Projections – The month of Judy – 1st/3rd D.R (Day of Reckoning)

Happy Judy the 1st.

Judy is assigned 3 days out of the year to represent the most frightening and beautiful aspects of humanity, the three R's, Recovery, Reconciliation, and Retribution. Born with the 1940's ideology of Americanism that she can do anything including a fight for freedom. However she was born 100's of years out of sync. She would feel right at home in if World War II was happening and we will still be fighting Nazis. With such a "can do" attitude saved all of North Korea from the great flood because in her words she could 'sense' it coming. There has been only one other human being with this sense and it was controversial as it is an entry in the Vatican humanistic bible.

On day two she transported 2.1 million north Koreans to the state of Wyoming through a well-orchestrated line of carriers and freights using unknown backing (speculation among the highest courts of the American Empire and creators of the God Module believe that "Bob" which is known for his financial feats and has a month lasting 68 days was the one who helped Judy) .

On day two she immediately put them to work on the next mission which at the exact time the A.E. government telling Judy that she cannot do what she is doing she already anticipated the response and was already planning for her next move. She offered the Korean Cats their freedom. But dazed and confused from the sudden relocation, they were unsure where to go. So Judy convinced them all to help her "take back freedom and this country and stand with her to fight."

Day 3 is when her response to the government was unveiled where she directly attack the newly reclaimed U.E. capital located in Kansas City tearing apart the government with her attacks from her airships like zeppelins. After much destruction, she was captured and held in a sanitarium. Questions speculated to Judy's sanity. No one knows why Judy saved those Anthropomorphic Siamese Cats of the far east, and even the Cats of the far east, they have mixed emotions about her, although she saved them she was also a horrible person for putting them to work.

Even during her incarceration the people, man, and animal looked to the words of Judy, they knew it would be too crazy to just 'let her go' but the things she says about people in the world they lived in were stark and to the point which in the sea of corruption and tensions was a disruptive force. President Kado Viverentae, the first Asian president of the American Empire. Binturong Species to whom visited Judy. She only said a few words to him. "Your too weak, I can smell it, they will smell it too". and her words rang true as tensions of the country fracturing and soon will break into a state the third civil war one which could set the country to the dark ages like the Russia-corp.

However, the word if Judy is not one of prophecy. But of a moment of intervention. Which Mr. Viverentae decided to change his course, soul, and being. He delivered a speech that faithful day of Judy the 3rd, 12 R.C. becoming the first country giving unifying rights and freedoms to ALL beings, human and animal alike (A.K.A. The Revisionist amendment of America). At midnight President Viverentae then gave an executive order, stating that every president both human or furry from here on forwarding must meet with Judy for her entire month and be locked in her cell for 72 hours. Before assuming the position of president of the American Empire.

The next president was Jake Carson, a Bengal Tiger that was going to offer her a pardon to gain political clout with other countries, in particular, the Asian Demilitarized Council because of what she represents to them. She head-butted this tiger breaking 9 of his front teeth and called him an "A Thief and a liar" 3 months later, he was impeached and imprisoned for attempting to destabilize the economy for personal gain.

One of the most startling responses from Judy came in 33 R.C. A black dragon by only the first name of "Kex" one the presidency of the American empire through the use of chemical manipulation of the water supply unknowing to the people of the time to vote to him. He thought he was immune to her 'magic' as he called it. And like every reptile had zero fear of confrontation. When he sat down with her, millions of people watching on national television, her first words are "you are everything I set out to destroy".

she laughed at him every time he tried to convince her otherwise that he wasn't a bad individual, and grabbed his scaly hands and looked right into his red glowing eyes. and said "Your life is coming to an end. When you die, I shall take you where I am going." This went on for hours this way. Let it be known it was the only president which has assaulted Judy by throwing her into the wall and ending his stay in the cel at only 13 hours. By law, this was an impeachable offense. However, through political manipulation of media streams and outlets, they created a distraction piece using an old pre-war H.A.R.P system to create high-level hurricanes forcing the country to declare a national emergency and signing President Kex into office.

From this time forward, entered the second dark ages of America, as he plunged it into a 'tiered' system of segregation, and the slow convergence of 'transfer of power' from the humans of the lands to the animals. even the creators, those responsible for shattering the human genome left for Europe and other parts of the world. After creating a segregation mammalian tier system of enslavement camps, for re-education and processing of the populace by financially bankrupting the populace turning the country into indentured servants that must always work and if they're like they'd die broke. Everything changed. Judy the 1st, 38 R.C. when during a speech in the lilac patio of the White House denouncing the election and refusal to give out administrative control. He was then shot with a .22 caliber shell in the head, his personal presidential shield belt failed. and even so a .22 caliber shell shouldn't have even penetrated the heavy Draconic Skull or scales, ballistics tests later revealed it came from a rifle built between 1960 and 1970 A.D. He was shot and killed at 3:33 pm. The sniper was not found as the trajectory of the shell is impossible as it implies the shooter would have to be at point-blank range to commit such an act.

It was that shot that brought forth the second dawning of freedom.

It should also be known that on this day. Also, at 3:33 pm, Judy died of a brain aneurysm to what medically would be the same region of the brain President Kex was shot. It is unknown if the two cases had any coalition and the creators of the "God Module" denied that Judy executed any protocols and scientists also confirmed the silence of the machine during this time. However, despite the news stories both humans and furs alike seemed to think she simply 'will'ed' the action to happen from solitary confinement. It's pure speculation and there are zero recorded acts of a human being capable of this in all of history.

It is why we named a month after her, her humanity has saved us despite being a bastard to us all. the three days of the month represent the observation of the human spirit and the power it is capable of. she is one of the 6 humans and 6 animals of our new calendar year in this day of reclamation.

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