Cyanogen Mod CM11 and the Ouya.

Cyanogen mod the Ouya.

Why Cyanogen Mod (sometimes refered to at CM11) you ask? The future of Ouya and the news of the most recent acquisition of the company to Razer has made a lot of Ouya owners such as myself feel rather uneasy with the consoles business as a whole. Couple this with an aging OS to the point where some favorite applications such as Kodi no longer work under android 4.1 due to programming issues. Razer is now stating that they will keep the Ouya servers up for another year. But then what? I guess they pull the plug and tell console owners such as myself to buy the next latest/greatest razer box. To which I will probably laugh and buy an Nvidia shield if I were to ever get an android box again. But that’s not the point of this blog entry.


The point of this blog entry is to keep Ouyas running. Because both Ouya Inc. and Razer Gaming cannot tell users like me when my little silver box is dead. That is up to me to decide when my little silver box is truly dead. And Cyanogen modding is an alternative. By heavily software modding your Ouya you can continue to use your box well after the servers for Ouya are long gone.

betamax video tape - S-Config.ComVideo tutorial fallback mirrors:

In case you have no-script enabled or for some reason cannot see the title video on this website. I have provided direct links for these videos.

  • WebM – Link – This is the newest video standard, works great on Opera, Firefox, Chrome, and newer android phones, not good for Safari, IE, Apple.
  • MP4 – Link – The most compatible codec but also rather large in file size. Make take a while to download.
  • OGV – Link – The fallback codec for older PC’s and Linux USB stick OS’s. 1st generation web video streaming based on Ogg-Vorbis encoding.

What the hell is Cyanogen?

For those that have never touched an android device in their entire life; Cyanogen is open source firmware which is typically modded onto cell-phones. Many cell-phone companies do not like people loading their own custom firmware onto their phones and will in fact go as far as to void the warranty on said phone if you upgrade it as a scare tactic to keep users far away from Cyanogen.

Julie Uhrmann - Dat pause face!Is this procedure even legal?

Short answer is “yes.” Unlike the original Xbox and its soft-modding and homebrew community where Microsoft would go after ANYONE making a .xbe file. Ouya Founder Julie Uhrman stated in their kick starter video on youtube indexed at 2:21 that

“The console is open for hackers who want to tweak the box and make it their own.” – Julie Uhrman

So it almost makes sense for lovers of Cyanogen mod to port the software over to this game-console. As for the new company Razor they are only interested in the Ouya Dashboard with the “discover” store where all of the devs have signed up to have their games published. Razor has no direct interest over the legacy Ouya hardware. Pic not relevant, We just like that “Pause face” on 2:21. :)

Why even install Cyanogen mod to the Ouya?

Like any decision that you make with your device there is always advantages and disadvantages towards installing a new firmware onto a device. Lets go through some of them.

The good of Cyanogen mod:

  • Kodi – At the time of this posting Kodi is moving away from Android 4.1 and onward to Android 4.2 for their latest release of Kodi v15 which makes it much easier to develop for what they need. This of course created a bit of a backlash in the Ouya community as the default firmware for Ouya is still sitting at Android 4.1 . Kodi v14 is a perfectly fine video player that works brilliantly side-loaded onto the Ouya! But anyone who has witnessed the Kodi/XBMC progression will tell you that the moment the latest version gets released suddenly plugin development sort of stops on the previous versions. So Kodi is now telling Ouya users to upgrade to Cyanogen to experience v15 or to stay behind on v14.
  • Google PlayI have published articles in the past on how to get google play working on your Ouya. But over time Google has gotten more and more obnoxious with the way it decides to update itself. That sometimes on the Ouya OS google doesn’t really update properly . The end result is getting a lot of 921 errors when downloading apk’s of your favorite utilities and games off of Google Play.
  • Side Loading – There always will be compatibility issues with side loading any game or application on any android device as it’s just with going to a newer version of android it opens up the doors on games that otherwise would’ve crashed on the Ouya before. Once again, it gets back to how newer android operating systems can handle older apk’s as well as some of the newly compiled apk’s.

The bad of Cyanogen Mod:

  • Ouya Discover Store – If you like Ouyas Discover and do not want to screw around with getting your console working with weird controls or have to occasionally hook and keyboard or mouse to exit an application this can be awfully problematic.
  • Don’t want google play – You’ve never rooted your Ouya and have no intention to.
  • ROM flashing risks – Like anything there is a danger of hard-bricking your Ouya
  • Kodi v14 sideloaded on your Ouya – It’s perfectly fine for what you do and have no reason/intention of going to Kodi v15.x and above.
  • Hardware based compatibility issues – see blow.

Then Cyanogen mod will not be for you and you can stop reading right now.

Ouya Compatibility chart with Cyanogen Mod CM11:

All Ouya consoles can accept CyanogenMod. However, there is some compatibility issues in terms of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Ouya compatibility chart with CM11 1/8/2016 – I have decided to provide a compatibility chart to help decide if CM11 is right for your Ouya.

  • All ouya systems with the BCM4330 chipset are compatible with CM11 for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This includes the development edition clear, kickstarter bronze, and retail silver.
  • All ouya systems with the BCM4334 chipset are not compatible with CM11. Although it will load fine activating Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will not work. Someone on the XDA forums made a patch to at least get Bluetooth working for these models of Ouya however Wi-Fi is still crippled. This affects the Anthracite, Ninja Black, and Christmas White edition Ouya consoles.

3rd party controller compatibility in Cyanogen:

The good:

  • Ouya controller for the most part works. Home button behaves as a minimize command in Cyanogen. Touchpad does work so long as you do not plug a USB mouse into the Ouya. For some reason when you plug in a mouse for playing FPS games like quake it knocks out the controller touchpad functionality. You can temporarily get it back by un-pairing and re-pairing your Ouya controller via Bluetooth. But on reboot it’s gone again until you reload Cyanogen.
  • Xbox 360 controllers both wired and wireless work. I have taken the notes from the Ouya chinesse receiver and merged it into the keylayouts zip file.
  • A lot of your moble based controllers such as Moga and Nvidia all work.

The Bad:

  • PS3 controllers only work wired they do not work wireless. This was something that the original Ouya dev team actually worked on a bit with their variant of android 4.1.
  • It has been reported that Wii-Motes may not work as well. Same reason.

Disclaimers about software and Cyanogen mod:

S-Config or anyone on the internet for that matter is not responsible for any damages that occur both physical, financial, mental, or psychological when hacking of modifying the software of your console. If you have an issue with this then stop immediately and purchase a different android based console that can better suit you for applications such as Kodi v15.

Hardware prerequisites:

Keyboard Mouse and USB Hub hardware prerequisites for Cyanogen ModBasic hardware prerequisites for Ouya Cyanogen are as follows:Hardware-prerequisities USB cable for ADB

  1. USB male “A” to female “micro A” cable. In this tutorial we will not even be logging into our Ouya account which makes this cable a requirement.
  2. USB Keyboard – This will be essential during the installation process as Bluetooth will not be active when we go through the boot-loader nor will it be active during initial configuration of Cyanogen 11
  3. USB Mouse – Not nearly as essential during the bootloader process of but very handy when doing your initial configuration. Update 1/17/2016: You may want to skip the mouse all together on this installation if you want the track-pad of your Ouya Controller working. I have not figured out how to reset mouse control back after i plug a USB mouse into CM11 yet.
  4. USB Hub – It does not have to be self-powered unless you are hooking large external storage such as a portable hard drive to your Ouya.

Acquire the software:

Download softwareI have setup a link for all of the Cyanogen mod to take place onto your Ouya known as “”. Click here or on the Download icon to the right to begin downloading the 7-zip file.  

Extract files from the archive:

Cyanogen - CM11 - extract files into their respective folder Use your favorite file extraction utility on the 7-zip file you just downloaded. For this tutorial we will be extracting to C:\cyanouya which we will be using as a reference point throughout this tutorial. If you extract it elsewhere or if you are on a MAC of linux box make note of where you extract it to and make adjustments accordingly.

The files that are in cyanouya.7z are as follows:
  • adb.exe as well as the two DLL’s required to run adb
  • fastboot.exe which will be required to upload the recovery-clockwork- via the micro-USB cable.
  • zip folder containing the following: (Ouya nightly build of the Cyanogen OS) (Google Play Apps) (required for Ouyas bootmenu) (which contains .kl files for the Ouya controller as well as a few other genetic controllers) (This version of clockworks gets installed onto your Ouya bootloader and does not get removed). Please note: At the time of article this was the most currently nightly build. Newer versions can be acquired here.
  • driver folder containing files that allow you to access your Ouya in both “ADB” mode and “Fastboot” mode. The android_winusb.inf is already modified to find an ouya on USB device USB\VID_2836&PID_0010 .
  • apk folder which although we will not be using any apks during the installation of Cyanogen mod they are exceptionally handy to have after you have installed everything as I shall show you later.


Lets begin installing.

Ouya Welcome ScreenWe’re going to power up our ouya and leave it on the welcome screen. These instructions do not require your Ouya to be rooted or even logged into your Ouya account. If you had a mint Ouya still wrapped in plastic and opened it up and plugged and powered it up. Then that’s all you need to do for now on your Ouya. Ouya Factory ResetNow if you are already logged into your ouya and you want to start fresh you can always do a factory reset to get the “welcome” screen. Just go under MANAGE > FACTORY RESET to continue.. Just keep in mind when you do factory reset your Ouya all data such as XBMC/KODI profiles, save games, and settings for your emulators may be lost. Once we are at the welcome screen on the Ouya now is the time that you will be plugging in your micro-USB cable into the back of your Ouya, and the other end to the PC. Device Manager - Ouya as an Unknown Device.Now lets go over to the PC side to see if we can find our Ouya in device manager (screenshots are all windows 7 and may vary between OS’s). If this is your first time plugging your Ouya in via USB you should see something like my device manager where the Ouya is in the Other Devices catagory. That’s not going to work with ADB in the state it is in . So we are going to update the driver. Note: I have received a few users stating that they do not receive the “OUYA” underneath other devices catagory but instead only have the Ouya MTP underneath the “Portable Devices” catagory. If you are already logged into your Ouya do a factory reset as depending on what is going on with your Ouya the ADB function may or may not be disabled on it. Right-Click on the Ouya in Other Devices and click Update Driver Software to continue. Also, if you are running windows XP, 7, 10(32-bit-edition) and you do not see the word “Ouya” or something similar but instead see the words “Unknown Device” underneath other devices then your system has not properly detected your Ouya ADB port. The biggest cause of this problem is due to a bad or faulty USB data cable. Try a different data cable and try again.

I can’t find the unknown device catagory on my windows 10 x64 bit edition box! Help!

Windows 10 titleYou are not going crazy if you do not see “Ouya” under “Unknown Devices”. We do however need to talk. Click here to learn how to correct driver issues with ADB inside of windows 10 64-bit for the Ouya. Do not worry, this will open another tab so you can pick up right from this section the moment your driver is straightened out.

Continuing onward if you did find “OUYA” in “unknown devices”

Ouya ADB Driver update - let me pick the driver.We are not going to let the OS choose the driver we want to use. We are going to pick it ourselves. Click “Let me pick from a list of drive drivers on my computer” and click next to continue. Ouya ADB Driver update - device selection.Click on “Show All Devices” and click Next to continue. Ouya Adb Driver Update - Have DiskClick on the Have Disk button. Ouya ADB driver update - Have Disk location.We are going to browse where our ADB drivers are. Since I extracted my file right to the root of C:\ I can simply type in C:\cyanouya\driver . If you placed your drivers elsewhere or you are using the Android SDK instead of the ADB binary included in the zip file. You will then have to click the Browse button to find where your ADB drivers are at. Click OK to continue. Ouya Adb Driver - UpdateWindows should have already determined that the best driver is “Android Composite ADB Interface” if not or if this is blank, uncheck the “Show compatible hardware” box and select your Android Composite ADB Interface from there. Click Next to proceed with driver installation. Ouya Adb device driver warning.Windows does not like drivers it does not know about or where they come from. This is normal. Click “Install this driver software anyways.” Ouya ADB driver installation.It should begin installing the driver. This may take around 10-30 seconds on your first time installing it. Ouya ADB driver Complete 01If everything went well then you will get a message like the window above. If for some reason there is an error code. Then there is something wrong with your Ouyas connection. Click close to continue. Device Manager - Android ADB device installed.Your Other Device and your Ouya will disappear from device manager. You should now have a new catagory called “Android Device” and the device known as “Android Composite ADB Interface” . Your PC will now understand what your Ouya is whenever you connect it to your PC. From This point you can now close out of device manager.

Installing the adb_usb.ini file:

This file exists in your user profile folder underneath a section called .android and it has a very simple one line comment which tells ADB where to look for your Ouya in your devices. For example if your username in windows is “skippy” then the logical path for this file will be C:\Users\skippy\.android\adb_usb.ini . What is in that ini file is as follows:


now you can either open up a command prompt and type in the following:

mkdir %USERPROFILE%\.android\
echo 0x2836 >> "%USERPROFILE%\.android\adb_usb.ini"

Say that your username in “Penguin” for logging into windows. This will make the folder C:\users\penguin\.android\ and inside of that folder it will make a very small text file called adb_usb.ini . The reason why we must create this file in a very particular area is without it the adb.exe file has no idea what vendor to look for in device manager and it will come up blank in the next few steps.

Working with ADB to transfer data to your Ouya for Cyanogen mod upgrade.

We can continue going to the command prompt by clicking “Start” and “Run” and typing in “cmd” to pull up a command prompt. Once you are there you will want to do the following.

cd C:\cyanouya
adb start-server

It should respond with the following:

* daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
* daemon started successfully *

Next lets see if adb can actually see our Ouya.

adb devices

It should respond with:

List of devices attached
015d49062a501415 device

If it does not have anything underneath “List of devices attached” then adb is not properly talking to the USB driver. Make sure your device is installed in device manager and the adb_usb.ini file exists underneath your %userprofile%\.android\ folder. Unlike the ADB screen capture blog I did a while back there is no need to pass the adb connect command. You will be already connected via hard wire. The adb connect command is only required if you are connecting to a remote source over the network. now we are ready to push all of the .zip files to the Ouya /sdcard/ folder at once. Unlike previous documentation where they wanted you to adb sideload each zip file in the recovery bootloader. We’re going to push them all at once and then let the ClockWorkMod bootloader handle it from there.

adb push zip /sdcard/

If for some reason it errors on transfer. you can manually select each file.

cd zip
adb push /sdcard/
adb push /sdcard/
adb push /sdcard/
adb push /sdcard/
adb push /sdcard/
adb push cm-11-20160312-NIGHTLY-ouya /sdcard/

Alternativly, if you are loading Lineage from the latest Milaq build. You will probably want to do this command instead of cm-11-20160312-NIGHTLY-ouya

adb push /sdcard/

If you are in your C:\cyanouya folder then it should report something like this:

push: zip/ -> /sdcard/
push: zip/ -> /sdcard/
push: zip/ -> /sdcard/
push: zip/ -> /sdcard/
push: zip/cm-11-20160312-NIGHTLY-ouya -> /sdcard/cm-11-20160312-NIGHTLY-ouya
5 files pushed. 0 files skipped.
1291 KB/s (306718311 bytes in 231.945s)

Yes, it will take around 4 minutes to complete the transfer because of how much data we are sending. So far, everything we’ve done could’ve been easily done by an ADB network connection instead of going through the headache of USB connections. The next command is where ADB network will fail you.

adb reboot bootloader

This will place the Ouya into the bootloader state otherwise known as “fastboot” as your device manager will start chiming in finding unknown devices once again. Note: At this time your Ouya will only have a power light and a pitch black screen. This is normal as we have not given the Ouya any instruction as to what to load yet. If you reset your Ouya right now it will break out of the boot-loader and return you to the Ouya welcome screen. We have written nothing to the boot-loader of the Ouya as of yet. Make sure the keyboard is plugged into your Ouya at this time.

Working with fastboot:

Device Manager - Ouya FastBoot driver not found.Just like with ADB when you first plugged it into your machine. Device manager now detect a new unknown device in the Other Devices catagory known as Fastboot . We need to install the driver for this as well in order for us to push the ClockWorkMod over USB to the Ouya. Without ClockWorkMod the rest of the Cyanogen mod installation will not work. Note: If you do not see the word “Fastboot” under the “Other devices” catagory but instead see the words “Unknown Device” underneath other devices then your system has not properly detected your Ouya ADB port. The biggest cause of this problem is due to a bad or faulty USB data cable. Try a different data cable and try again. 2nd Note: On some operating systems “Fastboot” may not show underneath “unknown devices” but in fact may automatically install itself under the “Android Device” catagory. This is due to updating the .inf drivers so that Windows XP users to perform this hack as well. If it does indeed install you may skip all the way down to passing the fastboot commands down below. Device Manager - Ouya Fastboot - Manual installation.Once again we are going to select “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer” and click Next to continue. Device Manager - Ouya Fastboot - all devices.Click “Show All Devices” and click Next to continue. Device Manager - Ouya Fastboot - Have DiskClick the Have Disk button to continue. Device manager - Ouya Fastboot - Driver locationWe are going back to the C:\cyanouya\driver like the ADB driver install. Click OK to continue. Device Manager - Ouya fastboot- Driver selection.Unlike the ADB driver windows isn’t quite sure what is going on as it cannot identify the correct driver. Click on Android Bootloader Interface and click the Next Button to continue. Device Manager - Ouya Fastboot - Warning.Windows is really not sure what you are doing. This is normal. Click Yes to continue. Device Manager - Ouya Fastboot - Driver installation complete.If everything goes well you should receive a screen like the one above indicating that the Android Bootloader Interface has been successfully installed. Click close to continue. Ouya-Fastboot-09Device manager will be happy once again and we can go back to our command prompt. Instead of ADB we will be using the other executable in the folder called fastboot.

Pass the Fastboot commands to your Ouya.

To test to make sure fastboot can see your Ouya type in the following:

fastboot devices

Just like before it will report back if it can see your Ouya or not.

015d49062a501415        fastboot

If returns with a statement similar to the above then everything is good. The next command you will be typing in will be the following:

fastboot boot recovery-clockwork-

It will report back the following at the same time you will notice your Ouya come back to life with a signal on your TV.

downloading 'boot.img'...
OKAY [ 1.594s]
OKAY [ 0.264s]
finished. total time: 1.861s

Clockwork Mod loading Cyanogen Mod into your Ouya:

Clockwork Mod v6.0.4.8 splash screen At this time you should see your Ouya come back to life but instead of the typical Ouya splash screen you will be greeted with something new. You will be welcomed to the ClockWorkMod splash screen. Out of interest of saving bandwidth and readability. I shall focus on just the upper-left hand corner of the screen which is where all of the action of ClockWorkMod is at. There will be information text with each step we do and if the screen changes to much I’ll make a full-screen shot. But Lets begin. CWM - Ouya Cyanogen mod - Install zip files.Using your keyboard, arrow down to “install zip” and hit enter. CWM - Ouya Clockwork Mod - Install from sdcard.Arrow to “chose zip from /sdcard” and hit enter. CWM - Ouya Cyanogen Mod - ClockWorkMod Installation. Arrow down to “” and press enter to install. This will make ClockWorkMod your permanent bootloader recovery partition on your Ouya which is essential for Cyanogen mod to work properly. CWM - Ouya Cyanogen Mod - Confirm CWM installation.Arrow down to Yes and hit enter. This should only take about 10 seconds to install. CWM - Ouya Clockwork Mod - Install from sdcard.The next section we are going to install is the Ouya Boot Menu which is a partial install that makes it a lot easier to return to ClockWorkMod in the event you wish to revert back to stock. Arrow to “chose zip from /sdcard” and press enter. CWM - Ouya Cyanogen Mod - bootmenuArrow down to and press enter. CWM - Ouya Cyanogen Mod - Ouya Boot Menu ConfirmArrow down to Yes and press enter. CWM - Ouya Clockwork Mod - Install from sdcard.The next section we are going to install is the the Cyanogen Mod nightly build which is the core of our OS. Arrow to “chose zip from /sdcard” and press enter. CWM - Ouya Cyanogen Mod - Install Cyanogen nightly build. Arrow down to and press enter Note: the dates will always change which is normal for nightly releases. CWM - Ouya Cyanogen Mod - Confirm Cyanogen Install. Arrow down to Yes and press enter. CWM - Ouya Cyanogen Mod - Installing Cyanogen.This process can take anywhere from 4-5 minutes to install as it has to unpack 300+ megs onto your Ouya. CWM - Ouya Clockwork Mod - Install from sdcard.The next section we are going to add Google Play functionality to our Cyanogen mod. Arrow to “chose zip from /sdcard” and press enter. CWM - Ouya Cyanogen Mod - Google Play Installation.Arrow down to and press enter. CWM - Ouya Cyanogen Mod - Confirm Installation of Google PlayArrow down to Yes and press enter. Installation should take around 30 seconds. CWM - Ouya Clockwork Mod - Install from sdcard.The final selection that we will install is the keylayout files or .KL files that are required to attempt to make not only your Ouya Controller compatible with Cyanogen but other controllers such as the PS3 controller and the Xbox Controller. Arrow to “chose zip from /sdcard” and press enter. CWM - Ouya Cyanogen Mod - Keylayout files.Arrow down to and press enter. CWM - Ouya Cyanogen Mod - Keylayouts confirmation.Arrow down to Yes and press enter. After all of these partial installs, you should have a complete Cyanogen Mod now loaded onto your Ouya. Now before we reboot there is one last thing we need to do.

Clearing cache and wiping user data in ClockWorkMod for Cyanogen Mod first-time boot.

Clearing all user data and cache from your Ouya is very important because if you do not. Cyanogen may simply sit and do nothing on the first time you boot it because it’s reading data from a previous launcher that it really should not read. So lets begin. CWM - Ouya Cyanogen Mod - Go back.If you are still updating zip files. We need to back out of this menu. Simply arrow down to Go Back and press enter. CWM - Ouya Cyanogen Mod- Wipe user data/Factory ResetArrow down to “wipe data/factory reset” and press enter. CWM - Ouya Cyanogen - Confirm wiping data.Arrow down to Yes and press enter. CWM - Ouya Cyanogen Mod- Wipe Cache Partition.Next we will wipe the cache partition. Arrow down to “Wipe cache partition” and press enter.CWM - Ouya Cyanogen Mod - Confirm Wipe.Arrow down to Yes and press enter. CWM - Ouya Cyanogen Mod - Advanced menu.The last section requires us to go into advanced mode. Arrow down to advanced and press enter. CWM - Ouya Cyanogen Mod - Dalvik Cache.Arrow down to “Wipe dalvik cache” which is what google play likes to use and press enter. CWM - Ouya Cyanogen Mod - Confirm Dalvik Cache Wipe.Arrow down to Yes and press enter. CWM - Ouya Cyanogen - Back out of Advanced Menu.We are going to back out of the advanced menu now. Arrow down to “Go Back” and press enter. CWM - Ouya Cyanogen Mod - Reboot system now.Finally, we are all done with CWM we can now reboot system now to begin booting your new Cyanogen mod OS.

Welcome to Cyanogen Mod OS on your Ouya.

Cyanogen Mod - Ouya BootMenuThe very first thing you’ll be greeted with is the Ouya Bootmenu. You do not have to touch anything and it will disappear in about 3 seconds. But if you want to go back to the recovery partition you can simply click your Ouya power button to cycle through the menus on this screen. Cyanogen Mod on Ouya - LogoOnce your let it go into Normal Boot mode it may take up to 3 minutes before Cyanogen Mod launches for the first time after the splash screen appear. Cyanogen-Mod-Welcome-Screen-SuccessYour installation is successful if you get the Welcome to Cyanogen Mod screen asking for language. That means it was able to setup its profile and didn’t encounter anything strange that would otherwise crash the first-time startup screen such as erroneous cache or user data left behind from another launcher. This is where having a mouse as well as the keyboard is super-handy since Bluetooth has not been enabled yet. From here you will be asked a series of questions such as your Wi-Fi (if you are already hard-wired then it will not ask you) as well as your Google Play account so that you can begin downloading from the new marketplace.  As well as basic questions as if you are on a new tablet or phone device. you can leave all of the settings default if you wanted. Cyanogen Desktop. From here you can customize your desktop by simply click-dragging widgets where you want. I personally get rid of everything including the backdrop because it saves some bandwidth when recording video. You may want to wait about 5 minutes to begin using Cyanogen Mod as it will be in the process of updating Everything such as all of the google plugins as well as the play-store marketplace to the latest version. If you already downloaded items with the google marketplace you can re-download them again by launching the Play Store and going into Apps.

Enabling bluetooth in Cyanogen Mod.

Cyanogen Mod - Settings One of the first things you may want to do is get Bluetooth working ASAP so you can ditch the keyboard/mouse and go back to your Ouya Controller. You will want to click the icon that is right above the default home screen of your Cyanogen which is where all of your installed applications are. From there find settings and click on that. Cyanogen Mod - Bluetooth Menu - Search for Devices.You should be approaching familiar territory for those Ouya people that have played in their advanced menu to get controllers working. And it even found my stock Ouya as I keep the bluetooth running all of the time in my house. Click SEARCH FOR DEVICES in the upper right-hand corner to place the Bluetooth chip in discovery mode. While it is scanning. Hold the power button of your Ouya controller down until both lights are flashing. Cyanogen Mod - Controller Found.It will find your controller relatively fast in contrast to how Stock Ouya finds the controller. But it shows it bluetooth network address instead of actual name. This will straighten out the moment you click on it. Cyanogen Mod - Ouya Controller Connected.After you pair your controller and give it permission to pair. It will actually show the proper name. As well as player assignment on your Ouya Controller. You can now navigate around the menus with your analog or digital D-pad as well as use your mouse track-pad (depending if you have a USB mouse hooked up to your Ouya or not).

Special thanks and credits:

XDA Developers – and Milaq for all of his work on the CM11 nightly builds. These people deserve the real credit. All I did was write up a user guide.:) Kodi – For giving reasons why Ouya is still alive in 2016 and beyond. Ouya Forums – For kicking me in the ass to actually write this documentation.


If you are reading this article just for Cyanogen/Lineage we’re going to tell you to NOT donate to us! We don’t deserve it, seriously. This is only here to make sense from the 2-4 XDA links of scattered data and put it in one place. The man which does deserve your hard earned cash is Milaq for his continued support and updates to Cyanogen which is now Lineage OS for working on the Ouya. The man also donates his bandwidth to keep all of the images alive there. So throw money at that guy!

That’s what server said.


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  1. Once I have to type in “fastboot boot recovery-clockwork-” I just get hit with an “FAILED (command write failed (Unknown error))”

  2. Can someone please contact me via email

    I will handsomely play if someone can get my system back up and running obviously without outas crap servers they took down anyways i just wanna play whatever android games i had already installed and some emus. K thanks mike

    • We aren’t mercenaries. We want you to help yourself while documenting things that we did that helped us along the usage of our Ouya. If you looking for people who would be willing to help to that extent then we published an article of some forums you can go to.

      Best of luck in finding that person to fix your Ouya for you.

      – S

  3. thank you so much for your help! you can make the ps3 controller work again using sixaxis controller app, it is a pay app (around 2 dolars) I bought it a few years ago for my shield handheld(needs to be rooted) and it works fine here too. So if you have ps3 controllers you can still use them wireless (haven’t tested more than one for the moment). You can use the test app they have if you are not sure. Hope this info works for sombody else too :)
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  4. Trying to get it running but there is no chance to get past the device manager.

    Everytime I choose which drivers I want to install (cyanogen files) Windows(10) is telling me: its altered or broken. And says no.
    Without me being able to workaround that.
    The guide says: If that happens: Something is wrong.
    Well thats right mates, but isnt as constructive as i wished.

    Tried some lineage files, where I cant find any directory which I can use the same way as the drivers from the cyanogen.
    Youtube just got a lot of spanish stuff which iam not good enough at to not brick my console.

    Any help? Appreciated!


    • The reason why I don’t focus too much on the errors within windows is that it leads into the uncanny valley of troubleshooting Microsoft products more-so then focusing on the Ouya itself. – I did make a link as to how to disable driver protections and enable test signing of drivers to stop the warnings about the driver being altered or broken.

      If that does not work. You also may have Secure Boot enabled at the BIOS level of your system which Secure Boot prevents unauthorized drivers from installing themselves onto windows. Disabling Secure boot isn’t easy to show because it varies from system to system. but usually once secure boot and driver signatures are disabled in Windows 10 the errors go away and you can proceed as normal getting ADB onto your desktop.

  5. thanks for your answer, I did not install lineage OS, I want to know what you are saying about lineage in ouya, I installed cynogenmod11 and the console works well I liked it a lot I am playing with the family because the console we had forgotten it because it was dead, friend if you had money I would give you something but I can only give you a sale in Jesus Christ’s noncre that will protect you and your whole family. AMEN, THANK YOU BROTHER

    • Lineage is the successor to Cyanogen. The name changed because the original Cyanogen project was dead and a new group took over. So if you install the Ouya Lineage images those fine.

      Anyhow, glad it helped you bring new life to your Ouya!

  6. saludo amigos muy agradecido con este proyecto logre instalarlo viendo el video exelente trabajo bien, calidad es facial el tutorial con el video se entiende todo , le coloque algunos juegos : soulcraft, mekorama, 4 fotos y una palabra, angri bird, pool cyti, seguire probando cualquier cosa pasus ustedes tambien los juegos que son compatible este es mi correo obe******** , yo le instale la version mas nueva android 5.0 por que en los comentarios veo muchas falla y tambien dice que no esta muy estable, unque salio lineage os ouya 2019 pero el tutorial no esta muy bien explicado

    • Apologies for the delayed response as Spanish isn’t my native language here. However, from my mad Google-Translate skills it looks like you managed to get your Ouya upgraded to Lineage which is fantastic. As for going to android 5.0 . I have a blog detailing the steps for that. But you are right, android 5.0 is highly unstable on the Ouya.

  7. saludo amigo ayudeme soy uno mas de los estafados por esta empresa ouya hace 2 dias se me daño mi xbox360 esto me tiene mal pues quien juega es el niño, mucha vexes jugamos en familia ,esta consola de pana fue un robo sin pistola, ahora quiero actualizarla pero me quede en el paso de instalr archivo adb_usb ini no entiendo que hacer busco ese archivo en todas las carpetas y no lo consigo por nada me quede pegado alli pase medio dia buscando por google y nada nisiquiera hay un video para hacer esa intalacion completa practicamente no e hecho nada

  8. Great guide! Thank you so much. Is there anyway to change what the home button does on the ouya controller?
    I installed ouya anywhere using your tutorial, however, Some games require that I press the home button to start the game. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • I tried to play with it a little bit and it came down to the fact that team Ouya decided to do something to the joystick.kl file where it actually presses two keys at the same time which was “alt+home” to activate their menu. This is something that android 4.4 ignores and is actually illegal to pass in android 5.0 resulting in the Ouya.kl file being rejected without modification.

  9. Hello! This tutorial is amazing, I got CM11 running on my Ouya (that I purchased last week!) and everything is working fine. But there’s one issue I simply can’t solve and I was hoping you might have an idea of what’s going on… So my problem is with video playback in general. If I’m using an app like VLC, Kodi 16.1 or YouTube, the video will play (and it seems to be accelerated) but I lose all on-screen controls. Nothing shows, I can’t pause or anything. But if I watch the TV version of YouTube (TV#), I get all the media controls back but it’s clearly not accelerated at all. Is this fixable or that’s just one of the CM11 things? Thank you very much for.

      • Thanks for the quick reply!!! I managed to get kodi working correctly by disabling the mediacodec surface in Kodi and leaving the other one on. It works perfectly, accelerated and no issues. However that’s only for kodi. Both netflix and YouTube still have the same issue. So I know it’s hardware acceleration related in the os (the surface perhaps?). I will try what you suggested later on today and I hope it works! Because I really like it so far, but as I intend to mostly media usage, it’s a big bummer not to have those working correctly (mostly youtube and VLC, netflix don’t care much about).

  10. Sorry to leave so many messages, its hard to get replies from people who know what they are talking about when it comes to the ouya. As you know a lot of threads are dead, out dated links and such. Really all I need to know beside the will I lose root question is this. I found a guide to let me set my 64gb sandisk usb cruzer blade as internal memory (I got 3 of the cruzers to go with the ouyas lol) will I still easily be able to use the cruzer as internal storage. the guide was on youtube, it demonstrated using an app called “external 2 internal sd” by developer codlab, the app is no longer on the play store, but is available in the description of the youtube guide. thanks again S

    • To answer your question. Cyanogen (or it’s later iteration known as lineageOS) is all pre-rooted. There’s no security blocks on the OS itself. It does come with Google Play automatically so you are covered there. and because it’s a slightly newer OS then the stock Ouya at android 4.4 you can use some of the later builds of XBMC.. Cyanogen does have some downsides such as controller compatibility support with certain google titles.. but if you downloeded an APK from google play and it works on your Ouya it should work in Cyanogen as well. PS3 wireless controller support does not work in cyanogen as the Ouya devs made a script file to accept those controllers onto the OS. Hooking up a USB mouse has been known to disable the touchpad mouse on the ouya controllers as well for reasons known to Cyanogen/LineageOS.

      • Thanks for the explanation S, I feel much more comfortable installing cm11 now. I worried that I should have installed cm11 first before rooting etc, now I know its ok. Sorry for the double post earlier, my comment didn’t show up, so I commented again, then both showed up haha. Ive been using samba share with my laptop and my orange/raspberryPis for a while. So I thought I would do a search for how to do it with ouya, to my surprise you have a tutorial for that also. You really are the one stop ouya mod shop lol.

        One thing that ive struggled with was using the usb stick as the internal memory, the ouya store gives you a choice which to install to. But because the play store is unofficial it doesn’t. I tried an app called internal 2 external but it didn’t work, I tried an xposed mod for obb to sd again no luck. In the end I found a work around.. if I copy the data, obb from say gta to usb, then in the make section choose to move the gta app launcher/icon to usb that it runs fine. I don’t have to worry about space as much. Do you know of a cleaner quicker method to use usb as the default storage for google paly.

  11. Hi again S
    I was wondering will installing cm11 cause me to lose root. Will I need to root again after installing cm11, re install google play, xposed etc. thanks.

  12. Excellent guide, i have been following your ouya articles for a quite a while now, its just recently i started to face interference in my 2.4 GHz wireless so i decided to switch to ethernet only to find out that the ethernet is not working at all. I have the silver kickstarter edition Ouya running CM11.

    I have changed the cables, port on the switch and swapped with a working one but none of the approaches worked out for me. Does that have something to do with ethernet drivers to be sideloaded in CM11? Also does the Ouya have an Green/Yellow LED on the RJ45 connector?

    • I know there was some comments a long while back which talked about advanced configuration. Since the Ouya load of Cyanogen/Lineage was based around a tablet with similar chipsets to the Ouya if you connect with wi-fi it sort of disabled ethernet automaticly. To bring this back you will have to get into android shell and grant yourself ‘su’ access. afterwards you would type in the following:

      netcfg eth0 up

      To tell Cyanogen/Lineage to bring the ethernet back online.

      Hope that helps you out.

  13. Just did this on an Ouya I scored from a yard sale, but ran into a couple of issues. While yes it works great, I cannot get Wifi to turn on at all. Also, once Bluetooth gets turned off I have to restart the unit to restore operation.

    • Since you’re posting in the Cyanogen thread i’m going to assume that you have upgraded the OS from Ouya stock to Cyanogen. The first question i’m going to ask is what type of Ouya is it? A silver Ouya or does it have a more charcoal color like the anthracite? if it’s anthracite then Cyanogen does not have Wi-Fi available for it.

      If you are still on stock drivers and have not done the Cyanogen load BECAUSE it’s the anthracite model. I have had a unit where the Wi-Fi was totally disabled and in order to get it working again I had to jump into recovery mode which involves hooking up a USB keyboard and holding alt-printscreen while tapping the “i” key to get in.. and resetting everything on the unit to default. Apparently the Wi-Fi usernames and passwords are stored in a passwd file that can get corrupt on the unit… and resetting to default clears those files allowing the card to fire up properly.

  14. Thank you very much, it worked perfectly. I have given life back to ouya and its all thank to you.

    I have a little issue tho. I connected my ouya to a 4:3 pc monitor and it only apears on half of the screen (I used the Android 5.0 mod). I imagine that this is because the machine has a tablet OS and these are only 16:9 resolutions. Is there any way to change it to 4:3?

    thanks in advance and sorry for my broken english.

    • Great to hear! You are correct about the screen size..

      the AOSP 5.0 image has some really primitive drivers to the point where about %30 of actual HDTVs do not work. There isn’t much I or anyone can do short of recompiling a new AOSP kernel.

  15. i am trying to write “fastboot boot recovery-clockwork-” but it keeps saying Failed Unknown error.
    What should I do? Thanks in advance, this is a grat post!!!!!!

    • I had previous people having this problem before unfortunately no one told me how they fixed it except by saying they “re-did the steps and it was fine.” One of the largest problems with FASTBOOT is it makes no attempt to crc check the line as it pushes the image so if you use a low-quality USB cable you will have all sorts of problems such as it connects ADB fine but FASTBOOT fails.. or like what you’re experiencing it doesn’t want to transmit large files causing it to provide an “Unknown error”.

      So, I would try to change out cables if at all possible.

  16. “Also, I will be working on a tutorial for ASOP 5.0 so kodi v17 is possible. will be working on that after my spring break.”

    I have come here looking for this, been running CM11 & Kodi 15.1 (I think) for many months after following your great tutorial, I will come back again shortly

    • Well, I got some news. I did push a tutorial for Android 5.0. Unfortunately I’m not liking the results of Kodi v17 Krypton underneath the latest image due to the fact there is no hardware acceleration for MP4 files. I tried Jarvis 16.1 and it did the same thing indicating it’s not a problem with Kodi but a problem with the OS.

      If you want to read about it I posted the instructions and download here. Image selection for the Ouya is limited so this may be the best it’s going to get for the Android 5.0 scene.

  17. Cannot wait for the 5.0 build! I am having problems getting keyboard and mouse to be recognized. Dumb question: Do I need to have them plugged in when it first boots into Cyanogen and the desktop? I took the latest nightly build from Milaq and it loads up fine using your instructions for Windows 10, Thanks! Just need to get the keyboard and mouse thing worked out.

    • Well, I got some news. I did push a tutorial for Android 5.0. Unfortunately I’m not liking the results of Kodi v17 Krypton underneath the latest image due to the fact there is no hardware acceleration for MP4 files. I tried Jarvis 16.1 and it did the same thing indicating it’s not a problem with Kodi but a problem with the OS.

      If you want to read about it I posted the instructions and download here. Image selection for the Ouya is limited so this may be the best it’s going to get for the Android 5.0 scene.

    • Well, I got some news. I did push a tutorial for Android 5.0. Unfortunately I’m not liking the results of Kodi v17 Krypton underneath the latest image due to the fact there is no hardware acceleration for MP4 files. I tried Jarvis 16.1 and it did the same thing indicating it’s not a problem with Kodi but a problem with the OS.

      If you want to read about it I posted the instructions and download here. Image selection for the Ouya is limited so this may be the best it’s going to get for the Android 5.0 scene.

  18. Thanks for this nice tutorial, it’s works great, now i use it for Kodi media center, and i can use the latest version Kodi 16.1 and works great:)

  19. Hello dear friend!

    Long time,no speak!

    Did by any chance came to your attention any news on newer CM for Ouya.

    Now that official Kodi 17 is released I am afraid that a useful piece of hardware eventually will break no matter what!

    Thank you in advance for your time

    • Hello there,

      Well, I was actually avoiding talking about android 5.x until a better ROM got released.. unfortunately the only ROMS released for the Ouya are even more beta then the Cyanogen ROM that we are currently on right now. I’ll play around with each of them to see if there is something workable for Kodi v17. Probably have to slap a big disclaimer so the tidal wave of questions don’t come through.

      good hearing from you man!

      – S

      • Appreciate all your hard work & detail instructions/help to keep the ouya box alive.
        Any progress on android 5.x for ouya so it can run kodi v17.x ? Thanks.

        • I will be making a similar tutorial for android ASOP 5.0 on ouya. I really wished that the builds developed a littler further. but i’ll have to work with what we got.

          • Dear S, many thanks to keep our OUYA’s alive!
            Had a problem and I had to unninstall kodi 16 and at the moment it’s without kodi :(
            Any help Will be much aporeciated

          • I’ve had issues with kodi crashing on Ouyas before. A lot of it dealt with simply deleting the kodi profile in the /sdcard/android/data folder and letting Kodi rebuild. In rare cases I stopped using the Google Play version and downloaded the APK right from Kodi’s site which fixes the problem as well. These are just some super-basic steps to try as I am not sure what Kodi is doing to you on your Ouya. If those don’t work feel free to give a reply back and tell me what’s going on and I’ll look into it further.

            Also, I will be working on a tutorial for ASOP 5.0 so kodi v17 is possible. will be working on that after my spring break.

            take care!

            – S

  20. There has been some auto-substitute of http:// in the nslookup command (my original text doesn’t have it), as the syntax for nslookup is:

    user$ nslookup

    That is without http:// in front of it.

  21. Thanks for the great tutorial, and providing the links to all the right files including the Jarvis overlay patch etc.

    I ran into an issue to get static ip address (for Yatse) correctly working. And it turned out to be trickier to solve than I had thought. Even though I could get my router to statically assign the IP, the Ouya wasn’t getting the right DNS settings and so any name lookup was failing. According to the setprop method used in /etc/dhcpcd/dhcpcd-hooks/20-dns.conf is no longer working and needs to be replaced by ndc resolver commands. However dhcpcd and 20-dns.conf are executed as dhcp:dhcp and netd refuses ndc resolver commands.

    I thought it may help so share the solution

    Mount /system read-write
    user$ su
    root# mount -o remount,rw /system

    I made following changes on my system. Changed /etc/dhcpcd/dhcpcd.conf and added 2 lines:
    interface eth0
    option subnet_mask, routers, domain_name_servers, interface_mtu

    I created a ndc-dhcp copy of the binary
    root# cp /system/bin/ndc /system/bin/ndc-dhcp
    root# chown root:dhcp /system/bin/ndc-dhcp
    root# chmod 4750 /system/bin/ndc-dhcp

    The 20-dns.conf script uses setprop way of working. It is quite tricky to correctly adapt the script, as the ndc resolver setifdns is very picky about the fact that it needs to get exactly two DNS server ip addresses. I decided to just hard code the DNS settings in the last 4 lines of the script

    Change /etc/dhcpcd/dhcpcd-hooks/20-dns.conf and add as the last 4 lines:
    /system/bin/ndc-dhcp resolver flushif eth0
    /system/bin/ndc-dhcp resolver flushdefaultif
    /system/bin/ndc-dhcp resolver setifdns eth0
    /system/bin/ndc-dhcp resolver setdefaultif eth0

    Where and are google’s DNS servers. You can replace them by your own, but provide exactly two!

    Remount /system read-only
    root# mount -o remount,ro /system
    root# netcfg eth0 down
    root# netcfg eth0 up

    wait a few seconds and then

    root# netcfg

    should show the right output (your static ip address) for eth0

    root# nslookup

    should come with an answer quickly

    Going this far, it is also possible to assign a static ip address directly on the box (so without router and dhcp set-up). Just change the dhcpcd.conf file to contain:
    interface eth0
    inform /
    option subnet_mask, routers, domain_name_servers, interface_mtu
    static routers=
    static domain_name_servers=

    An example could be

    interface eth0
    option subnet_mask, routers, domain_name_servers, interface_mtu
    hostname_short myouya
    static routers=
    static domain_name_servers=

    Hope this helps

  22. Hi, I installed the CM11 on my Ouya 8 months ago and it has been flawless. However recently, the virtual keyboard doesn’t popup using only a mouse or the Ouya game pad. For example, searching in Youtube with either the game pad or mouse only activates the cursor on the search bar. No popup virtual keyboard. I unplugged the Ouya and rebooted, no virtual keyboard. The keyboard in Kodi still works though.

    I have been using the default keyboard configuration that came with CM 11.

    Any help would be appreciated.


      • Thanks, Tuner. Somehow the hardware keyboard got selected by accident. I found it under settings/language and input/keyboard methods. Now using Android keyboard (AOSP)

  23. Very strange. I now have a connectivity issue. The ouya connects to my network but disconnects within seconds and says the network is out of range. This just started happening recently and I’ve been using the system without incident for months. I’m suspecting hardware failure. Thoughts?

  24. Hi,

    thank you very much for this great and funny to read instructions.

    Before I start installing the cyanogenmod on my ouya, I would like to backup all my data, like archivements, kodi profile, saved games etc.

    What is the best way to do this?


  25. Please help! I’ve never done anything like this so please bear with me. I am stuck at this step:

    “Working with ADB to transfer data to your Ouya for Cyanogen mod upgrade.”

    When I type the “cd C: \cyanouya” within the command prompt I get the following:

    “the system cannot find the path specified”

    I am sure it is because I have unzipped the Cyanouya zip into it’s own folder. I did this because I was getting numerous errors when trying to unzip it into C. Where I have it located is: This PC\Downloads\OUYA.Cyanogen

    Running Windows 10

    Thanks so much for writing this!

    • I have figured out how to get beyond this step!!

      Now I am stuck again! I am thinking it may be a cord issue, but I am uncertain. With one cord, the OUYA will be recognized as “Android Device”. With the others that I have (5 in total) it is recognized as “Unknown USB Device (Device Discriptor Request Failed)” with error code 43 listed once I right click and click on properties.

  26. Hi,

    I’ve tried the instruction given here above. However, when trying to fastboot (I seen the device in the device manager under “other devices” as expected), my W10 PC says it encountered an error trying to install the Android Bootloader Interface driver due to the fact the hash file is not present and so the driver may be corrupt of having being tampered with.

    Tried to rdo the adb push part, but still not better.

    Any hint ?

  27. Great guide, all went well – thanks for that!

    I would like to re-emphasize tha the USB keyboard needs to be plugged into the OUYA BEFORE rebooting into fastboot mode, or it won’t be detected.

    Also, with regards to volume, I only seem to have on or off – I can’t adjust volume other than to mute it. I’ve tried other volume control apps and widgets and it’s either full volume (15) or no volume (0)


    • The volume is a common issue not just with Ouya but I’ve seen this problem on even some of the pre-built images for the various Pi’s we have had (Pine64 and Orange Pi specifically) HDMI audio controls underneath android 4.x is primitive at best.

      But glad it went well for you. have fun with your Ouya!

      • Is there a way to fix this? I have it connected to a HDMI LCD monitor, the volume controls built-in to the monitor don’t seem to work, it must be letting the HDMI device control it. At the moment my Ouya with CM is unusable due to this :)

        As a side note, not a big deal but would be nice to have working – the menu overlay when playing a video in Kodi doesn’t seem to work either. Is there a way to fix this?

        Is there a stable CM12 that works on Ouya?


  28. Hello again! Thank you again got this tutorial! !!! Please ignore my previous comments. After trying again and again I’ve got it installed! Yayyy! But i got a 55′ Samsung and have terrible overscan. I do not understand how to fix this. Do i put the command prompts on the pc or on the ouya? Please clarify and give more details how to fix this.

    Thank you! !!

    • Hello and sorry about getting back so late here. I’m glad you were able to figure it out.

      Now about the overscan commands. These can be passed one of two ways. Either via the “ADB Shell” command if you are still hooked up to your ouya via PC. or if you have a keyboard hooked to your ouya, you can launch the ‘terminal’ application and it does the same thing as being in ADB shell.

      I say it like this because Cyanogen sort of opens doors of how to do things. But I can make a blog similar to the HW-overlay fix I did with Kodi+Cyanogen.

      hope it helps! and thanks for checking out my blog!

  29. I forgot to say something. When i put the command “adb devices” mine comes up as unauthorized. Then I’m unable to push the zip folders.


  30. Hello! Thank you so much for the detailed process. I would have never been ale to do it without something like this. But once I’ve finished the process and i turn on my ouya i get the screen where it says normal mode. But then the screen goes black and there’s nothing!


  31. ok i have found the problem adb_usb.ini was not empty
    i have another problem the keyboard on the screen do not type with ouya gamepad.
    i can navigate with ouya gamepad but i cannot type?
    and is it possible to configure in azerty mode?

    • I did upload an APK-Pack that you could use to make life after Ouya a bit simpler. inside of the APK pack is a apk called “Leanback_Keyboard_vL-1236599.apk” which after you install it and setup input preferences in the system settings it restores a virtual keyboard through your Ouya Controller.

  32. i have this error , i have try with two differentt cable
    C:\ouya>fastboot boot recovery-clockwork-
    downloading ‘boot.img’…
    FAILED (command write failed (Unknown error))
    finished. total time: 5.012s

  33. Can you please go into more detail for the overscan instruction. Specifically you mentioned to go back into adb shell how do I do that? I’ve gone through all your instructions and coming up with a blank. I know it is obvious but after working on this for 10 hours my mind is mush. Thank you so much for this tutorial. The overscan is the last issue I am working with (till the next tweak). The screen looks great!

    • You can go into adb shell if you want, or you can simply launch the ‘terminal’ app that CyanogenMod gives you and with a keyboard hooked up you can adb locally on your Ouya with that application.

      setprop persist.sys.hdmi.overscan 1
      setprop persist.sys.hdmi.overscan.val 0.2

      Going line by line:

      su – You need to give yourself superuser access or else it will ignore your setprop command upon reboot.
      setprop persist.sys.hdmi.overscan 1 – this will enable overscan in CM11
      setprop persist.sys.hdmi.overscan.val 0.2 – This is a variable command. ranging from 0.0 being minimum to 0.2 which is almost shrinks the image 80 percent on the screen.
      reboot – When you pass a setprop command it does not take effect until you reboot CM11.

      This is something I can’t really automate because all HDMI flat panel units can vary on how much over-scan that exists. These commands effect the CM11 OS directly for gaming and surfing the net. If you are using it for Kodi you can adjust the overscan at the application level in Kodi as well.

      Hope that helps!

      – S

  34. Hi, can someone confirm if its posible to move apps from internal storage to an external USB drive? I dont want to read movies, but to install games and aps. Thanks in advance.

    • You don’t need a bluetooth keyboard at all for this tutorial if you don’t want to. Just a USB keyboard to go through the menus in CWM and do the initial setup in Cyanogen. After that you can pair your Ouya Joystick and then unplug the USB keyboard from the back of your Ouya.

      Thanks for checking out my blog!

  35. i got the 5 zip files over to my ouya’s /sdcard directory.
    Then the first zip file: installed/updated just fine.
    On the next 2 zip files i get this error: “This package is for “ouya” devices: this is “ouya_1_1”. (status 7).
    I get this error with & the
    i stopped & did not try unzipping/installing the remaining 2 zip files.
    Any help to get past this error would be appreciated.

    • Wow. This is the first time I’ve heard of this. Usually if your device is OUYA_1_1 that means that you are still using a factory recovery mode (it looks like the ClockWorkMod screens on my site except it has a orange Ouya logo instead of the android robot). And I did try this on a clear dev, Retail, and Anthracite ouya and each time CWM did rename the device to “OUYA” and kept installing.

      If you are indeed in CWM and are still encountering this error. There is something you can try.

      In each of the zip files there’s a file in them called /META-INF/google/com/updater-script . This is what CWM looks at in terms of a batch file. The first thing it checks is it determines that it is on an Ouya device. This is because if someone tries this mod on a phone it might brick the thing.

      assert(getprop("ro.product.device") == "ouya" || getprop("") == "ouya"

      change to :

      assert(getprop("ro.product.device") == "ouya" || getprop("") == "ouya_1_1"

      and re-insert it into the zip file.

      recovery-clockworks script looks for both OUYA and Ouya_1_1 because it is assuming people are using factory recovery more-so then the fastboot technique as described on this blog. Which is why that installed but the others did not.

  36. OK. Specifically, I wanted to set up certain full screen games to play on my ouya so I could see them better. Games like Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes or Arcane legends. Star wars works with the touch pad reasonable well and almost perfect with a mouse. But, Arcane Legends doesn’t work at all with the touchpad directional controller. I tried installing Tincore but cannot switch to it while in the game so I can’t assign the keys. Hence the previous question about pulling down the top panel while in a full-screen app. I’ve dug around on the interwebs and asked on XDA forums but to no avail yet… Any ideas?

    • Thanks for the update. apologies for slow response. It’s good to know also in case anyone doesn’t want to use the Trebuchet launcher.

  37. This guide is awesome! thanks a lot for that. I was looking to installing CM11 in my Ouya and thanks to this guide I did it!

    My only concern is the next: I am not very keen with the Ouya Controller (OC from now) and also I have an iPega 9037 that works perfectly so this is my main controller for games. The problem is that the OC is paired with the console just pressing the home button and I would like to do the same with my iPega. So to pair this one I have to go with the OC to settings-bluetooth-and pair it and it’s kinda annoying.

    There is any way to set up another remote controller to be found automatically for the Ouya as it does with it own remote control?


      • Only issues I’ve found so far:
        -Cannot pull down status bar in full screen apps. I thought this was enable in KitKat? I tried installing a status bar pull down app from play store but to no avail. Could this be fixed in a later version of CM? Are later versions of CM even compatible with the Ouya?
        -Cannot get a location set. I tried using FakeGPS(really don’t want to have to do that…) but google play store still doesn’t know where I am and won’t allow me to download certain apps (specifically amazon prime video which I have on my phone and PS3)…