Rollerblade office caster wheels – buyer beware!

We purchased a set of Rollerblade office caster wheels.

We picked up a set of these office caster wheels that essentially have Rollerblade wheels on the bottom of them. Why you ask? Initially I wanted skateboard wheels for the bottom of my chair to maintain the aesthetic however those didn’t exist and Rollerblade wheels was the next best thing. Since Rollerblade wheels have a low Shore A rating of around 75A it meant that the polyurethane is soft and thus will not make any noise on hardware floors. In less then a month of having these I ran into some problems!

Cannot submit review to amazon.

Since for some reason we can’t post a review on any of the major online outlets unless we give them money to become a “special member” or  spend a few hundred dollars. We’re going to go the review right here because that’s what a blog does. On top of that since my review will have its own dedicated page it won’t be buried underneath a tidal wave of fake reviews which is the great scam that amazon sellers tend to do even if a product is defective.

The picture above is essentially the package that we got in the mail. The “Texas Real Rollers” with its lifetime warranty. It all looks official except there is one problem that we found out after one of our wheels broke.

There is no such company as Texas Real Rollers!

Go ahead and slam that name into your favorite search engine! There is no such company by the name of “Texas Real Rollers”. In fact, the first hits you’ll find is yet-even more Amazon links. Which if you follow those you begin to realize that suddenly there’s a bunch of other companies which appear to make the same idential office chair! Ooof! Competition must be stiff out there.

Here are some of the name we were able to find for these casters at the time of posting:

  • Texas real rollers
  • Office owl
  • Office addiction
  • Airkoul
  • Clever caster
  • SunnieDog
  • Seddox
  • MVPower
  • Cusfull
  • 44th floor
  • AGPtEK
  • Optico
  • Slipstick

Sadly, none of these companies are real despite the boxes and the claims of lifetime warranty. Because you see, a lifetime warranty can only be upheld if the company which made you the product was alive to even start with. These are all fraudulent Chinese companies etching different names and different graphic boxes for the same product to give this grand illusion of competition. Only to turn around and sell it at a higher price-point in this bizarre state of a completely false competitive market. We’re not even sure if there was an original company which came up with the Rollerblade office chair caster.

The problem with the Rollerblade office wheel.

Office Rollerblade caster stem broke off.

When we first installed these new casters onto our chair less then a month ago they were perfectly fine. However, because the wheel-base of a Rollerblade was a little thinner when you pushed away from your office desk. Sometimes it may have needed a little more force then a normal caster because the wheels would sort of lock themselves in a particular direction. It just meant you had to push a little harder away from the desk not a big deal.

Rollerblade office chair caster failer.

After day 24 not one of them broke but two. The failure point being around the thrust bearing assembly. Also, because the people that assembled these casters were pure assholes the bolts which hold the polyurethane wheels are locked into the frame preventing you removing the wheel and into another fork unless you bust out the carbide rotary tool set to cut the bolts away. People have also complained about the forks themselves bending from fatigue and slamming into the polyurethane wheel making a particular wheel act like a sudden break as you’re rolling around however we never even got to that stage of life.

Rollerblade office chair caster thrust bearing failure.

So here we are with the metal sheered away from the thrust bearing spilling out all over your carpeted floor for your cat “Skittles” to run over eating them up and probably die from. Or to have one of those lucky bearings get all up into your vacuum cleaner and destroy everything inside!  We should also note that this isn’t even a properly designed thrust bearing! These clueless assholes which manufactured this decided they were going to powder-coat paint all over everything and say to hell with mechanical tolerance. You’ll notice the groves where the bearings ride alone are rough because it’s not the right metal to use for a racer and the balls were simply eating away the paint and eventually the inside metal before having enough slop inside to break free spilling everywhere!

The fraud about weight distribution.

You will see a lot of these ads saying that these office casters can hold up to 500-600lbs before breaking. Well, we’re less then half of that weight and we’re here to report that calculation must be based only on the Rollerblade wheel or perhaps if said person was sitting perfectly still not rolling around at all. These are the products we despise. A product which you cannot service or get parts for. Ultimately forcing the end-user to buy even more. until the customer has bought mountains of garbage which cannot be fixed with conventional tools. Essentially, China boasted their numbers similar to how they boasted their DDR Hard-pads.


Since we purchased these from an ebay vendor we will be getting a refund back on these. Will we go back to the shit plastic office casters? probably not

uniq rollerwheel office caster.

Because there is one company out there which decided to use a dual roller-bearing setup in their casters to accept both radial (when a user forces the office chair load from the sides pushing away from their desk) as well as thrust (when a user sits down in the chair). To me this makes sense espechally on carpets.. Although ball-bearings are just Okay at handling thrust loads they are great are handling radial loads. Since the wheel is offset that means the bearing is accepting both thrust and radial loads. Like a skateboard, putting two bearings in can compensate and distribute any thrust load easily enough. These were a little more expensive then the Texas Rollers we purchased. But we’re hoping that we get what we are paying for on this!

From the engineering standpoint it all makes sense.

uniq rollerblade wheel caster box and postcard.

Like the last set we got it came with a box. But also a postcard that each header reads as follows:

We want you to be completely satisfied. Reviews are the LIFEBLOOD of our business!

Coming from a company where the box points to a website of and a postcard referencing Both of which resolve to a default website. We would like to think the lifeblood of a business is to actually have a legit website where people can get more information about your product. I’m no power hungry Hong Kong business executive so we could be dead wrong on this! Anyways, it’s a little hard to give glowing reviews when there’s nothing to really refer to.

uniq bearing confirmation.

Once we got the wheels in our mailbox we inspected them and sure enough that is a legit roller-bearing in the stem of my caster. Excellent.

plastic caps falling out of the wheels instantly.

Within seconds of installing my wheels and rolling into the room.. i was finding these plastic caps all over the place. Great, another thing for my wonder-cat “Tabby” to die from. No need to ask what happened to Skiddles. He’s in a better place. Also these are great choking hazards for babies. So thanks for killing children around the world rando Hong Kong company! You guys are amazing!

Also, if you really wanted to be ‘revolutionary’ you would make your casters repairable. So we can just order the forks and save the planet from all of the polyurethane wheels your making. I guess fuck the planet , fuck your cat, and fuck your kids!

It’s better just to take a screwdriver and pop them all off to avoid any further mess.

These new set of wheels differ vastly from the Texas Rollers in respects that since the stem is perfectly straight i’m not using any force to push away from my desk anymore which is fantastic.

Final thoughts.

This will probably not be the end of this blog and will update it if anything changes.

Dear China manufacturers, If you’re doing to commit theft of intellectual property. At least do it right and have it last for at least a few months. There is a market for a better office chair wheel. Can we please not fuck it up for everyone? How about starting with assembling a proper thrust bearing instead of smashing two pieces of low-grade steel with a few balls telling us this is your definition of “High Quality?” When you do make said quality product actually release a REAL company name that everyone knows is legit and will buy even more of. People will pay more for a quality product. There’s plenty of offices around the world who would like better wheels so you aren’t going to run out of customers anytime soon.

Dear American manufacturers, What are you doing?!?!? people are paying good money for these sets of wheels and you are nowhere to be found! This is an oppertunity to get in the door and state that you are the official rollerblade caster company.. Since obviously no one wants to lay claim to that title.

That’s what server said..



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