My Contraversial Meme

With this meme;Do you have the guts to answer these ques-

Fuck you! The moment you start a meme with that kind of question deserves a fucking bullet to be put right through your head! That's called baiting your victim for answers. Any person who writes such memes is probably on meth, voted for a savior because they are under the sick sheep-like mentality that voting actually matters. I'm sure it's these people who still believe putting your head underneath a school desk can save you from a nuclear bomb. And is a justifiable reason why abortion should exist. To take care of retarded data-mining fucks that design such memes. I'm not even going to spend the energy posting the rest of the retarded question. or even the first sentence for that matter because I'm not going to make cataloging my surveys easier for the engines.

I am naked. basking about the shoreline naked playing with puppies and eating cotton candy all at the same time. sticky gooey candy. next to the savant retarded child that gives the number of how many words I say in a sentence. it's a little annoying, but at least he isn't trying to devour my organs like the last kid.


Meme TurtlesI like turtles. Art by FredFreakazoid

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