Ouya Support – Google Play Failure

I rooted my Ouya, but after an update from Ouya my Google Play failure and stops working! All of my rooted background service stop working! Ouya is blocking what I'm doing

Google Play failure after a major update to your Ouya is actually by design. When you root your Ouya and the Ouya company detects that you have rooted your device it will push a full update to your Ouya instead of a partial. As a rooted user it has no idea what you were doing in the ADB consoleĀ (or in some of the scripts made by other peoples APKs) or what sort of mods you have done to the Android OS which Ouya Sits on top of.

Simply re-follow the steps on rooting the Ouya and your Ouya Support issue in regards to rooting will be solved.

Since Ouya is bought be Razor the likely-hood of any major updates in the future will be almost non-existent. So once you do it one more time you should be set until the Ouya framework can no longer connect to the servers.

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