Financial Gift donations

Throwing money at the blogger in the past.

This section talks about those who have given us cold hard cash to do with as we please which will probably go right towards server costs. Our first donation arrived in 2017 which is approximately five years after the site's existence the time-stamp shall begin in 2017.

Date Currency Amount User Notes
08/14/2018 LTC 0.25John69Whoever you are, you stay awesome out there!
12/19/2017 BTC 0.002 Anonymous No idea who this is. But whoever you are. Thanks!
9/9/2017 LTC 1.00000000 Richard_M*** Holy shit! Thank you so much! Totally was not expecting that!
6/30/2017 BTC 0.00197785 Gnurkel You're awesome man! My first donation ever! Take care and happy gaming!
12/01/2019 LTC0.1David Q.Thank you very much for the donation! It is always appreciated!
02/21/2021 LTC0.05AnonymousWhoever you are. Thanks! Wow..
01/04/2022 BTC0.00107573AnonymousWow! To the anonymous person that gave that much BTC. You are amazing! Thank you so much!

Crypto donations are now closed for readership security reasons. Head over to the donation and support page for more information.

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