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I cannot log into Google Play! Every time I do it attempts to connect and then just hangs out the loading page!

Sometimes with Google Play, you will also experience the 920 error during downloads as well. This happens predominantly because Google changed their UI and upgraded their layout and the Ouya is not smart enough to detect and auto-upgrade google play like it should especially with older frameworks loaded.

No Google PlayThis could be because you are still running the legacy Xposed 2.1.4 framework. If you have not visited the root the Ouya website since 07/4/14 you may have to uninstall 2.1.4 as mentioned here. And then re-follow rooting the Ouya documentation.

If that doesn't work then you may have to re-install the google play services from the Ouya Mod Collection especially if you are getting 921 errors when downloading updates for APKs or installing new updates from the google play store. This is because much like Ouya, Google updates their dashboard and all google play clients must be on the same dashboard or else none of the scriptings works properly.


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