What it is

What IS IT?

First, it feels like you've been hit with a ball-pin hammer so hard it sends you into the air. Sometimes you can feel the crack of bone if it hits the right places. If you're lucky. If not you'll stumble back wondering what exactly just happened before burning feeling begins. The faint smell of flesh wafting into your nostrils. The burning then quickly turns to numbness, and eventually weakness.

Next, You lose all control and sensation. Tired, so unbelievably tired. You want to go to sleep but yet your mind is telling you there is something terribly wrong and out of place, you have to keep moving. Even though you stumble towards whatever light that emits like an insect. You shall wish you were laying down. Even though your eyes are wide open eventually everything fades to black as if the blood rushes out of the optic nerves of your eyes. Blindness as your face and body hit the floor with an audible thumb before the feeling of it happening hits you.

Last, the blood running down your nose however it doesn't seem to matter too much. Just the calm and serene darkness. Your breathing slows as if your soul is finally put to peace. So many questioned unanswered yet so little time to fight and determine what it is.

Welcome to darkness my friends. May I take your order?

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