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PS3 Third Party “P3” Controller

Root the Ouya – A step by step with downloads in one place.

Initially I thought this was covered very well that my input was simply not necessary. However the issue with website and especially forums is as they get older they tend to get harder to read. Links break down and information starts to become old. I have a few articles on my blog here that I’ve had to update from time to time. To be honest the SuperUser (root) option feels like it should be in the Manage > System menu of the Ouya. After-all, Ouya was touted as being %100 hack-able. So why jump through all of the hoops of websites to do it?


Loading third party APKs or the use of ADB scripts onto any device without knowing the source is dangerous! Use extreme caution when doing this as it could potentially brick your Android device. Not responsible for any broken/damaged Ouya consoles for following this blog! I should also note that a lot of this I did not make! The reason why I am posting this is so make it easy for myself with my Ouya to load and root when I need to. Anyone else is free to follow along.:)

S, Why start a “Root the Ouya” article now? your just cashing in on the hits aren’t you?

Yes, all $0 dollars of those hits! If you don’t like this blog entry you can get your money back! All $0.00 ! :)

APK Spam while root the Ouya via the installed web-browser.

But the serious answer is the pictures above. Basically a trap to make you download an APK that you don’t want on your Ouya.

APK Spam while trying to root the Ouya - Choose your download!

Then if you hit cancel it dumps us to Dev-Host links which works. But when you use the default Ouya browser to attempt to download the APK and root the Ouya. You get a pop-up asking you to install a possible ad-ware APK. And then you’re presented with three download links. Can you guess which link is the actual file? If you guessed the smallest one you are correct. And if you ever tried to navigate to that download link it is rather the pain on the Ouya controller even with the mouse. As a Ouya user, you shouldn’t have to be pulling teeth just to get an APK.

Why root the Ouya?

I guess the first thing to answer is the following:

[quote]Why is root locked away to begin with?[/quote]

The PS3 (Playstation) Third Party “P3” Controller.


For those who do not play much on Ebay there was a lot of issues with purchasing controllers for the Playstation 3 in reguards to china making a ton of knock off controllers. These third party or “P3” controllers looked like a Sony Playstation 3 controller except that if you ever picked one up and start pressing the buttons or pushing the analog stick around you know that there is something not quite right with them. This resulted in a lot of complaints to Sony about their conrollers not working and eventually Sony getting pissed and locking out third party unlicensed controllers from their PS3 system.

P3 Third Party Controller for the PS3What china eventually did is they simply got honest with what they were making! That it’s just a third party controller and they removed any logos from it stating it’s an Official Sony product. Hey! better late then never right?!?

With the lock-out of these controllers on the Playstation 3 and the release of the Playstation 4 with its new controller what is going on with Ebay is that there is almost a fire-sale going on with these controllers where you can purchase one of these third party controllers for as little as $10 which versus the now current $30-40 for an OEM PS3 controller. But what can you do with them? Well, you can use them on PC’s with a bluetooth adapter and the right software. Or you can use it on your Ouya as an inexpensive gaming controller.

How does it work with the Ouya?

The Chupacabra update may have something to do with these controllers working once again. Because in earlier posts on various Ouya forums out there they were reporting that these controllers were not pairing at all. However I have had success in paring these controllers to the Ouya.


For those interested in how to pair this P3 or PS3 controller up to your Ouya or any other android device. Click here.

Screen capture above shows in order , my bluetooth keyboard (for general web-browser activity), my Ouya Controller, a official PS3 controller model CECHZC2U. And the third party “P3” controller. Now how it puts the “-ghic” at the end, not sure what that means. Ouya can certainly tell the difference between the two controllers. I also like the spelling error in the “Conteroller”. I am fully aware that I’m no spelling God here. But if your going to misspell something why not “PLAYSTATION”?

In term of gaming I will provide a brief listing of games I have tried with it and will note differences between the P3 and an OEM PS3 controller whenever I can.

  • BombSquad  – Works (May have to re-map controls as action buttons are swapped from left to right on both the P3 and PS3 controller)
  • Meltdown – Works (Shoulder buttons need to be re-mapped for weapon swapping)
  • Stalagflight – NOPE! (PS3 OEM controller however works!)
  • Inferno+ and Ballistic – NOPE! (Analogs work in menu selection but action buttons do not work)
  • Frozen Bubble – Works
  • Paragon Infinite – Works
  • Super Crate Box – NOPE! (And to be brutally honest it doesn’t work that great with the Ouya Controller either)
  • TowerFall – Works
  • XBMC – Works


In summary from the list of apps that I decided to choose out of my Ouya library for the article a lot of third party controller support does not stem from the Ouya’s android operating system as much as it has to deal with how the developers support third party controllers on the Ouya. Early applications such as Stalagflight and Super Crate Box do not work because they were early builds that were just designed to work on the Ouya controller and that they had. That was it! Where-as some of the other devs which have built controller support into their apps for android phones and tablets actually work without issue.

How’s the build quality of the “P3” China controllers?

Lets go through a breakdown of the controller and I will try to put pictures side-by-side between the P3 controller and a OEM sony CECHZC2U controllers.

I’m going to skip the first step of dissassembly as they are both virtually identical with having 5 tiny plastic tapping Phillips screws and pry it open to get inside.

P3 versus PS3 controller bottom plastics.PS3 controller bottom plastics.

For those people who think they can buy P3 controllers to refurb their PS3 OEM controllers with fresh and shiny plastics, I’m sorry to report to you that the P3 is drastically different on the inside to the point where you would require a lot of rotary tool work in order for it to begin to work properly. difference sized posts. and different clipping configuration. Also note that the P3 version did not have any rubber insulation where you would go to unpair the PS3 controller or to simply reset the controller to stock.

This is a little bit dangerous because if you use paper-clips like I do, you could accidentally scratch the board and trash the P3 controller.

P3 vs PS3 controller - inside board view.The guts of the P3 and PS3 controllers:

This is where the meat hits the metal and you really begin to see the difference in quality between the two controllers. the usage of clip holders for the lithium battery versus the sticky tape on the Chinese one. the lack of support notches in the chinese one which makes it very simplistic but also controls were very soft on the P3 controller. Unlike the Ps3 where controllers felt solid whenever you press the d-pads or buttons.

P3 vs PS3 CECHZC2U support structure.When tilting this to the side you really begin to see why the “P3” feels softer and more flimsy then the PS3. It’s because there’s virtually no structure to keep anything in place. The P3 controller is relying %100 on the outer-shell to be in tact and all of it’s screws in plasce. It has no extra filling for where the d-pad or player buttons are and as a result the PCB Board will flex as you press those button, causing a no-hit or worse still a mis-fire.

P3 vs PS3 vibration motor mounts.Even when you look at how the motor mounts are setup in both controllers, you have the Chinese ones which simply sit the motor into the outer shell with some foam around it, the PS3 actually mounts it to it’s skeleton framed plastic. Since you’re mounting the motors onto hard plastic on the PS3 version you’re going to feel the rumble a lot more then the P3 version. Now I can’t scream about this too much considering the Xbox Controller mounts their shock motors into their controllers the exact same way as the P3 version. But still, the foam does muffle some of the feeling to the end-user.

P3 vs PS3 controller.Despite all of this there is one thing the chinese controller that it does a little better then the PS3, which is the PS3 would technically be more prone to liquid damage as they rely on tiny contacts on the board to interlink between the controller PCB of the controller and the button/keyboard PCB. The P3 method is a lot more old school with using an actual PCB instead of plastic traces. Both are totally acceptable and if the PCB was reinforced as much as the PS3 version it would probably play flawless. So Sony is not immune to criticism on this one. If liquid damage gets onto the contacts in the PS3 version, ghost signals would be fired from the controller making it virtually unplayable until you take it apart and clean it again. In fact the one I took a picture of has a little bit of liquid damage around the home-button PCB.

P3 vs PS3 controller from china.The last thing I want to talk about is how funny it is for china to insulate their IC chip to prevent someone from reading what kind of chip they used to get their controller working again. It’s funny because they purposelessly make a knock off version of their controller and then they try to protect themselves from someone else in china from copying them. Also note the pots on these P3 controllers. They claim that they are ‘super sensitive for fast game play’. Which is true, they are just sensitive to the point where you can’t do any fine-tuned aiming with your controller, you’re either going %0 or your going %100 push with hardly any tolerance in between. Unlike the PS3 controller where you CAN vary how much your analog sticks work out for you.

I think the bottom line is simple. You get what you pay for with a controller.

A word of caution to readers thinking of getting these cheap “P3” controllers.

I picked up 4 of these controllers at $10 a piece.  Out of the four that I purchased, one of them failed to pair (I can hard-line it into the Ouya and works great, but everytime i disconnect, power down, power up and re-pair the device, Ouya complains about the PIN being invalid.) And another controller had issues with the D-Pad where I had to press it exceptionally hard to get it to register (I found out on this controller the membrane was not placed well inside of it). The other two play perfectly fine. So there IS some quality issues with the these.

That is my test results. hope it helps!

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    • They don’t appear to be pairing with CyanogenMOD. I remembered Ouya Inc. spending a bit of time getting the PS3 controller and remotes to work. I’ll have to check my stock ouyas addons.d folder to see if there’s any PS3 service running to see if it can ba ported over to Cyanogen.

    • There is a Reset button pin-hole just like the OEM PS3 controllers but it’s lacking the rubber pad inside to protect itself from grounding out when inserting something like a jewelers screwdriver inside. So you have to go all the way down to the metal contact pad to reset.

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