Ouya overscan issues – Cyanogen, ASOP, Lineage

Addressing overscan issues.

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The reason why overscan does not affect the stock Ouya is simply put they placed all of their lettering near the center of the screen for all of their actions. Leaving a large margin produces less of a need for a user to demand overscan to be fixed.


Overscan Problem in Cyanogen 11 Flat-panel televisions are designed a little differently than regular computer LCDs. Sometimes the picture falls off of the screen known as overscan. Because in most android environments such as Lineage, ASOP, and Cyanogen. Items and status bars are placed on the edge of the screen resulting in preventing the user from really seeing what is going on.

Overscan fix in Cyanogen.

For Cyanogen, you will need an ADB shell and/or a Terminal application to login to the android shell locally.

setprop persist.sys.hdmi.overscan 1

setprop persist.sys.hdmi.overscan.val [example: 0.0 - 0.2] The value is a minimum of 0.0 and a maximum of 0.2 for overscan compensation. As an example. My 32" Vizio my overscan settings are as follows:

setprop persist.sys.hdmi.overscan.val 0.02

And my Apex 27" is as follows:

setprop persist.sys.hdmi.overscan.val 0.13

The value of your flat panel TV may be different than mine so adjust accordingly.


you will have to reboot for your adjusted overscan values to take effect.

Fix for Lineage OS and ASOP.

Interesting ASOP 5.0 and Lineage both behave the same about this where the setprop commands no longer work. We will also need ADB shell for this but a few settings must be set up in the settings menu of Android to make this work or else nothing will happen.

Access the android developer screen via system settings.

For this, we will need to access our Android "Settings" icon and scroll down to "About tablet." Then, arrow down to build number and click on it 5-6 times and the "Developer options" window will appear.

Enable app and adb root access in developer options.

Change Root access so that Apps and ADB are selected.

This will now give us the appropriate access to pass shell commands that can affect the system. Jump into an Android shell or "ADB shell" if you are doing this remotely and type in the following.

 adb shell wm overscan 15,30,10,20

The breakdown of this is: wm overscan <<<Left>>,<<Top>>,<<Right>>,<<Bottom>> . The example used above is what we did for our monitor. It should also be noted that this command, unlike the classic set-prop command, only affects the launcher and that apps and games may ignore this setting altogether.

Anyhow, hope this helps with overscan issues and whatever box you running be it Ouya or something else.



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    • I got three of them Myself. :)

      You may see a few more posts in the future dealing with Ouya as Razer recently announced they will be shutting down the Ouya Store June 25th. which means people are going to flood sites like mine to get a little more life out of them. I've heard of anything from people still running Kodi v14 and have it play mp4's for their kids. To putting them into arcade cabinets as emulators. And now people are scrambling to try to archive as many APK's off of the Ouya store as possible before it shuts down to serve as an archive in video game history. The Ouya made history. Just..... Not in the way Ouya wanted.;)


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