 console wireless length. So no real complaints about connectivity or lag issues. For $8(USD) it’s not a bad deal.

The great thing with having the wireless receiver is they give you a few feet of cable so you can place the wireless receiver anywhere giving you a possible better reception around the house than keeping it inside of the Xbox 360 console. We hope you find this article useful and hopefully it will keep a few Xbox 360 controllers in circulation. If you have any problems you may leave it in the comments below. Please include the OS and hardware ID of the controller you are using.

Server protect you.



459 thoughts on “Chinese Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver Driver setup

  1. Man, this whole instruction is amazing!!! Others would just give a few steps written list, but you did not only a super detailed step by step instruction with all the links and screenshots, you also made a complete video lesson! AMAZING!!!! Thank you!

    • As a blogger we’re always trying to progress how we convey information. In the modern intenret sometimes words aren’t enough, a stand-alone video is not enough. That it all must come together in one location in order for it to be effective.

      To those ends I do thank you very much for checking out this blog! And am glad that this posting helped you! Take care and happy gaming!

  2. Hello, I also have an adapter with a hardware ID of USB\VID_045E&PID_0291. I tried following the exact steps of this tutorial (very well written) and got to the point where I have installed and set up for the device the “Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows” driver, version, date13.08.2009. It has shown on my list of drivers without that date but it is visible in the properties after installation. However, I am unable to successfully pair my Xbox controllers to the adapters. A weird thing seems to be happening – after I try to do the pairing it seems like the controller pairs for about a second (one corner lights up, first it was 1, on subsequent attempts others) but then the lights start flashing again like with a connection failure. I don’t have Windows 2004 (1903 to be exact), I’ve tried restarting and reinstalling over and over, also with choosing different available drivers. Slowly losing my mind, anything else I can try?

    • It sounds like you did everything right. It may in fact be a defective dongle. I’ve taken a few apart that were known defective and found out that the traces going to the antenna had no continuity going through them. effectivly rendering the pairing connection useless.

    • 100% defective dongle. I got the same issue. I’ve tested it both on 19XX and 2004 windows 10 versions and still got conection issues (the same as you describe). Don’t waste time and get new dongle.

  3. I tried this hack and have tried something similar in the past when the connection between the computer and the receiver has been lost, but now I can’t get it to work. It is not dead, or at least it does give the correct ID you mentioned in your system.

    When I downloaded the driver, I only get a generic “Wireless Receiver” option without the date at the back. Do you know why that might be? I’m a little desparate, as I can’t afford to buy a new controller…

    • There’s a few things that are play here.

      First, we’re going to assume that you are on a Windows 10 64-bit box.

      Verify what build of windows you have. If it is indeed windows 10 2004 edition we have a separate blog that talks about all of that.

      Second, I did encounter something like this in the past. When we ended up blocking the windows 10 from getting its updates and just ran off of the stock ISO load. I ended up doing a manual install to force the driver similar to the 2004 blog and that fixed it as well.

      Hope this helps you out and we do thank you for checking out this blog!

  4. Many thanks for this, worked flawlessly to install 2x newly bought Chinese X360 adapters and breathe new life into my dusty controllers for some Steam gaming fun.

  5. i installed everything even bought a battery pack changed the drivers as many times as i can count but the wireless controller connects and keeps disconnecting, what might be the problem?

    • There were certain Xbox receivers that decided to put a sticker on the back of the adapter which actually reflected the RF coming off of the antennae. In one instance a user sent me their adapter and found that the antennae trace wasn’t even making a connection! So there is some poor quality built Chinese adapters out there.

      Before I’d go as far as take it out of the case. Try to get your money back from the vendor and order another.

  6. Your site is kind of confusing BUT IT WORKED! I was affraid it was a virus I was installing or doing something very wrong, but it actually REALLY WORKED! I had problems playing Sea of Thieves after 2004 build and now FINALLY after months struggling, my old good Xbox 360 controller is back in action. Thank you so much!!!

  7. I tried to download the 7-z but the one of 64 bits show up a message saying the files are ruined… I downloaded the 1.2 version on the official Microsoft page and seems fine.

    The only problem is that my PC detects the china receiver but when I try to change the driver (The part of browse in my PC and select the Wireless Receiver) the unknown device doesn´t update to Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver, It stays like unknown device, what can I do?

    • I just verified downloading the 7z file from firefox and chrome.. unsure why it’s giving you a “Files are ruined” error. try downloading 7-zip and extracting with that.

      In the meantime. It sounds like you need to continue reading onward to the build 2004 blog in which microsoft really screwed up manual selection of drivers. As the problem you describe is identical to that video.

      Anyhow. Best if luck to you.

  8. Hey guys, first off, I want to say this is a very good guide that has worked on my other PCs, but my new PC it is not working on. I do everything the guide tells me to do, but the syncing is not working. When I press the controller sync button and it looks to pair, but once I press the receiver sync button my controller goes back to 4 green blinks. I’m at a loss here, I’ve uninstalled the drivers and done this over and over again with the same result. Changed batteries in my controller, same result.

    I’m at a loss here.

    • First off, I know it will not sync if the driver is not installed. So check device manager and make sure everything is cool there. Alternativly you can try a different port make sure it’s not just the USB port. I had one PC that kept reading the china receiver as an unidentified device because the USB ports in the front of the case suck but the back of the case worked just fine. I’ve also had china receivers that had a weak signal. try pairing with the controller right next to the receiver to find that one out.

      That’s about all of the advice i could give unfortunately.

  9. ive make that working but then unexpected format and after that i cant make my reciver drivers installed. after instalation the package there is no device on pc. My reciver led is not on but it was that way before the format(so im sure reciver is not broken). any ideas how to fix that ?:(

  10. So how do i go about it if when i plug that damn “chinesse wireless receiver” all i get on it’s description is a Code 43 error?

    -I aready followed a few tutorials on how to hopefully fix the Code 43 error on devices and none of those helped to get windows to give me any other result.
    -I even tryed to do your tutorial but the options to use the “xbox 360 peripherals” drivers doesnt even show up on the list, and the drivers are definitely installed i have connected a xbox 360 controller wired and those drivers are there.

    (im thinking i best return that “wireless shitceiver” back to china where it came from or trash it, and buy me one made by microsoft….i will probly have less heartake)
    ***I had one before and that one died on me… but was working perfectly for a long time and didnt even had to go through any throuble to install it either.***

    • If you can find an OEM from microsoft then I would highly recommend that you get it. The only downside of the Microsoft OEM controller is there’s a 250Ma fuse that likes to blow once and a while. That being said you’re drivers will work perfectly fine.

      Interesting that you don’t have a catagory for selecting the driver. I ran into this problem before and had to perform a manual install that we tried to document.

      Also, to ensure that the drivers completely install instead of getting stopped by the OS hard.. You may have to disable secure boot. Espechally in the latest 2004 build of windows. More info on that here.

      Build-quality wise. Yeah, The china controllers could be better. Even heard of a few which they screwed the tracing on the antennae and as a result only pairs if the controller is right on top of it. But the few I got seemed to have worked okay.

  11. Hi guys,

    Anyone in here has experience with the receiver will always off (No light & not detected) after quick plug & unplug ?

    I have this issue with the receiver (Chinese one), it need around 10-15 minutes before I can plug it after I unplugged it, also it not directly detected after restart. Need to unplug wait 10-15 minutes then plug it.

  12. Thanks for the tutorial! Helps me a lot since i forgot how to install them and don’t have the cd driver, i thought i was done for!

    • I do have a blog about the Raspberry Pi/Raspbian over here.. but never really dived into it hard-core with video and all. I suppose if there’s enough demand i can go through the linux side of these adapters easily enough.

  13. How did you manage it to show the versions of the available drivers in the Update-Driver-Dialog? I saw it in one of your screenshots above. That’s a nice feature, I would also like to use.

    • That was just something that windows does if you have multiple copies of the same driver. In our case we have the version 10 driver that was downloaded off of windows update and then the version 2 driver that we installed from our executable. If windows detects multiple drivers it will ask you to pick one when doing manual installation.

      • That’s strange. I have also installed more than one version of the driver, but they are all named the same and no version or date is shown. I have tried it on different Windows 10 PCs.

  14. Man you’re a genius!!😍…. I got the same 2004 problem throughout yesterday and I was so frustrated. I had to roll back to my previous version of Windows and found out my receiver was still working fine. I’m just seeing this post today though☹️.

    • Actually, rolling back to 1908 might be the best choice right now since Microsoft can’t seem to get themselves together.

      Anyhow, thanks for visiting this blog!

  15. First of all, really thanks for that tutorial, saved me and my friends a lot of times!!! Im in 2004 build, your tutorial works really fine for me, but now, if i connect the receiver he just lights up, and my computer dont recognize anything, dont even show as a device, or a unknown device :( worked last time this afternoon.

    Anyone here having the same problem? I think is a 2004 build shit, because this messed up earler with my headset, but idk

    • My best suggjestion at this stage is try it on another PC to make sure it still works.. the chinese receivers had no real fuse protection circuit like the OEM microsoft receivers did. as a result. Don’t want to think that far ahead that your receiver is blown. but it’s best to try other PC’s if possible to make sure it’s just software.

  16. Hello thanks for this tutorial. Could you help me please when I installed drivers for receiver – I have no items with VERSIONS in the list but just the same options just with english language names (my WIndows system language is not english) then I choose the one with ENG name, install but the device in manager list is still “Unknown device”… :( may be I have an answer, please… thanks in advance

  17. Men, you saved me.

    I had problems with my generic xbox 360 wireless receiver (maybe not chise) but this article helped me.
    If someone had problems about your generic receiver worked before but now is not, I highly recommend to read this men’s article “Windows 10 build 2004 vs. the chinese Xbox Receiver”, that helped me a lot.

    Si alguien tiene problemas con su receptor genérico sobre, le recomiendo leer el articulo “Windows 10 build 2004 vs. the chinese Xbox Receiver” de esta persona, eso me ayudó demasiado.

    • Wow, that was fast.. great to hear the addendum article worked out for you! Take care have have fun gaming out there!

  18. First of all, thanks a lot for the guide, it helped me, when I got my chinese dongle years ago. So, time to give something back. Since the newest update to Windows 10 (release candidate, not some Insider bullshit) broke the driver support and this guide doesn’t work anymore, everyone who used is sitting here with non working controller/dongle. Here is what to do, do get it working again. Find out the Hardware ID (there are different revisions, so check in Device Manager). Now, open Xusb21.inf (located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Xbox 360 Accessories) and search for Vid_045E&Pid_0719 (the ID for the official accessory). Now replace all entries (about 4-5) with the VID from your device. Save the file and open a command prompt as administrator and type bcdedit /set testsigning on. Reboot and right click Xusb21.inf and click on Install. Ignore the security warning about unsigned drivers and click on install driver. Afterwards, open a command promt as administrator again und type bcdedit /set testsigning off. Reboot. Your gamepad/dongle should work again.

    • Apologies for the delay in response. I had to setup an addendum article with video for people. Interestingly enough in my chinaxbox.7z archive i had a windows XP version which does exactly what you mentioned. Because on my windows XP article you must specify the correct device drivers as XP does not give the user an option to specify a replacement driver.

      anyhow, article revision is here. Thank you very much for the info and checking out this blog.

  19. well, such a bad thing, my pc updates to 2004 may update, just want to use my Xbox wireless controller, and I encountered with the bad thing of the driver block T_T

    • I have good news for you. The article has been updated and an addendum video blog has been generated for build 2004 users. Click here to check out that article.

  20. This doesn’t work anymore on Windows 10 May 2020 update, i believe Microsoft blocked the “Chinese Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver from working 😡😡😡

        • We’re not doing anything about insider release builds of Windows. When 2004 goes public then we shall go to work.

          • It’s gone public, 2004 is no longer insider channel.

            The same issue is there on the release build – it claims to accept the driver, but shows as “unknown device”, with the error “was not migrated due to partial or ambiguous match” in properties

          • Please do :D – I confirm that the 2004 update broke the dongle support and the guide doesn’t work anymore 😪

  21. i bought that exact receiver 2 years it was “peter zhu” one. i remember that i spent quite a while watching all kind of fix tips as well as article, then i ended up opening it; thinking it was a hardware issue, stared over 2 hours at the four wires as i was smart enough not to mess the chip. to no avail i was unable to fix it. so i added it to a collection of mine
    fast forward i saw this article i did everything and it still not working. the LED is lit when connected but it won’t flash when i press the button. do you think this is a hardware issue or software one? how can i know if i didn’t accidentally mess something up 2 years ago.
    -to answer the basic question. the hardware id is USB\VID_045E&Pid_0291 basically the same as the one you showed. my windows 10 version is 1909 Home. yes i physically clicked the button in the chip. still not working.

    • Interestingly enough the driver loads, it acknowledges itself as the right kind of device.. So that leaves one final function which is to press the button and pair the controller. now in past experiences i have seen these dongles where they would not respond UNTIL you load the driver.. getting beyond that it makes me wonder if the button itself is bad.. to which i would pry it open because really you have nothing to loose at this point. take a flat-headed screwdriver and bridge the contacts around the button to see if you can close the connection and have it start flashing.

      Kind of a shot in the dark. But that’s the best advise i could give if i was in your situation.

      Anyhow, best of luck to you.

  22. Just want to say thank you – great blog, easy to follow. Was ready to return this as well… you’re helping the greater cause brother!

  23. oh boy… maybe an official ban for all the Chinese receivers?

    I’m in the Samuel’s situation (#comment-47146) with my dongle right now, been working great since 2014, last week I just updated to the latest Windows 10 Insider build 2004, and now it’s not possible to make it work. (Unknown device with the ? icon only, not the yellow triangle)
    Already tried 4 versions if the driver with no luck. It’s still working in my notebook which has the latest non-insider build 1909, both Controller and wireless receiver are working fine so, it’s only an issue in the insider build.

    No idea if it’s intended or not but for now I’m **cked for sure.

    My Chinese wireless receiver H-id’s:

    Gotta wait for the next update and see what happens.

    • Well, I’m sure Microsoft would love an outright ban on these receivers because then it fulfills their sales goals for everyone to chuck their 360 controllers and get an Xbox One controller. Planned Obsolescence at its finest.

      If it’s working on your laptop with 1909. It sounds like a problem with 2004. Which is a Microsoft issue more than a China issue.

      Now, I’m hoping this isn’t true. But Microsoft could be blacklisting certain devices on their OS to further their campaign to get everyone on an Xbox One controller. It’s a little tin-foil-hat even for me. So I’m going to chalk 2004 up to incompetence for not having proper USB driver detection within their kernel.

      • Yup, while build 2004 is still in the works, I just booted back to 1909 and got my dongle working again even after installing the latest updates.
        So yeah, this might be something related to 2004’s state or some minor (maybe major) bug. Hope for it to be fixed prior to release candidate, and ofc adding a small memo in my agenda to remember check if this issue has been pulled out before updating my current 1909 to the next release.

        Such a pretty awesome and complete guide S! I think I forgot to say in my prev comment xD :thumbs_up: Stay safe all!

        • Thank you very much for the input. If they release 2004 to the general public and suddenly get a mass amount of comments saying it does not work I’ll at least know where to look. Thank you very much for checking out this site! It means a lot for people to visit independent blogs.:)

          Take care and hopefully happy gaming past 2004 build and beyond!


          • Hi,

            For windows 10 build 2004 you need to patch the driver install by adding the version by adding the hardware ids and activate the unsigned drivers installation

            hope it help,

          • There’s a few other users that are confirming the RTM version of 2004 breaking. work-around is to turn in test-signing similar to our XBCD guides for original xbox’s. hopefully this build does not turn into the official one.

  24. Thank you for this guide. I bought a spare receiver since my kids are using my original Microsoft one. And it’s very difficult to find new official Microsoft ones. So this guide helped me connect the controllers to my Win 10 PC.

  25. Bro thank you, you saved my 10 dollars I spent on this piece of crap (at least that’s what I thought) and turned it into gold. I can’t even tell you how happy I am. Thank you.

  26. Hi!
    I have problem with the connection between controllers and receiver. I’ve ordered 1 receiver and 1 controller that works perfectly together on PC, but I have 2 more controllers for my xbox 360 console, but they cant connect to the receiver. The new one works perfectly automatically from the beginning, but the 2 older ones dont connect to receiver. I tried the steps above, but didnt work. The controllers work on console, so they are good.
    OS: Windows 10 Pro 64
    Hardware: USB\VID_045E&PID_028E&REV_0114

  27. Since a few months ago my receiver stopped being recognized by windows 10 and only shows ‘unknown device’ no matter how many times I set it up.
    I’ve found it does work on other computers, but not on my own. All the USB ports work well, and I’ve tried testing it in every single port, with no success.

    Any tips what to do?

    • Interesting, if this is the case then it circles back to your OS itself. usually this would be the point i would put ubuntu on a USB stick and put it into that PC then “dmesg” on a command prompt just to see if the USB device is being acknowledged under a completely different operating system. To which if that is the case then i’d circle back to windows and try to figure out why it immediatly rejects my device. could there be some unknown security issue like another level of secure-boot getting in our way? I’m not entirely sure.

  28. My Chinease reciever been working fine until couple days ago my pc just stopped recognize the device – unknown device usb error 43. And no matter I do it just refuses to work.

    • Error 43 usually deals more with the USB bus then the actual control itself. The first thing we would try is see if you can get to another pc and plug the controller in. Just to eliminate the fact that it isn’t your USB bus.

      After that , if the error 43 still persists on another laptop/desktop. we would probably contact the vendor as it’s not reporting a proper hardware ID for you to install the driver.

  29. Hello,
    With your instructions I was able to use it normally a few years back. Now I can install in Win 10 according to the instructions but none of my 2 controllers sync with the receiver.
    I have one original in another computer and all works fine there.
    Can you suggest something? I tried using the recommended drivers as well as the newer ones. It also does not sync in linux while the original receiver do (for information).

    Thank you!

    • You do not need this for your Switch pro controller.

      Switch pro controllers can either be hardwired via USB to PC. OR! They can be mapped via the bluetooth wizard. If you are on a desktop which lacks bluetooth support jump on ebay and look for “Bluetooth 4.0 to USB” and you should see plenty out there for super cheap since they’re used on Raspberry Pi’s as well. Put your switch pro into pairing mode and jump over to bluetooth wizard in windows, and add a bluetooth device and scan. Some people like to add the program “xb360ce” so that the switch pro controller shows up as a legit xbox 360. but that really depends on what game you are trying to get working on it.

      Thanks for checking out this site and good luck getting your game on!

  30. Hey, I was following this tutorial but at some point I hit a wall.
    When I search on my ”Device manager” manually for the ”XBOX 360 Peripherals” that option is not there.
    I did install the driver as you recommended directly from the website previous to the other steps, and then I even tried reinstalling it using the one that you sent on the RAR folder, but no dice, It just doesn’t show up in there and I don’t understand why!
    Can you please help me out?
    Thank you very much in advance!

      • following back to the OC post:

        “When I search on my ”Device manager” manually for the ”XBOX 360 Peripherals” that option is not there.”

        Was the problem.

        On some versions of Windows the catagory may simply not be there depending on how the windows update system is behaving on your desktop or laptop.

        I go through some instructions on how you can force the issue in the event you do not have “Xbox 360 prehiprials” category. It was originally written for windows 7 but the same rules apply for windows 10.

        Anyhow, hope it helps.

        – S

    • On some versions of Windows the catagory may simply not be there depending on how the windows update system is behaving on your desktop or laptop.

      I go through some instructions on how you can force the issue in the event you do not have “Xbox 360 prehiprials” category. It was originally written for windows 7 but the same rules apply for windows 10.

      Anyhow, hope it helps.

      – S

  31. So i’ve installed the drivers and the hardware IDs match up to proper receivers, but i cannot for the life of me get the controller to actually sync to the receiver. Running 64 bit win 10. Thoughts?

    • Same problem here! I installed the drivers, it shows up as a wireless receiver, but the controller won’t sync– the lights just blink on all four quadrants. Did you ever find a solution?

  32. The “Device Descriptor Request failed” is NOT because of the receiver hardware failed. I had this for the longest time and assumed the same thing.
    It is because the modded drivers do not contain the ID for the fake driver! In my case, the fake (!) ID is Vid_045E&Pid_0291, the real ID is Vid_045E&Pid_0719
    (Please check in your article as you say the official ID is 0291 which is not the case. In all the official drivers, there is no mentioning of 0291, but instead 0719)

    And since the fake ID is not in the .INF section in the drivers, the receiver is not recognized by the OS anymore and the drivers are not loaded.

    (It happens that you can install the driver, but only if it shows as “Unknown Device” in device manager. If it shows with a more serious error you cannot install drivers, the device seem dead. Trust me, I sat on this a long time and also thought the hardware is broken, but it’s the driver!) Also, it happened many times I was able to install drivers, but only temporary.

    What to do? The solution is easy:

    In the .INF there are three lines where the driver loads the official one:

    %XUSB21.DeviceName%=CC_Install, USB\Vid_045E&Pid_0791

    Just add another line with the fake ID: (to this 4 times in the INF)

    %XUSB21.DeviceName%=CC_Install, USB\Vid_045E&Pid_0791 <—– real ID
    %XUSB21.DeviceName%=CC_Install, USB\Vid_045E&Pid_0291 <—– line with fake ID added

    Now, it can happen that driver signing in Win doesn't allow you to load the modded driver. Then you have to disable driver signing in Windows. (Google).
    Trust me, this is the only solution. Ever since I added the lines with the fake IDs, the device works and never disappears.
    Also, it can happen that your fake driver has another ID instead of 0291. There are other drivers out there with a whole bunch of fake IDs added, not just one line. To find the ID of your receiver, you would have to check in the detailed section in device manager what ID your fake receiver has.

    Also…you cannot mod or reliably use the newer XUSB22 drivers. So use the older xusb21 instead, works fine.

    • This is really the first time we are hearing of this. This also defies scenarios to which have been experienced here as we did have a few of them go bad over use. Device descriptor request failure is the fact that your computer simply cannot acquire a hardware or vendor ID off of the chips controller. The very next paragraph is where we tell users how to troubleshoot this would show a VID_????&PID_???? if the USB device descriptor has truly failed. There would be nothing for an INF file to pick anything up. If you did manage to pull a vendor and product ID then consider yourself incredibly lucky.

      We don’t like doing INF mods because as you’ve pointed out you gotta disable driver signature enforcement. In fact there is a blog that documents what you’ve just said and it works great for windows XP as that OS has no signature enforcement. You may think it’s easy but there’s some PCs on the market which really lock it down hard between the users firewall/antivirus programs, the BIOS via Secure Boot, etc. This is why instead we have the user force the driver. It’s what is required for installing the original xbox controllers via XBCD and if you go to that article you can see the deluge of users having issues with disabling that driver signature.

      There’s also no doubt that China is probably using other fake product IDs. This does not effect the documentation provided if they did. Keep in mind the only two product ID’s seen so far are the ones documented in this blog which are also the ones that you specified.

      Either way it goes. We’re glad that you found a solution for your issue and thank you for spending the time with sharing it with us. Also thanks for checking out this blog.

      – S

  33. OMG, I was so angry when my controller and wireless receiver got to my house and i tried to plug them in and nothing would connect! This website saved my life! Thank you so much! I have several friends who have this same issue and will be sending them to this website immediately!

    • We looked into Brave and opted not to use it as we felt it would be too great of a security risk between both us and you the reader. But we do appreciate the comment and thank you for checking out this blog! Just stopping by to read it more then enough reward for us!:D

  34. Thanks so much! I have had this site bookmarked for months, ordering one here and there and finding out every time they have a bad chip thanks to your extra tips (I keep buying the ones that are like $10-12 instead of $20-30). Finally found one for $11 on ebay and it came with a different blue and white CD with a confused panda on it (haven’t tried it cuz my optical is vertical and it just falls out but who cares, didn’t need it!).
    ### MAIN POINT ###
    There must have been some new update in windows 10 because I installed WITHOUT using the XBOX software to get the OLD VERSION of the driver and it ALL WORKS PERFECTLY!!! I did make sure my .NET framework was up to date via the provided link (I also DLd the 2 other packages Windows suggested along with it) then when i chose the driver from my computer, it only had one choice for “Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows” –no version given– synced the controller and it finished installing in like ONE SECOND. The new HUD display gives you all kinds of access to Game Bar controls like overlays, audio, broadcast & capture, etc., along with a cellphone style battery indicator.

  35. THANK YOU!!!
    I had almost given up at this point.
    I am so thankful that even in 2019, it’s still possible to use my 360 Controllers on Windows 10.
    You’re the best.

  36. Great tutorial, but unfortunately… my controller disconnects every few seconds. The lights on the controller blinks non-stop.
    The thing is that when I was looking for the receiver driver, it doesn’t show the dates – it only gave me a single option.
    This controller worked for 5 years completely fine on my xbox 360, and many other communities are suggesting me to just replace the controller. If that’s my only choice I’m going to cut this receiver with scissor.

    • I’ve heard of a few controllers that have a weak connection. In fact i’ve had a few people send me their weak dongles so i can take them apart to see if anything can be done about it.

      Provided of course you contacted your vendor and they have refunded your money. And now you’re left with this defective controller here’s something you could try.

      If your dongle has a foil-sticker on the back of it remove the sticker. i’ve heard of some cases where the companies would throw a foil sticker on the back of the receiver not understand how wireless actually works and now anything metal can warp the signal coming out of the adapter.

      Since you’re already talking about mutilating it by cutting the cable. If that doesn’t work using a jewelers screwdriver remove the plastic housing off of the controller. by removing the housing it should remove any wireless interference between the circuit board and controller.

  37. Thanks so much for documenting all this, your efforts here really helped.
    I have 2 old pads I tested, sadly their analog deadzones are getting sticky from their age, a bit gunky under there or something.
    Selling on Ebay because I prefer PS2 layouts anyway, will advise buyers that with some love and care the deadzones can be lubricated.

    • Sounds great! Thanks for checking out this blog.

      Just let your sellers know they may need to get a security torx T8 to get into the xbox controllers for that proper cleaning. :)

  38. Thank you for this very detailed and simply great tutorial! Unfortunately though, I keep having problems. I’ve followed all the steps in the guide and the controller connects and works perfectly. Until about half a minute (sometimes more, sometimes less) later when it disconnects and reconnects again within 10 seconds. I’ve tried this right next to the receiver and my battery is around 2/3 charged. It seems like a possible malfunction of the signal the receiver is sending, but I am not sure. Hope you’ve come across this issue already!

  39. it has worked here, thank you very much for the tutorial. At the first time the Xbox joystick wasn’t on the device list, but after a reboot on my pc it was there and all the process has worked perfectly.

  40. This guide’s helped me get an Xbox360 guitar hero controller working on two different PC’s now – which means Clone Hero’s playable – which makes life awesome-r.

    Thanks for something straightforward in amongst all the BS forums Google spits out at you, keep fighting the good fight!

    • Thank you for checking out this blog! We can’t knock the forums too much now! After all, they were the ones who gave this blogger the inspiration to publish something like this.;)

      Guitar hero stuff was always a grey area for me as I know sometimes the controller works with the xbox right away and other controllers had their own proprietary USB device. But we’re glad you got it going. Take care and happy gaming!

  41. I’ve follow the instructions step by step but I can’t make it to work, it is still appeared as an Unknown Device in the device manager.
    The device id is correct and everything that described in this guide is exactly the same.
    The device id is there as it supposed to be. I select the driver, pressing “yes” to the warning message i get an error that the windows encountered a problem installing the drivers.
    I have windows 10 with all the latest updates installed.

  42. Hey. Thank you very much for your excellent tutorial. I got my Chinese receiver/ controller combo working to the tee thanks to you. God bless!

  43. thanks so much for this guide!
    worked out perfectly for me on windows 7 and super thumbs up for providing the drivers, microsofts website doesnt seem to actually have them anywhere that i could see

    • They are out there on Microsoft’s site but they keep moving them. Anyhow, glad to hear it worked out for you. Thanks for checking out this blog and have a great time gaming!

  44. Hey, I tried it on my windows 10 and it worked perfectly, but I have the same issue with my android phone. Is there a way around that ?

    • I’m not entirely sure what “same issue” you are referring to. But I covered a lot of aspects on my Android / Ouya xbox controller article. I also talk about this at the end of my Kindle Fire 5th gen review too.

      In order for the controller to work properly. Root access is required because you will need to inject some .kl files into the root folders of your android OS which needs super-user permissions to do so. Also understand that if your Android device does not have dedicated USB ports like a set-top box then your OTG cable needs to be able to output 150mA for it to even power on.

      The joysticks will pair but continue to flash.. This is because there’s no software governing over device ID of the controllers. The Android OS will map all 4 joysticks even if you have only one joystick paired.

  45. We got exactly that black receiver for Christmas, just like in the video. We followed every steps one by one slowly . The Pc can see the receiver after manually update, but somehow can’t synch with an original xbox 360 controller (black one) . Both just blinking and waiting the synch. We tried on a Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 too. Both have this same problem. What we do wrong? Would be great a little help.

    • I did ask some users to send me their defective receivers so i could see in detail as to what is all going on out there. But it sounds like you did all of the right steps and it could be the fact that the receiver simply is not transmitting a strong enough signal to pair with your controller. I would try pairing with the receiver right next to the controller to see if perhaps the antennae section is crippled in some way. You could also try a fresh set of batteries in the Xbox 360 controller just to see if that added power will boost your connection to the receiver. If neither of those worked and device manager is showing you no errors then i would contact the seller for a possible replacement.

    • No, YOU are fabulous for checking out this blog! From the reaction I’m going to guess my tutorial worked which is good to hear. Happy gaming out there!:)

      • No Sir, You are fabulous, too bad my receiver did not flashing any lights, i’m gonna get a new one. Thank you again Sir, you’re awesome..

  46. Hello,

    my xbox receiver can only detect 1 controller. im using original 260 controller.

    please help me I did everything you wrote in this guide.

    Thnak you

  47. The guide was good and all the things you want to know regarding the china receiver are all here. But, one thing i did not see.

    Because if this is a chinese receiver does is support multiple wireless connection in one receiver? Like the authentic microsoft receiver it can connect

    up to 4 wireless controller. so my question is it possible to have this feature on this kind of receiver. i Hope you can answer my question.

    Thank you,

    • Wireless support of up to 4 controllers is available with the Chinese receiver just as if you were to get an OEM version. In the video we were showing 2 controllers pairing to one receiver if you need confirmation.

    • If you are getting no power on your receiver and you’ve tried multiple machines with said receiver. contact the vendor you got from and get a replacement/warranty.

  48. I’ve gone through the guide and it all works fine until the final step where the controller won’t pair. The receiver flashes, and the controller searches (clockwise flashing), but both just give up every time. I’ve tried with multiple controllers which all pair no worries to my 360. The driver seems fine – I’m using Windows 10, the hardware id is USB\VID_045E&PID_0291. Frustrating, seems like I am close. Any suggestions would be really appreciated

  49. Any thoughts on why the xbox 360 wireless receiver for windows 10 keeps disconnecting every couple of minutes? I hear the ever familiar sound of a device being removed and see that the HID-compliant game controller is removed and the controller lights flash in unison. Eventually it reconnects to the adapter and the HID device appears again. This happens when I am not even touching the controller and the controller is fully charged so it is not a loss of power that is triggering the disconnection.

    Your help in resolving this problem would be greatly appreciated by the thousands of us having this issue!

    • I’d love to be able to figure out what is doing this. But without receiving some of these problem child receivers I can only guess as to what is happening. I even went as far as to go on Alibaba to find the most cheapest wireless xbox360 controller and buy that hoping i would get one of these duds that connect badly so i could tear it apart and find out what is happening.. My guess is there’s some Chinese manufacturers that are trying to cut even more corners when making these adapters for people. Are they not even putting the basic traces onto the board for the wireless antenna to work? I also know on the older China adapters they put this foil sticker along the bottom of the dongle that actually interferes with wireless connectivity. It’s not really a driver or software issue as the dongle practically emulates every function the OEM microsoft processor is doing except it has a slightly different ID and that’s all.

      As soon as we can get our hands on some of these bad dongles I’ll be happy to make an article about the findings and/or possible fixes that we could do to make it better.

      • Fortunately I bought 3 receivers so had others to test. Lo and behold the other 2 worked fine! I’m being sent a replacement for the faulty one. Once I get the new receiver and I confirm it works I’d be happy to send you the faulty receiver depending on shipping costs. Feel free to e-mail me a shipping address and I’ll figure out whether it’s feasible.

    • That’s a new one! Never heard of it loosing connectivity when the vibrate motor engages.. Perhaps the dongle is emitting a weaker then normal signal and as a result when the controller engages the motor it dulls the power just enough for it to loose connectivity.. tried your controller with fresh batteries by chance?

  50. Hello, I’m having an issue with my knock-off receiver. Previously, it was working properly and my wireless Xbox 360 controller was functioning just fine. But for some reason, my controller no longer connects to the receiver as of September 10th, 2018. I’ve unplugged the receiver a few times and updated the driver, testing a few of the options in the driver list, but no luck. I’m not sure why the controller won’t connect, would you be able to help me solve this?

  51. Hey, i’ve tried the things you said in this tutorial but mine just will not pair with the controllers i have. It shows up under unknown devices and when i install drivers it shows up as a reciever

    The one i have is one i bought from ebay and it says its “compatible with windows 7” I dont know how to make it work with windows 10 or if it will not work

    Any help would be appreciated!

    • Well lets try some troubleshooting to see if you have a bad adapter.

      In device manager please perform the following:

      right-click on the unknown device and clicking on properties. You can then click on the details tab. then click the drop-down box for hardware ID to view it. Microsoft products begin with USB/VID_045E . If you are getting a VID_0000 or VID_???? then you have a defective wireless adapter and you should contact your vendor for a replacement.

  52. You rock! This was just what I needed. Microsoft’s site was useless and didn’t offer any good guidance. You got me up & running and now I’m playing Steamworld Dig 2, now what can be better than that!!?

    • Windows 8 64-bit has the same driver security system that 10 has. I think the only thing 10 does differently is signed drivers have higher levels of encryption which only produces headaches for driver developers and not the end-user. The steps for windows 10 should work fine for you.

      Thanks for checking out this blog!

  53. Xbox controllers are heavily favored by Windows, such that the Xbox One S controller even connects wirelessly to a PC exactly as it would on the Xbox One S console.

    • This is out of topic to this thread and we thought we clarified XBox one controllers in another blog. However you are assuming that every PC has a bluetooth interface for an Xbox One S controller to hook up with. Most laptops have bluetooth as stock but not desktops. 360 adapters are still valid as the controllers themselves are cheap due to them being pushed out of circulation.

  54. Dears, your guidelines are very detailed and congratulatons. Unfortunately i am not able to make it work. I have done all steps successfuly but the controller is not pairing with the adapter. I have 2 controller noone works. I checked a second adapter (retailer lend it to me to check it), it’s not working either. In my control panel the microsoft ireless controller is visible in Device Manager.
    Do you have any advise?

    • All of the activation official Guitar Hero released controllers used their own proprietary 2.4Ghz wireless dongle which you had to plugin. This is to probably keep hardware production costs down when porting to the various consoles throughout the years. You’re welcome to give it a try but I don’t think it would work out.

      Thanks for checking out my blog!

    • I have to revise this as when you say “Guitar Hero.” It’s almost a question that has to be specified with “what kind?”

      If you get a legit OEM Guitar Hero controller for the Xbox360 then by all rights it should acknowledge it as a Generic Xbox Controller. Also certain MadCatz third party controllers like the “Rock Band Wireless Fender Wooden Stratocaster Replica” should also detect as well but may show up as a different device ID to which you may have to find a separate driver after it is connected to your PC. There’s also Generic Rock Band guitars as well which DO use the USB dongle instead of working native with the Xbox 360 wireless.

      So to answer the question. OEM’s and Madcatz may require additional driver configuration after you plug them in. But they should at least handshake. Generic’s cannot use the wireless receiver.