Bad batteries from china’s UltraFire. 3500mAh

UltraFire 3500mAh batteries – Another china defective product.

Before rechargables like UltraFire batteries I used to use a lot of Alkaline batteries for my gaming at various parties. Espechally with how many controllers I would typically have in a session of gaming. I could easily go through a pack of 48 batteries in a weekend which it was getting insane. The purpose of rechargables is to cut down on all of that waste and money. It appears after getting these UltraFire batteries I not only pissed away money but they will be going in the garbage soon to add to the pile of battery waste out there! Continue reading for more. Today I decided to pick up some various rechargable batteries called Ultrafire 3500mAh batteries from a place called tmart. Which they usually do a lot of business on Ebay. I picked up about 12 of these batteries. I had the energizers 1700mAh batteries for a while and my ChargeIt station is finally telling me that they are going bad after 5 years (which 5 years is rather impressive for rechargables) The common thing I use my batteries in is things like gaming controllers and remote controllers, objects which take a very little amount of  milliamps per hour I would guess around 80-100mAh for the Ouya controllers, and 200mAh for the Xbox360 controllers. With my energizers I typically got about a solid month of game-play out of them before they died. These Ultra Fire batteries tend to end up dead in less then 2 weeks. Which one has to ask the question:

How in the hell is that possible?!?

The answer is simple. They are from China and in the past UltraFire relied on their reputation with Lithium Ion 3.7v AA batteries which was their 18650 series which got good reviews within the flashlight world. Especially for ones that use high voltage LEDs like Luxeon stars. However, UltraFire fell flat on their face with this model of battery. Boasting about the fact that they are 3500mAh of life which is only 500mAh of life away from a D sized battery you would think that these things would be positively amazing! They lied. Even DealXtreme can’t sell these batteries within bending the numbers a little by stating that these in fact are 1300mAh batteries. Whats the true mAh these batteries have? Well, at fully charged they produce a terrible 400mAh, which is enough to keep a game controller on for maybe 2 hours before asking for more juice.  It’s a shame that UltraFire as a company simply does not give a shit about their product. That rather put out a descent product they intend to just scam everyone. Even get other american vendors of their product like tmart in deep shit over it. And I should have noticed something was wrong with these batteries which they were almost 4 ounces lighter then my old energizers! Batteries by nature and design would be denser if they held more power.

So what’s the solution, should I go back to energizers?

Well, I thought about it and after doing some hard research this time around I’ve decided to not go with energizers. This time around i’m going with Sanyo/Panasonic Eneloop batteries . Now I say Sanyo/Panasonic because Panasonic bought out Sanyo and one of the things that Panasonic did continue was their NiMh battery line. Although they have a ‘pro’ line which is really expensive. the standard line pictured to the right states a maximum rating of 2100mAh with no less then 1900mAh which is 200mAh better then energizers for about the same price. User reviews have been good reporting that on first charge it might be a little low, but after draining and recharging again it’s around 2000mAh afterwards which is good. Just to be on the safe side, be sure to buy Eneloops from a reputable vendor such as Amazon and stay away from Ebay when it comes to batteries. I guess I am just writing this blog because I got screwed on these batteries and if it helps one person avoid these batteries like the bubonic plague then I would be happy about that.

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