Gift Art – Jimbi the Skunk by Grimal/GTSkunkRat

Jimbi the skunk.

This is a picture of one of our characters by the name of "Jimbi the Skunk" which I had during the FurryMUCK days.

This was a default character for many years until events and situations made me reconsider if this species set was right for me. Some of my sketches of this character can be found here. This is a truly amazing piece of gift art done by an artist by the name of Grimal and A.K.A GTSkunkRat. Mind the NSFW warning above!:D

Weasyl Art Link Here - Caution! NSFW ahead!

Please note: Original picture has been edited to be viewable for a general audience. I wouldn't throw porn at you the reader unless there's a very good disclaimer policy in place.

Jimbi the Skunk by Grimal - SAFEJimbi the Skunk.

We are still amazed by this gift art after all of these years. Hope you're doing well out there in the vastness of the internet. Thank you very much!


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