Programmed Society

We are living in a programmed society.

Any avid listener of rant radio will know of the rantings of Sean Kennedy on such a subject dealing with programmed society. However, allow me to share my own experiences. At the Mall and I have come to the conclusion that. Society.. has been programmed like a cheap MMORPG..


I was having my Chocolate Ice Cream and Chicken Soup just like any normal person at 7 am in the mall. and I couldn't help but notice the coffee guy trying to strike up a conversation with his next-door vendor, the cel-phone saleswoman.
the coffee guy was just talking about how business has been. and the cel-phone lady just stood there and nodded blankly. and then tried to talk the coffee store vendor into getting a new cel-phone. during my 15 minutes of listening. She had made zero attempts to talk about nothing but cel-phones, and up to three attempts to sell this guy a cel-phone.


Finally. The Coffee guy activated a trigger paraphrase, similar in Everquest. which gets an NPC to change the loop of their programming. and it is then she said with a smile

[quote]I have been a trainee assistant manager for (cel-phone company) for 12 years. I like my @#$@# 9500 as it has all of the features I need to run my business.[/quote]

The coffee guy tried to talk to her about other things, even various eatery places IN the mall itself, exactly underneath her feet, and she just looked at him like he came off of another planet. It is at this moment. When coffee-man v9.0 realized that he was talking with an inferior program op-code product. It is at this level is when I began to take over the interaction of the said program.
/tell cel-phone-lady = What do you do when your not selling phones?!?

<<Ambiguous Command - Programmed Society OS 1.1 failure.>>

She turned and just stared at me.. not a look of anger. but of confusion.
/tell cel-phone-lady = Is this what you wanted to be when you grew up?

Cel-Phone-Lady kernel recovery mode diversion sub-code 00A0C3A1

[quote]I always liked working with electronics and that's why am here.[/quote]

/tell cel-phone-lady = You work with people, not electronics, at a 4x6 booth that is smaller than most peoples coffins at funerals.

<<Invalid Syntax - Programmed Society OS 1.1 failure.>>

Cel-Phone-Lady default syntax

[quote]I'm sorry, i do not understand what your talking about."[/quote]

/tell cel-phone-lady = When was the last time she had a vacation, which didn't involve a cel-phone?

<<Bad Command Interpretur, Googling for uncommon wordage in sentence structure..... found 'vacation' 'cel-phone'>>

Cel-Phone-Lady says

[quote]If I sell a certain amount of cel-phones. My company invites me to Hawaii where I get to attend the 10-hour gold sales conference for all five days.[/quote]*fake smile*
I wanted to continue talking to her. But I then realized something. If I caused a systematic Kernel Fault in her logic code.. then the MPC mall security will sentence me for deresolution and eject me 3-piece suit and all from the mall. This is the ideal model structure that society has come to expect from the working community. a rigid set of badly written developer code which at the
end of it all. to do to real-life what they have already done to the internet, clutter it with badly coded pop-up ads, and infect people with spyware which takes the form of soulless salesmen and ladies.. and to crush the human spirituality OS to replace it with a more orderly uniformed corporate hive system. When life starts to play like a cheesy Deus Ex game. only without the bio-mods
to kill people with pre-filled packets of coffee.


That is when you realize that society is programmed. Either that or she was doing a fantastic job fucking with me. Take your pick. Welcome to the world which I have dubbed as "Programmed Society".


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