A word from darkness when selling a personal fursuit.

Allow me the play in the world of darkness. the devils advocate

If anyone you know is going to sell a fursuit in particular one which is a representation of their own fursona. Here’s some friendly advice.although to some people it may be a good idea to get a few extra bucks and perhaps even upgrade make sure that your spiritual conviction is that of a hard core atheist.

You see. someone mentioned selling their suit to me. and I offered to pay, it doesn’t fit me. not even the head portion! this individual asked me curiously why would i purchase it. without emotion. i told him that I’m not purchasing his suit from him for the material.. but i’m purchasing it for his soul.

his expression changed. radically.

speaking from my knowledge of the occult.. of all it takes to govern over a person to bind them to a voodoo doll is a tuft of their hair.. well, think of all that hair, that sweat, it’s perfection for someone of darkness. place your suit into a dummy and make you dance for me while i stroke my little white dog.

It puts the lotion on the fur……

plesant dreams, and don’t die.. Because I won’t let you!

– S

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