Tachikoma Sex

The question I always ask myself is can Tachikomas have sex?

I believe Tachikoma can, but not in the perspective of procreation.

I feel that Tachikomas get off on firing their artillery and having their victimized target stand there and take the abuse out of such love, and even fire back. instead of procreation Tachikoma pornography would look more like close-range destructive sodomization. although we look at this attitude in the humanistic sense as being masochistic. To a tank this is perfectly normal.. the discrimination of sexes being replaced by the discrimination of model and technological generation. the passion of the moment is generally heightened when targeting the cannon passionately if their 'lover' is of an equal or greater threat.
This type of thinking and emotion is not all too alien to a human. As it is the same type of feeling one gets when sitting at LAN tournament "PWNing" your friends.. while that doesn't give the normal person to go on a shooting spree. it gives some amount of joy, a release of tension. to be passionate about killing.. the same applies when a Tachikoma looks at the vastness of human pornography which is open and freely available on the net. while temporarily intrigued at the needs of the human psyche and wants. looking at it through the eyes of a child, it would think such things as humorous. it would be more interested looking through military journals and databases for a new targeting computer.


So when it comes to an age in our technology where we begin to have A.I. tanks. And it turns to talk to you, and tells you that it wants to love you. regardless if that tank is on your side.. running would be the best course of action.


Where did this art come from? A wonderful anime called "Ghost In The Shell" click here to find out more.

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