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No USB device -It does not recognize my USB device when I plugged it in!

A no USB device issue is when you plug something in and absolutely nothing happens! Certain keyboards may have to have the Ouya hard-booted in order for them to show up. This is a fault once again in Android in general, not just version 4.1!  Our Ouya's from time to time even when using my non-powered USB hub. Put the Ouya in sleep mode. unplug it. And plug your keyboard in. and then plug the power back into your Ouya. Upon bootloader it should activate your keyboard.

Other devices such as portable hard drives may not completely spin up. This is because a USB port on a typical desktop could provide up to 500mA of power. a Ouya USB port similar to laptop designs may not be able to provide that much forward power to spin up a hard drive and as a result, there is no USB detection. If you are experiencing this problem then you may have to purchase a USB powered hub or something similar.

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