From the depths of the furry vaults.

Albedo fonts for furry are available!

A long time ago in a furry fandom that seems very far away. There was a comic called "Albedo" by Steve Gallacci which talked about animals in a far-off universe dealing with political issues and intrigue. It was one of the many comics that I found out about after I read "Critters" and I wanted to know more. shortly afterward there was the Albedo RPG which dealt with ultra-realistic combat. I actually GM'ed a 2nd edition tournament with some of my friends at a role-playing shop.

They were shocked when they found out a bullet to the head EVEN with a combat helmet meant death! It was truly a brutal game. We haven't had the opportunity to play the revised 3rd edition game yet. But considering it came from Sanguine Games which is the same publisher as IronClaw the combat system has changed a bit and I don't know if it is good or bad.

About the Albedo Font:

Relating to this I found the TTF fonts which are used for players to make their own character names look like ones in the Albedo universe. I should note that only the 2nd edition Albedo RPG went into any detail about those. Completely skipped the section about their language in the 3rd edition guide. That everything is written phonetically and they count in octets (there is no 9) from what I was told it was due to digits on the average mammal paw.

Albedo Furry Font title.

What you will find here is the font set for Albedo that some fur made back in the late '90s. I'm not sure who made it, and I can't find anyone still out there with this font on Google or anything. In the spirit of keeping an artifact of the fandom alive here are the fonts. As this is a fan project from ages ago I'm guessing that the font is abandon-ware. Also, we passed this font through Font Squirrel to provide other formats which you may find useful.

Note: The file has been archived in 7-Zip to conform to this blog's file archive standards.


By default, this material is copy-written by Steve Gallicci. He is the sole proprietor of the concept of language and game. This is placed online out of goodwill. If Steve Gallicci wishes to have this article taken down. We shall comply. Thank you for checking out my section on furry history and have a wonderful day!

 Click here if you want the TTF and web-optimized files! 7z binary Download Icon.


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  1. Do you happen to have the "key" for this, or a reference to it?

    I recall the language was not 1:1 alphabetical, and had special characters for things like "ch", but the Zip file doesn't contain the key for the character translations.


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