The Green Book – Sketches from 2000

Sketches from 2000 - A.K.A. The Green Book.

Here you will find the archive for what is known as the ‘green book’. There is no significance about a green sketchbook except for the fact that it was on sale at the time I purchased it. No matter, here is where you will find a lot of the sketches from the late 2000 era.

A lot of this was made when I was going to M.A.T.C. for a while and I had some classes in between and there was a 1-hour delay between classes. so one hour a day for a year, and I filled an entire sketchbook. A lot of the sketches are just random thoughts and projections getting used to inking and all of that fun stuff. This is part 1 of 2 of the green book series and if you would like to go to the next section you may click here.

Thank you for checking out my sketches and server to protect you.

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Space Fight - Green Book Sketch Page 23Click here for direct link.

Rhino Rage - Green Book - Sketch Page 22Click here for direct link.

Rhino Heads - Green Sketch Book - Page 21Click here for direct link.

Knife Fight - Green Book - Page 20Click here for direct link.

Raccoon - Green Book -Page 19 Click here for direct link.
Wolf Gun - Green Book - Page 18 Click here for direct link.

Reach Out- Green Book - Sketch page 17Click here for direct link.
Flay Heads - Green Book - Page 16
Flay Inked - Green Book - Page 15
Anime Post - Green Book - Page 14
Up Close - Green Book - Page 13
Day at the Office - Green Book - Sketch Page 8
Prison Kill - Green Book - Sketch page 06
Skateboard Fail - Green Book - Sketch Page 05
Falling Down Sketch - Green Book - Page 04
Wild Party - Green Book -Page 03
DJ Vulture - Green Book - Sketch page 02
Fight - Green Book - Page 01