Have fun.

What is "Have fun" for 1000 and the win in the Jeopardy championship?

Well! This question comes from the social blades:

I have a serious question for @Twitch streamers (partnered or not): If you could give ONE piece of advice to another streamer or to someone who wants to start streaming, what would it be? I've heard enough from "stream coaches". I want to know what the general consensus is.
Well! The answer is right in the title of this blog entry. "Have fun." You are welcome. We make it painless here at S-Config.com.
Also, we've heard enough from "Stream Coaches" too. Is that even a real career path in life? It seems like if you utter the word "Stream Coach" on a social network suddenly you get 5-20 followers from automated "Stream Coaches." It's almost like uttering the word "SoundCloud" too loudly on Facebook or Twitter. Lol! It doesn't matter! ;)
The question exceeds Twitch and applies to any project you are working on the net. This is why this lowly blogger is going to intercept a said message that was designed and tailored only for the Twitch community and answer it in a more general sense. For those who aren't interested in reading.
Sometimes, the best advice is always the shortest and perceptibly the easiest. Yet, we've seen people fail at doing this very thing. Including ourselves at times!
Read on if you want to see how people fail at these two little words.

Money is waiting for you around the corner. With rubber gloves and a rag of chloroform.

City of Milwaukee - Title

Behind every stream, every blog, every piece of art. Everyone wants to be able to have fun while making money. It's possibly the most humbling experience in a person's life to do what you love and be paid for it. You're not a terrible person for wanting this! But there's an uncanny valley that we've seen so many people fall into where the business becomes more important than having fun.  Eventually streaming turns into a business. You begin looking at your metrics, Second-guessing the games you play, and the people that you hang out with. Perhaps you an RPG kind of person, or into platforms but the rest of Twitch wants to see. So, you force yourself into playing "Fartnite" or "Epoxy Legends" because even we don't care enough to run spell-check properly on these games. You appease the masses by playing these other games and realize something at this critical point of existence.

You've broken the golden rule! You are not having fun!

Stop that! Take a step back and re-assess your values of what kind of creator you are. Stop looking at your metrics. You'll end up like Mark Zuckerberg if you keep staring into the void like that! Do you want confirmation that you are doing a good job? Ask the people you are playing with. Or your friends.

It's all about the hustle.

Fractured Twitch Title.

Okay, we've already done a blog about some of the propaganda that we've seen from the Twitch-Bro's community. Most of it is laughable but sadly there are people out there who take this like the gospel. People who believe in follow-for-follows work. Who set up false social network accounts to follow practically everyone in the Twitch community for a week before unfollowing everyone to show the world how big their E-penis are? The people who do this type of gorilla-level marketing care nothing about the community or people that they are entertaining and are just self-entitled narcissists. Strangely some of these individuals are rewarded.

We give you the Paul Brothers from YouTube as living proof of this.

If you feel that running a business and spending 15 hours a day doing endless bombardment promo campaigns instead of having fun. Guess what? You've failed too!

Unless you have fun making promotional campaigns and marketing psi-ops level advertisements. There might be a more professional career for you than just being a streamer or blogger! Companies pay for sick bastards to run pyramid schemes for them. Just saying.

Your tech does not count towards the fun meter.

You could be surrounded by thousands of dollars of gear and still be miserable. There's nothing wrong with investing in something to give better production value to your audience. But to assume that if you purchased a kick-ass computer rig, or that right camera, or even a studio in the middle of some industrial complex you'll get fame, eggplants, peaches, and gun emojis is asking a little too much!  Or, categorize this as a marker for how much 'fun' you're having.

Sorry to tell you, but no. It doesn't. While the tech does improve the overall experience the fun part still comes from you on this one.

Hate for hate's sake.

A long time ago we as bloggers fell into this trap. Where we were writing articles about places and things we did not have fun doing. Perhaps we should stop with the YouTube rants because at this point talking about that any further is a helpful warning about the site and more like beating my readers over the head with a club. There's also a reason why we don't do blogs about conventions anymore. They didn't bring us fun.  By blogging about how little fun we had in turn transposed into other people not having fun. Not only did we break the rules for ourselves but we broke it for others.

Holy shit.

Yeah, Don't do that! Not in a blog, or a stream, or anywhere!

I have to socially engage everyone!

No, you don't. There's this bizarre mantra going around that you have to participate in other channels to 'have fun' streaming. If you don't participate in other streams or blogs or whatever then, in turn, they won't participate in you leaving you forever alone.

Under the mantra of having fun. You join someone else's stream whenever you feel like it. Not when someone tells you to. Not when someone flash-bombs the @everyone in your abandoned discord server. But when YOU feel like it! Here's a social experiment for you for those who want to try this:

A: Spend an entire week watching other people's streams and content and doing only that.

B: The next week, spend time on art, music, blogging, coding, and overall being a creative little muffin.

Figure out which week was better spent on time. Most importantly. How much fun you had doing either scenario? Because that's important for your level of fun and more importantly sanity.

Content Creato-

YouTube Rant Title.

Gonna stop the title right there! The term "Content Creator" was a word used by YouTube to describe the masses of uploaders to their platform. It's dehumanizing in respects that a company looks upon what you do and determines that you are not an individual or person. You create content for the fulfillment of their website visitor base which they will exploit. You are not a machine, you are people to which most of you are trying to have fun. Artists, musicians, performers, writers. Embrace that instead.

Try to avoid corp-o speak at all costs.

Final thoughts.

We have no clue why we made this article. Perhaps we're watching the level of communication get distorted for commercial gain or some crap like that. Perhaps it's too late for those out there who are not having fun doing what they love because others made them feel this way. Letting real talent go by the wayside and leaving the rest of the world stuck with homogenized "American Idol" level garbage. Perhaps most of society deserves terrible entertainment because they can't handle what a free-thinking individual can give to them.

This is all server has to say.


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