External website links hot-linking to binaries is forbidden!

Broken Links due to others on the net hot-linking. Protection is now enabled.

I have altered the terms of my downloads and links. Prey I do not alter them again.

If you are seeing this, then chances the external website that linked you to the binary landed you on this very redirection page. Someone tried to hot-link a binary or file on this site instead of the blog article leading to my file. I didn’t want to do this, but I have to protect my links by enabling hot-link protection due to spammers and people which want to be careless about my bandwidth.

Didn’t find the article I referenced the binary in? Just search for the binary file. Search bar is on the top and on the footer of this blog.

If you are a Youtube content creator or blogger that wants to share my binaries on your channel that is 100% fine! You can site my blog references in the links above. Or you could host the binaries on your own server. It’s your call.

Read on if you want to know more of the technical details as to why I have to do this.

On 2/22/2016 – I we received an e-mail stating that the Dropbox account is now suspended due to high traffic bandwidth. Looking at the metrics of this site and found that the traffic has been unchanged for months now in terms of the binary downloads. So proceeding to google and looking up how many websites had hot-links  just the binaries of this website and there’s tons of YouTubers out there which were obviously too lazy to setup their own Dropbox account and instead simply hot-linked to my account for their users to go ahead and download everything from.

Corrective action taken to resolve broken link issues:

  • All Dropbox links will be deleted. I’m not even going to bother reinstating the account so you can continue to get download links for your channel.
  • All links to binaries will be locally hosted and with anti-leech protection enabled. I didn’t want to do this, but the internet has left me no choice in this matter.
  • All blog entries with binaries hosted will be redirected accordingly.
  • I have purchased an increase in my download quota to compensate for this issue. The increase in costs is nominal.

Furthermore on broken links:

I encourage people to share my blog entries for artwork or any tutorials that I have on this site. What I do not encourage is people using my web-space as their own to take credit for or to give a user the illusion that the file maintenance and upkeep is done completely by them when in fact the files hosted are coming from this website.

If you want to download anything off of my site, be sure and visit the downloads section if it is something that was created here. Also, be sure and check out the blogs and guides section for any binaries that are linked to anything that was discussed here. Or simply go to the main menu to check out some of my articles and art.

Thank you for understanding and may server protect you.


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