Ouya Support – Credit Cards.

I have to enter my credit cards into a new system? This is bullshit! I don't trust Ouya!

This is by FAR the most annoying feature of Ouya where you have to enter financial information such as credit cards into a device that can be easily stolen or compromised due to physical presence. The only good news to offer is that you no longer HAVE to use a credit card to generate an Ouya account.

You can instead use PayPal to purchase a $10 Ouya game credit and use the code as a method of registration (or purchase Ouya credit at a store like Game Stop). Yes, you still have to spend some money! But if someone hijacks your Ouya, the most they will do is burn the $10 on the account for some games which is not the end of the world! After you have logged in, be sure to go under MANAGE > ACCOUNT > PARENTAL CONTROLS and set up an access PIN so that some of the shittier games such as "Sking Fred" don't try to trick you into exchanging real currency for virtual currency.

Ouya's Parental Locking System

Alternatively, if you have a depleted gift card I'd say put that in as the credit cards. That way it can't take money from anything.


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