Archived – Mono 2.11.4 for arm6

Mono 2.11.4 is now archived.

Note this was the old instructions on how to install OpenSim for the Raspberry Pi which can still be found here. It does not need it anymore as Mono 3.x was compiled and fully functional at the time of this posting.

Here was the old instructions.

Original instructions

Download softwareThe Raspberry Pi Community forum members have just released a hyper experimental version of “Mono (C#) 2.11.4 hard-float for Raspberry Pi” right here!

We had this downloaded right to my user folder instead which was no good, mono_2_11_4_armv6hf_binary.tgz has to be at the root of your raspberry pi SD card or else it will not work. (As a side-note; hard injecting pre-compiled files into any linux environment is a terrible idea! However, I tried multiple times to compile on my own and it didn’t work. If you want to take a crack at compiling Mono v3 which has a armhf subversion. Be my guest and click here to try to compile version 3!)

cd / 
sudo wget /dl/opensim/mono_2_11_4_armv6hf_binary.tgz
sudo tar zxvf ./mono_2_11_4_armv6hf_binary.tgz 

Okay! I now have mono-Hard-Float on my Raspberry Pi. Excellent! Now for OpenSim action.

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