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The solution you described for bluetooth pairing does not work on PS3 and P3 controllers!

P3 controllers pictures.PS3 and the third party "P3" controllers operate a little differently when it comes to their blue-tooth enabling. The first thing you have to do with that model of controller that you hard-wire it into your Ouya (by "hard-wiring" I mean using your USB charging cable that you normally have hooked to your PS3 and hook it from your Joystick to the Ouyas USB Port). By hard-wiring it it breaks any pairing with another PS3 that could be in your house or perhaps a PS3 that is long since separated from the controller as you may have bought this online somewhere.

Note: Upon plugging the PS3 controllers into your Ouya, the Ouya will respectively disable the Bluetooth service on the console and you will lose connectivity with your Ouya Controller. This is perfectly normal!  Just make sure that you can navigate around the menus with the wired connection.

Upon plugging in the PS3 controllers and test to make sure it works. Unplug your Ouyas power (If you have rooted your ouya you can also do a soft-reboot through the Xposed mod ) then press either the "P3" or the "Sony Playstation" in the center of your controller while plugging your Ouya back in, It will begin to flash rapidly for 10 seconds and if all goes right the PS3 controller will pair up perfectly as if it were another joystick on your Ouya. This is kind of a pain and may take a few tries! But once paired you never have to worry about re-pairing again unless of course, you want to reset the PS3 controller to hook it to another device.

You can then use the data cable for your PS3 and hook it up to a mobile 5v USB charger to keep the batteries fully charged inside of the unit.

A lot of people prefer the PS3 joysticks in many of the Ouya games because the center button also works as a menu button and controller/Bluetooth responsiveness seems to actually be better than a stock Ouya controller. Just understand that not every Ouya game will understand third party controllers.

[quote]The Ouya is not turning off my PS3 or "P3" Controllers! [/quote]

That is because it does not know the command to send the shut-down signal to a controller other than an Ouya controller, you can force shut it off by holding the "P3" or sony PlayStation logo button for a total of 10 seconds to shut-down the controller manually. Currently, no one has developed an APK for android to send the proper commands but if someone does know of such a wonder-app contact us and I'll try it out!


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    • You just hold down the center button until all lights are flashing just like your Ouya controller. Now, if the P3 controller is already paired with another device then you might have to flip the controller over and you'll notice a little pin-hole that you have to slide something into in order to perform a total reset of the controller.

      Hope that helps.

    • It's a little different for smart phones since Ouya did some special scripting within the android OS to make the PS3 and P3 controller work right out of the box.

      For phones you'll probably have to use the SixAxis controller app. I didn't install it on my Kindle fire because the SixAxis app sort of take over your bluetooth controller entirely. So if you have keyboards or mice like I do the app kind of sucks.

      Google play link to check to see if your phone is even compadible with the app is here.
      Google play link for the app itself is here.

      Hope that helps.


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